After taking two unstable steps, she successfully grasped the balance and walked towards Jiang Li.

After drinking the Meng Po soup, she was like a newborn baby. She did not know anything and did not remember anything. It seemed that only this person made her feel familiar and safe.

"Lord, this is the Three Lifetime Spring configured with the three lifetime stone. It can help her unlock the mystery in the fetus and regain her memories."

The three lifetime stone inventory found in the Dragon Transformation Island's treasure vault was useful now.

The Dragon Transformation Island had once spent a great deal of effort to explore the Netherworld Illusion. After that group of Ghost Kings went berserk, the few three lifetime stones that were left behind were placed in the treasure vault and finally landed in Jiang Li's hands.

The effect of the Meng Po soup wiping away memories was not an instantaneous act.

After consuming it, the longer time passed, the more thorough it would be erased. It would be harder to retrieve it.

However, it had only taken them less than a day to reincarnate and recover their memories.

Of course, there was no need to bring Yang Ruozhi along.

After drinking the Three Lifetimes Spring, Mu Yulan fell asleep again. The scenes of her previous life flashed past her eyes like a lantern. After lying down for a day, she could almost recall everything from before.

Jiang Li looked at the coffin filled with Armored Troll meatballs and seemed to be in deep thought.

If he caused a small-scale artificial reincarnation, would lightning strike him?

According to the records of the few Anti-Cultivation Monuments he had seen before, reincarnation was actually not a Connate concept. It was created by an ancient mighty figure after birth to control the three realms and six paths.

They controlled the authority of life and death and captured natural treasures like the Nine Nether Wood to create the cycle of reincarnation and connect the six paths.

They would let all living beings live according to the rules they set.

When they were born and when they died, whether they were poor, rich, married, or had countless children. Everything was clearly recorded in the books of various famous purposes.

This method of trapping all the living beings of the six paths in the "rules" cage and serving only a few mighty figures was clearly not what the Heavenly Dao wished for.

This was also a large reason why the Cultivationless Age arrived and their rule was overturned.

Ever since the Cultivationless Age, after the destruction of the Netherworld Palace, things like reincarnation had never happened again.

For tens of thousands of years, after a person died, they would either dissipate or transform into ghosts and wait in a corner for their lifespan to end.

There was no second chance for a human soul to come back. This did not look good.

However, this meant that there were no predestined destinies, and there were more possibilities ahead.

After that, the reproduction of the continent of the Nine Provinces was no longer controlled by the "booklet". The population soared, and many exciting and outstanding people lived a vigorous life.

This situation was more in line with the intentions of the continent of the Nine Provinces.

He did not expect that today, an Armored Troll would actually master a portion of the secrets of reincarnation.

With Jiang Li's current high-grade Merit Blessing status, he could sense that the moment Mu Yulan was reborn, a vicious fruit of sin had wrapped around Fran's body.

The intensity was almost comparable to opening half the spatial crack that led to the Asura World.

A few days later, an unmarked flying ship sailed out on the sea, farther and farther away from Azure Cloud Continent.

As they gradually approached a certain boundary, the several compasses in the cabin lit up with red light.

This alarm was indicating that they could not continue forward.

Jiang Li looked forward. On the sea surface not far away, a line of two colors appeared.

The seawater in the inner area of the boundary was deep blue. This was the region of the shallow sea that was less than 100,000 feet deep in the Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent.

Although the depth here was already three times deeper than the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench in his previous life, to the continent of the Nine Provinces, it was still considered a shallow sea.

The sea beyond the boundary was a deep black, as if all the light that fell into it would be ruthlessly swallowed.

The water below was hundreds of thousands of feet deep, and there were many huge and extremely dangerous creatures living there.

Even if Jiang Li transformed into a dragon with his current strength, he would not dare to enter that sea area.

If he wanted to safely cross this vast and deep sea, the official recommendation was to at least increase the height to 200,000 feet.

