Looking at these two disciples who looked at him with admiration, Daoist Zhai Xing was speechless for a moment. In the past, he had really only used the records of the ancient books to tease his two disciples.

Back then, his master had also teased him like this.

As for the records in the ancient books, they were tens of thousands of years ago. There were no Immortals or Gods in them now.

When he was young, he had looked for the Netherworld, but he had found nothing. He did not expect to really see the Gate of Hell today.

Logically speaking, half of their abilities were related to the Netherworld. If there was a chance, they should go in and investigate.

At this moment, a familiar corpse qi quickly approached them.

"Oh no, it's the Zombie King!"

A figure wrapped in black corpse qi broke out of the ground and jumped towards the Gate of Hell.

Zombies were buried underground all year round and absorbed the yin qi of the earth. Zombies that had become strong all had good earth escape techniques.

This was also the reason why Daoist Zhai Xing and his two disciples did not fly and chose to stick to the ground.

Only then could he track the corpse qi underground.

Daoist Zhai Xing's previous guess was correct. The zombie was indeed attracted by the Yin qi of the Ghost Gate and came here.

"Take it down!"

Daoist Zhai Xing was the first to fly out. Two ink threads shot out from his hand and wrapped around the Zombie King's legs. He pulled back fiercely, causing sparks to fly.

He forcefully stopped the Zombie King's jump.

After succeeding in one strike, he took two steps closer, picked up his hundred-year-old peachwood sword, and stabbed the three key points of the Zombie King from behind.

There were several deep bone-deep wounds on the surface of this Zombie King's body. The corpse qi in its body was less than 30% of its peak. Clearly, it had been injured quite badly.

Now that he was stabbed by the peachwood sword, he immediately roared angrily as more corpse qi was forced out of his mouth.

"Eight Trigrams Talisman! I'm going to crush you today!"

Daoist Zhai Xing's Daoist robe shook, and the apricot yellow Daoist robe flew out and covered the Zombie King's head.

Then, the fat and thin Qian Kai and Xu Lai also flew out of the temple. They pulled a net that they had long prepared and tied up the Zombie King again.

The power of the Eight Trigrams Talisman and the apricot yellow Daoist robe collided with the zombie's yin-yang aura, causing sparks to fly everywhere and causing heavy damage to the Zombie King again.

Daoist Zhai Xing raised his hand and threw out six talisman swords, nailing the six ends of the rope to the ground.

The remaining two ends of the rope were firmly held in his two disciples' hands.

"Qian Kai, Xu Lai! Grab the two ends and don't let go!"

Its body was heavily injured, and the bound Zombie King continuously struggled. The huge force caused the ground to crack, and the six talisman swords stabbed into the ground trembled endlessly.

The two disciples who grabbed the ropes leaned back and pulled the two talisman ropes with all their might.

Their legs had already stabbed into the ground, but even so, they could not stop moving and were pulled towards the Zombie King.

In less than twenty breaths, the Zombie King would be able to escape, but that was enough!

"Your grandmaster and my master died because they exhausted their cultivation to deal with this Zombie King."

"Now, my disciples and grand-disciples will uphold justice on behalf of the heavens! We will comfort Master's soul in heaven!"

He formed hand seals and muttered something.

As Daoist Zhai Xing formed hand seals and chanted, a golden sword gradually emitted a resplendent golden light in the Zombie King's heart.

It was this golden sword that had been consuming the Zombie King's strength for many years.

Only today did this Zombie King become so weak that they had a chance to eliminate it.

The golden sword was triggered, and the Zombie King struggled even more. Daoist Zhai Xing held the peachwood sword and was about to stab the Zombie King in the heart again.

However, at this moment, something unexpected happened.

"Damn it! That beast bit me!"

The fox demon in the cloth bag suddenly broke out and bit the inside of the fat Daoist's thigh.

Qian Kai was distracted, and the talisman rope that he was pulling loosened.

The Zombie King immediately broke through the double binding of the rope net and Daoist robe. With a roar, it slapped Daoist Zhai Xing away.

Then, it wanted to rush up and bite the throats of the three Daoists, but the fox let out a cry twice and plunged into the Gate of Hell.

Ordinary zombies had no soul or soul, so they naturally did not have intelligence. However, at the level of the Zombie King, they could already wake up from the resentment of heaven and earth and possess intelligence not inferior to humans.

The Zombie King knew that it would definitely die if it continued fighting, so it stopped fighting and followed the fox demon into the gates of hell.

"Chase! We can't let it escape!"

Daoist Zhai Xing spat out blood and flew back. His back stuck to the ground and bounced up again.

He slapped two talismans on his body to suppress his injuries and did not stop for a moment before leading the two disciples into the sinister Gate of Hell.

After passing through the door, dense Yin qi assaulted him, causing Daoist Zhai Xing's Soul Formation body to involuntarily tremble.

After passing through the darkness, the scenery of the Netherworld was not as bad as he had imagined.

The first thing he saw was a charming red sea of flowers and golden grassland.

It was a healthy field of spider lilies and carefree grass.

They were stepping on a narrow path. There were red paper lanterns hanging by the roadside. The faint lights swayed in the wind and stretched to a huge city in the distance.

"I didn't expect the Netherworld to be such a scene." Daoist Zhai Xing sighed, but then his expression changed.