It was even more disgusting.

Five seconds later, a scream sounded from the back of Jiang Li's head. The parasitic ghost face hidden inside wailed and disappeared without a trace.

Five seconds later, cracking sounds came from Jiang Li's neck. He twisted his neck and turned his head back.

Then, the black spots on his body disappeared, and the pimples fell off. The Bodhisattva soil in his stomach turned into a smelly Yin qi that was expelled from his body.

The throat that had shrunk to the size of a pinhole returned to normal…

Every five seconds, one of the troublesome curses on Jiang Li's body was forcefully removed. The disgusting pus in his body became clean again under the effect of the Immaculate Body.

Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Li's pale face had already completely recovered its healthy color. The Ghost King Curses did not leave any traces on his body.

This time, the four Ghost Kings bound by the Ghost Lantern Fire Dragon Imprisoning Lock no longer had any room to bargain.

They were not dead yet because Jiang Li did not want them to die.

Jiang Li stepped forward and snatched the broken bowl from the beggar Ghost King.

"Your bowl is not bad. You actually reduced my lifespan by more than a hundred years!"

This broken bowl contained thirteen copper coins. On each coin, ten years of lifespan was written.

Originally, there should be thirteen copper coins representing ten years of cultivation in this broken bowl.

However, Jiang Li's Nascent Soul had the appearance of a True Immortal. On the surface, it was protected by the merit text left behind by Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan, so how could it take away his lifespan easily?

This could not deny the power of this beggar's bowl.

After knocking thirteen times, he forcefully "asked" for his 130 years of lifespan to be returned.

He was not an ordinary mortal, but he could actually be hit so easily.

If the battle dragged on for a little longer, anyone would suffer a huge loss.

Apart from looking a little ugly when used, there were almost no flaws.

After putting away the broken bowl, Jiang Li took out a Nine Nether Earth Fruit and ate it in two or three bites, replenishing his lifespan to more than 8,000 years.

Only then did he walk to the four Ghost Kings, pick up the chain, and throw it into the coffin.

"Young Master, those wandering souls and ghosts have been eliminated."

Not far away, the female ghost, Qin Shuman, flew to Jiang Li's side and bowed.

Behind them, tens of millions of ghost soldiers lined up neatly, extending to the end of their vision.

"Take over the four city gates and enter the city!"

In Fengdu City, there were still the ghost soldiers left behind by the four Ghost Kings, but their boss had already been captured, so how could those trash cause any trouble?

At the city gate, the Yin Soldiers who were originally guarding there to collect the city tax had already fled completely and were successfully taken over by Jiang Li's Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers.

Inside, the prosperous shops on the streets were closed.

After the ghost soldiers who were originally stationed on the city wall and patrolling the streets discovered that the city gate was sealed and had nowhere to escape, they descended with the wind and kowtowed.

They were used to submitting to the strong. Now that a new king was born, submission was naturally the only choice.

It was only convenient for Jiang Li to find a place for the cultivators of the Beast Frenzy Sect to stay.

The most important thing was to "recover" this Fengdu Ghost City.

That's right, recover.

This ghost city was established by the last Human Emperor.

In the past, he did not attack because he was not strong enough.

Now that he had enough ability, as the successor of the Human Emperor, he naturally should inherit this property.

Letting a group of ghosts dominate this place would make the Human Emperor ashamed!

Soon, his ten million ghost soldiers controlled the entire city.

Every street and every tile was under his control.

Jiang Li flew to the center of the city. There was a sinkhole that had been broken through by the combined attacks of human cultivators.

Through the sinkhole, what was exposed was an even larger ancient underground palace.

It was the royal palace of the last Human Emperor, Zhaoge City's Chang Le Palace.

Below it was an even more hidden Star Tower space. Up until now, he was the only one fated to step foot in it.

Jiang Li fell into it. Compared to when he came all those years ago, this underground palace had many more broken walls.

At that time, that battle had destroyed many things.

Jiang Li walked into the Chang Le Palace. The Central Jade Hall, Eastern Azure Hall, Southern Flame Hall, Western White Hall, and Northern Profound Hall were still standing in the center.

