"Find a place to recuperate and start afresh. We can't let the four beast lineages die in our hands."

Powerful cultivators had little requirements to live. There was no need for food at all. They could find a place to hide and only need a little dew to continue cultivating.

With the resources they had left behind in the past, their cultivation speed would not be affected for at least a hundred years.

However, if they only drove the flying ship to escape, they would definitely be caught up.

The dispute in the hall quickly became a matter of who should stay behind and live and die with the sect to delay the pursuers.

No matter how united they were, they would still argue at this moment.

Just as they were in chaos again, a beast head statue in the hall suddenly sank, revealing a hole below.

The sudden change made these Soul Formation elders quiet down.

"Isn't this the Beast King Cave that only the Sect Master and the leaders can enter? Why would it open at this time?"

At the same time, all the Soul Formation elders' tokens burned together.

The information revealed by it made them overjoyed.

"Sect Master Kong Shi and the other three leaders are still alive! They're in the Beast King's Cave!"

After receiving the Sect Master's order, all the elders did not waste any more time and entered their Holy Land together.

On both sides of the dark staircase were huge metal beast skulls.

They were the war beast companions of the previous Soul Formation elders. All of them were legendary experts.

At the end of the stairs, they finally saw the four leaders.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Although it was still a situation of imminent calamity, they still had a backbone.

"Elders, I believe everyone knows the current situation. It's impossible for us to stay in the Divine Judgment Hall anymore."

"They indeed have our evidence. However, don't worry, we have spies in the Divine Judgment Hall!"

"Before they attacked, we put on a show. We also erased the stronghold at the front line ourselves."

"I came back this time to bring everyone away!"

"We've already arranged bait to temporarily lure away the pursuers from the Divine Judgment Hall. We still have four hours at most!"

After Kong Shi finished speaking, all the elders were puzzled and pleasantly surprised.

Their Sect Master seemed to have a complete plan. However, they could not imagine where they could stay in the vast Eastern Region under the pursuit of the Divine Judgment Hall.

However, they could not think too much about it now. After the order was passed down, they immediately gathered all the disciples of the sect.

Due to the critical situation, they had long recalled all the disciples. It would not take long to gather them now.

Soon, in the largest drill ground of the Beast Frenzy Sect, more than 50,000 disciples of the four lineages stood in a dark mass.

Then, Kong Shi took out a coffin with dense patterns on the surface.

He knocked on the coffin lid and softly asked for instructions.

A moment later, the coffin lid opened automatically, and an elegant female ghost flew out.

In the distance, the anonymous flying ship that was used as bait had already been shot down by the Divine Judgment Hall experts. The team of the Divine Judgment Hall appeared in front of everyone again.

They returned faster than anyone could imagine.

The disciples of the Beast Frenzy Sect trembled under the pressure of the Divine Judgment Hall.

The female ghost, Qin Shuman, was not in a hurry. She took out Daji's finger bone and quickly constructed a sinister illusion with all her might.

"Sect Master, aren't we going to escape? This illusion can't fool the Divine Judgment Hall at all."

Looking at the approaching Divine Judgment Hall flying ship, even the Soul Formation elder could not stand still. It was as if he was stepping on two hot irons, spinning anxiously.

"Don't panic. They won't be able to catch us. We're going to the Netherworld Illusion!"

After Qin Shuman's ghost illusion stabilized, another three lifetime stone appeared in her hand.

After crushing this ordinary stone, he scattered it into the air, and the Netherworld Illusion opened.

It wrapped around all the cultivators of the Beast Frenzy Sect who were standing densely and then put them away, leaving only the empty headquarters of the Beast Frenzy Sect.