Those few merchants wanted to resist at first, but after knowing Jiang Li's identity, they still obediently paid spirit stones.

The Great Mountain Alliance was only a low-grade Divine Judgment faction that was on the same level as the Golden Gathering Gang.

However, everyone knew that the recently famous Jiang Li in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region was related to the mysterious and powerful Cloud Manor.

Not only could he invite the Cloud Manor to personally recommend them to join the Divine Judgment Hall, but he could even let his sect receive super benefits like acting as the cleanup party of the war.

Merely a guess was sufficient to make Jiang Li a guest of honor for many forces in the Eastern Region.

As a group of merchants who pursued profits, they were extremely alert to Jiang Li's situation, so how could they be willing to easily offend him?

Even the head of the Golden Gathering Gang, who had been humiliated by Jiang Li, smiled at him after a moment of anger.

Therefore, Jiang Li did not even need to threaten them with force. He had already completed the steps of convincing others with virtue.

Not only did they hand over the spirit stones readily, but they also enthusiastically proposed that both sides make more transactions.

One would not slap a smiling person. As the Alliance Leader, Jiang Li accepted many offers of cooperation.

After these fellows left, Jiang Li turned around to face the Dragon Transformation Island's young master and revealed a warm smile.

"Miss Jian Mo, due to some concerns, I couldn't tell you my true identity. I'm really sorry…"

Before Jiang Li could finish speaking, the new young lady of the Dragon Transformation Island had already pounced into his arms.

"Sir… Sir Li Jiang!"

"Great! Sir Li Jiang is not dead~ This is great!"

Jiang Li had actually only appeared in Guhei Jian Mo's life for a few days.

However, the life and death experiences during that period of time had already made "Sir Li Jiang" occupy an irreplaceable important part in her heart.

In her eyes, Sir Li Jiang had been dead for more than a month.

Her feelings for the dead could never be surpassed.

During this period of time, Jiang Li's image in her mind had already been beautified to an unparalleled extent.

Under such circumstances, a little deception was nothing.

After Jiang Li comforted her for a period of time, the calmed Guhei Jian Mo excitedly brought Jiang Li to the secret treasure vault of the Dragon Transformation Island.

"Sir Li Jiang, can I still call you Sir Li Jiang?"

"I promised you that I'd repay you with everything I had after this matter is completed."

"I can't repay your kindness, Sir, but I still hope that you can accept a small token of my appreciation."

"Father Dragon Head gave me quite a bit of authority. Sir can take anything you want from here."

The elder guarding the treasure vault looked at his young lady with a little hesitation, but in the end, he still opened the door.

This was because Captain Sasha had come out to express her full support for this Young Lady Jian Mo for some reason.

There were countless elders and disciples who had been killed because of disrespect.

The door of the treasure vault opened, and then Guhei Jian Mo walked in with a flush on her face.

Judging from her shy expression, she was probably hinting for Jiang Li to choose her.

Jiang Li: There's another person who wants my body now.

The treasure vault of the Dragon Transformation Island was indeed very valuable.

Even if it had been robbed by the Sea Giant Race some time ago, most of the truly good things were with Guhei Tianchou.

However, the foundation of a medium-sized Divine Judgment faction was still quite impressive.

Walking in, he discovered that there were precious items of various styles piled everywhere.

Most of the things here were snatched back by these pirates after plundering everywhere.

Due to the fact that they had snatched too many things back, they did not even have the mood to sort them out. They casually piled them up here as decorations.

Jiang Li strolled past. He could no longer see most of the things here.

He walked all the way to the deepest depths of the treasure vault and discovered a few good things on a stone platform.

After taking everything away, he bid farewell to the girl and left.

In the current Dragon Transformation Island, there were only three people with authority.

A young lady and two captains at the peak of the Soul Formation realm.

Two of them already stood firmly behind Jiang Li.

The last person was bound by a pitch-black chain and lying in an unknown coffin.

"Anyone? Let go of me!"

"Sasha! I know it's you! You harmed your fellow member! Lord Dragon Head will not let you off!"

Originally, Captain Nu Tao, who was considered second only to him on the Dragon Transformation Island, was locked here like an ordinary mortal.

More than ten Origin Blood Ancient Leeches were stuck to his body, continuously absorbing blood.

A few days ago, when he was fighting with the enemy on the battlefield, he was ambushed from behind. When he woke up again, he was already here.

The chains on his body were extremely strange. They completely sealed his spiritual qi and strength, preventing him from breaking free. Even his Essence Soul could not leave his body.

At this moment, footsteps sounded from afar.

Gradually, he saw the person clearly and discovered that it was a short female Armored Troll!

"Who are you? How dare you attack me?!"

"Who colluded with you? The Divine Judgment Hall won't let you off!"

Nu Tao's angry voice was like the turbid flow of the Yellow River.

However, the Troll did not pay attention to his threat. Two cold lights flashed past, and a small dissection blade neatly cut the muscles on both sides of his face.

This made his jaw drop weakly. The cursing in his mouth became gibberish, and she could no longer hear him clearly.