Behind him, Qin Shuman smiled like a flower and summoned ten million Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers.

Following closely behind Jiang Li, he led the surging dark clouds and pounced towards the lonely ghosts attracted by the 50,000 living people.

Soldiers were nurtured for a long time to be used in war one day.

The Yin Burial Army, which had an astonishing number of well-trained soldiers, showed a one-sided harvest when facing those scattered ghosts.

They easily swallowed and absorbed a large number of ghosts, bringing them to become one of them.

There were also many powerful old ghosts who were captured by Qin Shuman.

After special training, they could also be promoted to generals in the Yin Burial Army.

By further increasing the combat strength of the ghost soldiers, the army could be more flexible in splitting up.

The more they fought, the stronger they became.

On the other hand, Jiang Li had already flown to the front of the four Ghost Kings.

He had to face these four natural disasters alone.

"Such a young body filled with Yang qi."

"Young man, you're very brave to stand in front of me."

"How about this? As long as you cut off five kilograms of flesh from your body every full moon and sacrifice it to me, I'll spare your life. How about that?"

The huge phantom walking at the front disappeared, turning into a ferocious butcher holding a butcher's knife.

"Five kilograms of meat, no more, no less."

The butcher approached Jiang Li with his oily nose and greedily breathed in the smell on Jiang Li's body.

"A human-eating butcher. It's a pity to eat such a handsome young man. Why don't you give him to me?"

"Young man, I have a wealth of thousands of servants and a beautiful granddaughter. She's perfect for you."

"As long as you nod and become my grandson-in-law, I'll chase this fat butcher away for you."

Another Ghost King turned illusory into reality, turning into a hunched old woman. She walked in the air with her walking stick and approached Jiang Li, indicating that she wanted to ask for a grandson-in-law.

However, on the back of her head that was covered in gray hair, there was a young female face with greasy hair and a rosy complexion. She was smiling foolishly and her eyes were filled with love.

That was the granddaughter she mentioned.

"Young man, take pity on me! Take pity on me! I haven't eaten for 800 years!"

"I can still be saved! I can still be saved! Don't burn me to death! Young man, I'm not sick. Tell me! I can still be saved, right?"

Then, another skinny beggar with a stomach the size of a ball and a patient with a face full of sores and pus surrounded Jiang Li.

Without a doubt, these were the other two Ghost Kings.

The aura on Jiang Li's body was special, and the smell of flesh and blood was extremely noble.

With both the Human Emperor's Blood Qi and the dragon blood, not to mention them, even Jiang Li wanted to take a bite of himself.

After the four Ghost Kings discovered him, they gave up on the 50,000 living people not far away and began to surround him.

"This meat is too fragrant. Let me chop off one of his hands and make a tray of buns. Let's try it together!"

The fat butcher at the beginning was the first to be unable to endure it. He raised the butcher's knife and slashed at Jiang Li's left hand.

A cold light flashed past, and an arm was sent flying.

However, that arm was thick and fat, and it held a blood-stained butcher's knife. Obviously, it did not belong to Jiang Li.

The Ghost King Butcher first looked at his empty shoulder in confusion. After a while, he realized that his arm had been cut off.

"Ah ah ah! It hurts so much! Kid, I'm going to eat you, I'm going to eat you!"

Having his soul severed by the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword felt a hundred times more painful than the cruelest punishment in the world.

He was already quite determined not to roll around on the ground.

"Eat? Is it really that delicious?"

"Come, Holy Spirit, try it for Sir Butcher here!"

A burning white flame suddenly crawled out from behind Jiang Li and swallowed the fat arm along with the butcher's knife.

This arm and butcher knife looked like they were corporeal, but they were actually extremely condensed souls.

The white flaming Holy Spirit twisted and swelled excitedly. Absorbing souls of this level made it stronger.

A portion of his soul was burned by the white Ghost Lantern Cold Flame. The Butcher Ghost King could no longer endure the pain. He fell from the sky, hugging his arms and wailing crazily.

