Netherworld Illusion, beside Fengdu City, above the Fox Immortal Queen's tomb.

An illusion overlapped and opened, and then a large number of heads appeared.

"What dense Yin qi. There are many ghosts wandering around. Where is this?"

"That's Fengdu City? This… is really the Netherworld Illusion!"

"Isn't it only possible to open the Netherworld Illusion in the Ghost King Desolate Ground?"

"We really escaped! As expected of the Sect Master!"

The cultivators of the Beast Frenzy Sect, who had been immersed in fear just now, suddenly discovered that they had appeared in the Netherworld Illusion that should have appeared in the Ghost King Desolate Ground thousands of miles away.

Even if the Divine Judgment Hall was resourceful, they would never have thought that they would escape under their noses.

However, before they could rejoice for long, they discovered that there seemed to be more and more wandering ghosts around.

The ghosts that had recovered their appearance stared at them not far away. Black saliva flowed down the corners of their mouths, perfectly demonstrating their desire for fresh human flesh.

The liveliness of more than 50,000 cultivators was not concealed at all. When they gathered together, it was like hundreds of flames burning at the same time.

In the eyes of the cold ghosts who yearned for vitality and warmth, it was so striking and tempting.

Soon, more and more ghosts gathered.

At first, when there were only dozens or hundreds of them, they only watched from afar, not daring to get too close to the dense crowd.

However, as the number increased, the courage of these ghosts increased. They approached them step by step.

It was one thing for some wandering ghosts to gather, but the problem was that the gathering of 50,000 undisguised humans had also attracted the attention of more powerful ghosts in Fengdu City not far away.

"Sect Master, three leaders, more and more ghosts are gathering. Should we find a place to hide first?"

"Wait, no! That's the Ghost King! Ghost King!"

The sinister environment quickly made these cultivators recover from the joy of escaping.

Then, four black shadows that were more than a thousand feet tall poked their heads out of Fengdu City and looked straight at them.

The previous Ghost King battle was still vivid in their minds. It was a powerful ghost that several medium-sized Divine Judgment forces could only avoid.

Compared to the classification of human cultivators, the Ghost King was above the Soul Formation realm but was inferior to the Earth Immortal realm.

Any one of them was not something that the Beast Frenzy Sect could deal with. Now, there were a total of four of them. 50,000 of them would only be given a full meal.

They had just left the tiger's den and entered the wolf's den.

"Don't worry, we're prepared."

"Now, all the Soul Formation elders, eat this spiritual fruit. Not only can it increase your cultivation level, but it can also avoid the Ghost King's attack."

Looking at the few Ghost Kings climbing over the city wall and walking over step by step, the Sect Master of the Beast Frenzy Sect and the other three leaders continuously stretched out tempting but sinister spiritual fruits from the coffin and distributed them to all the Soul Formation elders.

"We've already consumed them. Hurry up and eat them."

This group of Soul Formation elders naturally sensed the hidden danger in the Nine Nether Earth Fruit.

If someone else asked them to eat it, they would definitely not be willing.

However, the four leaders were worthy of their trust. Now, in this life and death situation, the few Ghost Kings were getting closer and closer. They really had no way out.

They could only hold on to their last hope and choose to believe the Sect Master and the others' words as they swallowed the Nine Nether Earth Fruits.

When these spiritual fruits entered their stomachs, they instantly transformed into a huge amount of spiritual qi that fused into their Qi Seas and seeped into their limbs and bones.

A batch of Nine Nether Earth Fruits allowed the strength of the entire Beast Frenzy Sect's Soul Formation elders to steadily rise to a higher level.

Even without relying on the war beasts, their combat strength now surpassed ordinary Soul Formation cultivators.

The only thing that troubled them was that a black line darted out of the spiritual fruit and headed straight for their Essence Souls.

These things made them instinctively want to dodge. However, the outcome of their Essence Soul leaving their body was equivalent to feeding the Ghost King.

They had no other choice but to barely listen to the Sect Master's orders. They no longer resisted and accepted the force. Then, they all lay down stiffly.

"Kong Shi, well done."

A calm voice sounded. The coffin held in the Sect Master's hand respectfully flew up automatically and landed on the ground, turning into a door.

Under the gazes of all the disciples of the Beast Frenzy Sect, the leader of the four Beast Control lineages immediately knelt on the ground and bowed his head towards the coffin.

In front of them, a young figure wearing a mask walked out. The female ghost, Qin Shuman, immediately walked behind him like a servant.

This person was Jiang Li.

In order to prevent arousing the vigilance of these elders, he had been staying in the coffin to command them remotely.

It was not until all the elders of the Beast Frenzy Sect consumed the Nine Nether Earth Fruit that he appeared.

However, he wore a mask and still did not show his true body.

This was because it was impossible for him to use the spiritual root seed to control all 50,000 disciples of the Beast Frenzy Sect in a short period of time.

In order to prevent his identity from being exposed, wearing a mask could save him a lot of trouble.

"Calm your disciples and don't let them run around."

After lightly saying this, Jiang Li flew towards the four Ghost Kings that were walking over step by step.