Only then could they guarantee that they would not be killed by the water pillar that suddenly spewed into the sky.

200,000 feet was something that ordinary cultivators or ordinary flying ships could not do.

Only with the enhancement of some special artifacts could he fly steadily at that height.

This boundary was also the main reason why the Divine Judgment Hall's troops continued to pursue them.

The fleeing Armored Trolls naturally did not care about the danger. They fled to the pitch-black sea at a low altitude.

However, once the Divine Judgment Hall's troops entered deeper, if they provoked a terrifying existence, it was not impossible for them to suffer heavy losses or be completely wiped out.

In order to pursue the enemy, enduring such danger was really not a wise choice.

Only then did the last 1% of the Armored Trolls escape from the war.

As for whether they could return to the other continent in the end, no one knew.

Jiang Li arrived here today.

He was here to send them off, as the hero of the expedition.

"Miss Mu, there's no turning back. Have you really considered it carefully?"

Apart from Jiang Li, there was also the sword cultivator clone, Gallonfran, and Mu Yulan, who had already revived and transformed into an Armored Troll.

"Benefactor, don't worry. I've already thought it through."

"Before I died in my previous life, I completed my revenge and no longer owe the sect anything. My only regret is that I was unable to repay you, Benefactor."

"Now that Benefactor has given me another life, I naturally have to make up for my previous regrets."

"Not to mention that Yulan's current body no longer has a place in the Azure Cloud Continent."

"I'll head to the Prosperous Ox Continent. If I can do anything for Benefactor or the Azure Cloud Continent, that will be my greatest blessing."

Jiang Li looked at the determined eyes under the armor and could only nod.

Just as she had said, since she had already transformed into an Armored Troll, no matter the reason, she would only be hated by everyone in the Azure Cloud Continent.

This was the same for the three Armored Trolls under Jiang Li and the many Armored Mermen.

Even Jiang Li could not protect them. They might as well be sent to the other side of the sea to be spies.

Originally, the war against the Armored Trolls had come to an end, and Jiang Li did not plan to participate anymore.

However, the information he obtained later forced him to continue paying attention to the monsters opposite the sea.

This was because after he combined the information with Shenshan Qiuhua, he actually discovered that the legendary Fire Cloud Cave was actually not in the Azure Cloud Continent!

It was even more likely that it was in the birthplace of the Armored Trolls, the Prosperous Ox Continent!

This was terrible.

The entire continent ruled by the Armored Troll was even more dangerous than the tiger's den.

If he ran over rashly, it would definitely be a dangerous journey with a slim chance of survival. For the sake of caution, Jiang Li planned to send people over to investigate.

If he returned at this time, he could hang out with those defeated soldiers and it would be easier to bluff his way through.

Therefore, the sword cultivator clone who had been cultivating for a long time obtained another chance to prove himself. He disguised himself and led the team to the Prosperous Ox Continent.

As Jiang Li's first clone, the sword cultivator clone was not strong, but he was very lucky and had an extremely tough life.

The Scaled Demon Lair's Nine Nether Altar, the underground ruins of the Black Lotus Divine Sect, the Ghost King Desolate Ground's Netherworld Illusion, and the Hundred Mile Peach Blossom Forest's Immortal Peach Banquet… Every time he explored a new map or adventured, Jiang Li liked to choose him to explore first.

The results were brilliant every time.

The first time, he found a Nine Nether Wood for Jiang Li, the second time, he opened the door to the Asura World, the third time, he obtained the Human Emperor's inheritance of King Zhou, and the fourth time, he found another Nine Nether Wood!

Every time, he would bring legendary gains to Jiang Li.

Therefore, even if the first Parallel Mind clone's strength was inferior, Jiang Li had never given up on him.

With the Merit Blessing status, he quite understood the importance of luck.

Now that they were on the other side of the sea, the important mission to investigate the Fire Cloud Cave in the Prosperous Ox Continent would naturally fall to the first Parallel Mind.