The Ghost Lantern Cold Flame burned brighter and brighter. It had long been looking forward to the delicacy of the Ghost King. Now that it had tasted it, it even looked at the other three Ghost Kings surrounding Jiang Li.

The bodies of the three Ghost Kings stiffened, as if they were stared at by some prehistoric beast, and deep fear emerged from their souls.

"Erm, I suddenly recalled that my granddaughter died hundreds of years ago. If there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

The old woman smiled awkwardly and turned to leave. She had clearly organized her walking stick, but she moved like the wind.

"Young master, it's fine if you don't have money. This old beggar has hands and feet. It's better to be independent. I won't disturb you anymore…"

The sickly ghost: "Run!"

The other beggar ghost and the sickly ghost were also frightened out of their wits. They turned into a ball of black smoke and wanted to escape, the farther away from the flame, the better.

Unfortunately, how could there be such a good thing?

"Since you're here, do you think you can leave as you please?"

Jiang Li raised his hand and flicked it. The chain tainted with fine white flames flew out and connected to the tail of the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock stretched out endlessly. Under the guidance of the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword, it continuously intertwined in the air, quickly forming a ball-shaped chain cage that surrounded him and the four Ghost Kings.

It was Jiang Li's specialty, the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Tortoise Shell Cage!

Just the Dragon Imprisoning Lock naturally could not pose any obstruction to these four guys.

However, the tiny flames on the chains were really fatal.

The four Ghost Kings' path was blocked. When they turned around, their eyes were already filled with a ferocious light!

"Young man, I advise you not to go too far!"

"Everyone, take a step back. We won't find trouble with you in the future. It's better to have more friends in this ghost world!"

"Young man! Do you want to feel the pain of death?"

The fleeing Ghost Kings returned to their original forms. They did not dare to collide with the chains tainted with the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame.

Although they did not know what kind of flame it was, they would definitely not have a good time if they were hit.

Apart from the still wailing Butcher Ghost King, the remaining three guys joined forces and prepared to kill this living person.

Jiang Li was completely indifferent to their threat.

The crisp sound of chains rubbing sounded, and the ball-shaped chain cage was constantly shrinking.

Before long, they would be tainted by the white flames.

"Damn it! Do you really think we're powerless? Kid! Look into my eyes."

The old woman, the Ghost King, was the first to attack. After making eye contact with Jiang Li, she placed her aged hands on her head and started to forcefully pull her head apart.

Bit by bit, she wanted to turn the face on the back of her head to the front.

On the other hand, Jiang Li's head started to turn uncontrollably. Soon, his neck creaked and was about to be forcefully twisted.

"Source of the Plague!"

The Ghost King shook the tattered clothes on its body, and a group of green flies immediately flew out. They carried a disgusting stench as they pounced towards Jiang Li.

Every fly here represented a fatal disease.

Many illnesses, even in the cultivation world, had no treatment. They would pester cultivators until the end of their lives.

"Give it to me!"

The beggar Ghost King knocked on a tattered rice bowl in front of Jiang Li.

In his other hand, he grabbed a piece of soil the size of a human head and ate it in large mouthfuls.

Jiang Li's stomach actually bulged for some reason, and the spiritual qi and lifespan in his body began to disappear into thin air.

The lifespan spiritual qi was stripped away by a strange method and landed in the rice bowl, turning into black coins.

As expected of these Ghost Kings, their strength was really very strong. All of them had their own specialties, and even with Jiang Li's resistance, he would easily fall for it.

If he did not use the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame, his artifacts or divine weapons, Jiang Li would only have a 50% chance of winning against any of them.

However, Jiang Li just happened to own all these rare treasures.

Jiang Li, who had pretended to be dead when he saw the Ghost Kings back then and fled far away, now had the ability to hang them up and whip them!

"Ghost Lantern! Judgment!"

The Ghost Lantern Holy Spirit wrapped around Jiang Li's body roared and flew out. White flames landed on the three Ghost Kings, and the raging flames were unable to stop burning and corroding their sinful souls.