Jiang Li stretched out his hand and stuck it to the meatball. He injected spiritual qi and checked the situation inside.

The originally chaotic ball of flesh with various strange tissues and organs had completed another reorganization in just a moment.

This ball of flesh had already become a huge placenta.

In the "water", the red-dressed female ghost and Mu Yulan's soul that was attached to her became muddle-headed.

They were stuck close to an embryo that was not even the size of a pinky. They entered bit by bit.

They looked like an ordinary ghost who had just died in its sleep.

It was one thing for Mu Yulan, but no matter how weak Ghost King Yang Ruozhi was, she would not have become like this, right?

Jiang Li looked at the strange doctor, Fran, in confusion.

"It's the Meng Po soup… I added it."

Fran smiled in a rare way. She seemed quite confident in this experiment.

After Jiang Li heard her answer, he looked again. Sure enough, he quickly sensed a familiar aura from the amniotic fluid in the placenta.

It was the Meng Po soup produced by the Divine Judgment Hall.

With the spider lily and carefree grass as the main ingredients, he mixed seven types of emotional tears and replicated the legendary soup.

As the largest supplier of the spider lily and carefree grass, Jiang Li naturally obtained several bottles of finished products.

Just as the legends said, after consuming this kind of medicine, it could repair damaged souls and at the same time make them forget their past.

The Divine Judgment Hall's refinement of this kind of medicine was basically used to deal with some prisoners with the greatest evil and extraordinary strength.

After using the Meng Po soup to ‘turn over a new leaf', he would brainwash them a little.

It could make them become loyal soldiers without a name or a past.

In the Divine Judgment Hall, there was a powerful secret army established from this.

With the help of the Cloud Manor, Jiang Li successfully obtained the standard formula for the Meng Po soup.

Jiang Li did not know how to refine medicine himself. Apart from letting Little Four study it, he also gave Fran a portion.

He did not expect her to produce results so quickly. It seemed that she had even improved a little.

It was a genius idea to use the modified Meng Po soup as water.

Mu Yulan and Yang Ruozhi's souls had been damaged to this extent.

The only thing that could save them was the Meng Po soup.

On the other side, Fran held another grinding jar in her hand. After she ground something into it, she fed the ball of flesh spoon by spoon.

Jiang Li took a glance and knew that they were some useless soul fragments.

The low-level creatures from the Asura World.

Ever since Jiang Li came into contact with the Asura World, he had saved up quite a bit.

However, it had always been useless. It was only used as fertilizer for plants, and the effect was not bad.

Gallonfran took it and used it as a waste after discovering it.

With the replenishment of these soul fragments, the two souls in the flesh ball placenta began to recover faster.

With her origin taken, it was impossible for Yang Ruozhi to really recover to the level of the original Ghost King. At most, she could repair her damaged soul.

Then, as the sprout grew rapidly, the surrounding spiritual qi swarmed over.

This life that was about to be born came from the Armored Troll Viscount, who could match an Earth Immortal. Half of the soul inside came from a former Ghost King.

When these two were pieced together, although it was impossible to completely inherit the previous strength, it was also impossible to be ordinary.

Her growth naturally required a large amount of spiritual qi.

The flesh sprout grew larger and larger. From its size that was less than the size of a bean at first, it quickly revealed a curled up human shape.

The translucent spine supported its body. Its increasingly healthy heart quickly transported energy and nutrients to its limbs and bones.

That made this embryo grow faster.

Her hands and feet grew out, and her facial features gradually became clear. Her appearance was almost identical to the original Mu Yulan.

Under Fran's deliberate control, although there were still two souls in this body, the one who was in charge was still Mu Yulan!

However, just as her eyes grew out, a layer of bone stuck to her skin appeared between her brows.

The bone mass quickly spread, quickly forming a complete bone mask that tightly adhered to the face.

It seemed that racial change was inevitable.

This artificial reincarnation used the genes of the Armored Troll to a great extent.

Such an outcome was inevitable.

The only consolation was that she had used the ancient lingzhi, which was equivalent to the first-generation Armored Troll noble. She did not need to eat Nourishment to maintain her rationality and body.

A few hours later, floating in the huge meat ball was already a graceful Armored Troll female.

Her skin was smooth and her fingers were slender. There were no characteristics of the Trolls on her body.

Only that mask proved her identity and could not be removed no matter what.

"Mu Yulan, it's time to be born."

Fran raised her hand and cut the surface of the meatball with a scalpel that never left her hand.

As a large amount of turbid amniotic fluid flowed out, the new Armored Troll body also surged out.

Finally, she cut the umbilical cord on her stomach. The new Mu Yulan immediately woke up.

She coughed violently, coughing out the liquid that filled her lungs.

After a while, she opened her eyes for the first time and looked at the dark environment in confusion.

She learned quickly. At first, she did not even know how to crawl. After half an hour, she tried to stand up.