The flying ship slowly slowed down and soon stopped moving forward.

The sword cultivator cut off a few ropes on the edge of the ship and released the heavy objects hanging on the ship. The flying ship began to climb straight up.

This was because in the cabin of this flying ship, there was also a cloud produced by the Cloud Manor.

This was a rare cloud that only appeared in the extremely high sky. It had no other use except for having a strong buoyancy.

As long as he used the special refinement method and stuffed it into the cabin, the flying ship could easily fly at a height of 200,000 feet.

However, the flying ship had just begun to rise when Jiang Li frowned and sensed that something was wrong.

With a wave of his hand, he took out the Yin Burial Coffin and stored all the Armored Trolls on the ship.

Then, he took out a few seeds. A plant with fresh air to eliminate the smell quickly grew all over the flying ship.

As soon as he finished doing this, the flying ship suddenly shook and stopped rising.

Jiang Li took two steps back and looked at the sides of the ship.

On the sides of the flying ship, two transparent humanoid figures formed by seawater silently appeared.

"This is a wartime restricted area. Stop the ship for inspection!"

Jiang Li looked at the two water men and was shocked in his heart.

Their bodies were transparent, but a unique wave ripple was floating on their bodies.

The current Jiang Li was no longer as ignorant as he was back then. It was obvious at a glance that they were from one of the three divine pillars, the Sea Palace!

As soon as they finished speaking, they did not wait for Jiang Li to answer. They pressed their palms together, and an extremely pure water attribute spiritual qi spread out.

In the next moment, a huge transparent bubble enveloped the entire flying ship.

Under the sunlight, the bubble reflected beautiful colors.

From the inside, the thin water membrane reflected the entire ship.

Then, as the two water men continued to form hand seals, the scene on the bubble actually began to reverse like a surveillance tape.

Jiang Li's eyes widened. He really did not expect the other party to have such an ability.

Just now, there were two Armored Trolls standing on the deck. If they were exposed by this bubble, they would immediately be exposed.

If they saw this, Jiang Li might not be able to explain it clearly.

The light and shadow on the bubble changed, and the scene had already returned to the scene of Jiang Li retrieving the coffin. In another breath, Gallonfran and Mu Yulan would appear before their eyes.


A stream of light that could not be seen with the naked eye streaked past, and the bubble that enveloped the flying ship immediately shattered.

It was Jiang Li who attacked and used the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword to cut through the bubble in time.

With his move, both sides immediately became hostile.

"Envoys, your actions are a little overbearing."

"I'm Jiang Li from the Great Mountain Alliance. I'm under the orders of the Cloud Manor to carry out a mission. There are some things that we can't show you. Please let me through!"

In order to prevent the situation from worsening, Jiang Li had to seize the initiative.

He overestimated himself and reported the names of his sect and the Cloud Manor.

He wanted the other party to think that he was a young man who was arrogant after becoming successful.

In any case, in such a sensitive period, as long as he could muddle through and not have anything to do with the Armored Trolls, he would be satisfied.

After Jiang Li spoke arrogantly, the two water men did not hesitate at all. Over a hundred streams of water shot towards them, wanting to restrain Jiang Li and the sword cultivator clone on the deck.

The Sea Palace, which was also one of the three divine pillars, did not care about the name of the Cloud Manor.

Fortunately, the Jiang Li of the past was no longer a small character that anyone could control.

The water that shot over from both sides were all cut off in the air, turning into water splashes that filled the sky.

Jiang Li was not to be outdone. He and the sword cultivator clone attacked the water men on both sides of the ship at the same time.

The sword cultivator clone who had eaten the upgraded version of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit also had a Soul Formation cultivation at this moment. After freeing his blood-colored right hand, he repeatedly brandished sword lights that filled the sky.

It was the same for Jiang Li. The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword that emitted a high concentration of the power of chaos directly collided with the forehead of another water man.

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword had the miraculous effect of tearing apart the soul. The "Sea Patrolling Yaksha", who was immune to most damage after turning into the water body, was also restrained by the flying sword and did not dare to move at all.

Even under the three divine pillars, not everyone was a super expert.

These two water men were only at the Soul Formation realm and were on the same level as the Cloud Guards of the Cloud Manor.

Facing Jiang Li who had already reached half an Earth Immortal's combat strength, it was really not enough.

After instantly suppressing the other party, Jiang Li did not continue to be overbearing. The flying sword touched the other party's forehead and retracted.

After the two Sea Palace Yakshas sensed the unique chaotic power, they calmed down and dispersed the surging spiritual qi in their hands.

"You can actually fuse the power of the Asura World into yourself. It seems that the Great Mountain Alliance and the Cloud Manor have hidden many things from us."

In the beginning, Jiang Li did not plan to really become enemies with one of the three divine pillars.

While helplessly attacking, he was also displaying his power of chaos.

As the first to discover the characteristics of the power of chaos, it was not strange for the Great Mountain Alliance to master such power.

As the greatest contributor to this war, how could the Great Mountain Alliance be a spy of the Armored Trolls?

After thinking about this, there was no need for the two sides to continue fighting.

This was also the main reason why the two Sea Palace Yakshas stopped.

"We don't have to use spell techniques to pry, but all the ships that pass through here must be checked."