The plaque on the hall in the middle had already been shattered by Jiang Li.

The Human Emperor was unconvinced of heaven's actions.

It was precisely because of this that he obtained the opportunity to enter the Star Tower to receive the Human Emperor's inheritance.

He walked to the interior of the central hall and searched the ground for a while. Soon, he found a small irregular groove in a tile.

Jiang Li had long known what was going on.

Taking out the Human Emperor's Finger Bone and inserting it, the entire Chang Le Palace in Zhaoge City began to tremble inexplicably.

A black stone monument slowly rose in front of Jiang Li.

In the four halls of Eastern Azure, Southern Flame, Western White, and Northern Profound, four stone monuments also rose.

It was the City Lord's and Hall Master's stone monuments. They were items that the Human Emperor's lineage had copied after suffering a huge loss from the Divine Investiture Board.

It had the magical effect of controlling the city and commanding spirit beasts.

Now, the City Lord's stone monument that controlled everything was ownerless. Jiang Li opened his palm and placed it on the stone monument.

After a wave of red light flickered, Jiang Li did not spend much effort to refine it.

Now, he could control the entire city through this stone monument.

He could also use this to order all the ghosts whose names were left on the stone monuments of the four halls.

Now, there was only one name on the four stone monuments.

Fengdu City's Prison Warden, Er'Lai!

With a thought, the warden, who was still drinking the Soul Dissolution Liquor in the dungeon, jolted awake and looked at the center of the underground palace with an expression that said, "What the heck?"

Then, he did not dare to delay for a moment. He threw down the wine bowl and crawled towards the Chang Le Palace.

Two breaths later, he knelt in the middle, below the steps of the Human Emperor's Hall.

"Warden Er'Lai greets the City Lord!"

It was definitely not easy to revive the bloodline of the Human Emperor, so Jiang Li could only be called the City Lord of Fengdu City now.

"Er'Lai, teach these four guys a lesson and let them leave their names on the stone monument to be mobilized."

Jiang Li threw the four fellows tied up by the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to the warden's feet.

Er'Lai, who did not dare to raise his head to look directly at Jiang Li, carefully looked at the Ghost King that was curled up.

"These are… those four Ghost Kings!"

"The City Lord is wise and mighty! Evil will receive your orders!"

"I'll definitely make these four ghosts willingly serve the City Lord without any complaints!"

The official employees of Fengdu City had been unhappy with these tyrannical Ghost Kings for a long time.

Now that they were in his hands, as the warden, he had 1,800 punishments to deal with them.

Ever since he took over as the warden, he had never seen anyone withstand over 500 punishments.

After Er'Lai brought the prisoners down, Jiang Li inspected the terrible situation in Fengdu Ghost City.

The dignified Fengdu Ghost City had long been completely devastated, and the buildings had collapsed beyond recognition.

Previously, the Ghost Kings' operation of Fengdu City was like building a sail on an aircraft carrier and using it as a wooden raft. It was simply impossible to develop.

If he wanted this city to recover its former glory, he could only rely on himself as the successor of the Human Emperor.

Just repairing the buildings required a large amount of spiritual qi and Yin qi.

Jiang Li sighed. Forget it, some things were meant to be spent.

He reached out and pressed down on the stone monument again. At the same time, he shook his hand and threw out the coffin.

The high-grade earth vein that had captured the Dragon Transformation Island was thrown into it by Jiang Li, and surging spiritual qi and Yin qi surged out from the coffin.

With the replenishment of energy, the entire Fengdu City seemed to have come alive.

Under Jiang Li's control, it began to quickly recover.

The ground became even more solid and hard. The broken walls quickly returned to their original state. Even the range of Fengdu City was expanding.

Due to the influx of tens of millions of ghost soldiers and 50,000 cultivators, the crowded city quickly became more than enough.

The spider lily sea and carefree grassland that had been destroyed because of the Ghost King's chaotic battle had also been transplanted from the coffin and grew outside the city.

After using 90% of the energy accumulated by Jiang Li in the coffin, Fengdu Ghost City finally unlocked the most important ability.

Gate of Hell!