Only Daoist Zhai Xing could barely maintain his composure.

Jiang Li walked out from the group of demons and ghosts. During this period of time, he had been staying in Fengdu City and personally paid attention to the exploration of the Netherworld Illusion.

Unfortunately, the Netherworld Illusion was not a complete Netherworld.

It was more like pieces of lost fragments. The ghost soldiers sent out would often encounter the edge of the illusion realm and be lost in some inexplicable place.

The map drawn would also change every few days.

The progress of the exploration had always been quite limited.

At the same time, he was also actively expanding the influence of Fengdu City, other than ghosts and demons.

The legend of the Fengdu Ghost City also spread among a large number of rogue cultivators.

He began to open the Gate of Hell at certain places regularly to welcome human cultivators into the realm.

Of course, there were often people who caused trouble, causing a group of permanent residents to appear in the dungeons of Fengdu City.

"Fellow Daoist, I am Zhai Xing. I brought two disciples to pursue the Zombie King."

"I've accidentally entered your precious land and disturbed everyone. I'm really sorry. I have some compensation here. I hope everyone will kindly accept it. Fellow Daoist, please understand."

Daoist Zhai Xing took a deep breath and poured out a pile of spirit stones and spiritual fruits from his storage bag and placed them on the ground. He then took out a large stack of paper effigies and distributed them to the group of ghosts that had been affected by his peachwood sword.

The quality of the paper effigies was not low. It could allow ghosts to possess it and disguise it as a living person.

It was similar to high-end fashion for humans. It was easier to find a partner after wearing it. It had always been a popular item in the eyes of ghosts.

After apologizing, the surrounding demons and ghosts looked at the three of them much more gently.

It was probably enough to beat them up and let them live.

However, right at this moment, a fox covered in blood darted out from nowhere and ran to Jiang Li's side before squeaking.

The expressions of the three Daoists changed at the same time. This fox demon actually had a backer!

This was bad!

Sure enough, after the fox demon finished speaking, Jiang Li's gaze under the mask became cold again.

He raised his hand and pulled out the peachwood sword on the Zombie King's chest. Then, he exerted strength in his hand and directly broke the wooden sword, throwing the broken sword at the feet of the three of them.

"In my territory, you injured my subordinate and broke my rules!"

"You still want me to make things easier for you! Fellow Daoist, you speak too arrogantly!"

"Take him down!"

Jiang Li ordered. There was no need for him to attack at all. The surrounding Ghost Kings swarmed forward and pressed Daoist Zhai Xing to the ground.

As for his two disciples, there was no need to mention them. They were only Golden Core cultivators, how could they cause any trouble?

He poured out the Demon Core from the wine pot on the fat Daoist's waist and returned it to the injured fox demon.

He even handed over a small knife and let the fox demon do it herself. She could dig out the fat Daoist's Golden Core to replenish itself.

How could the fox demon who had its stomach cut open and its waist core taken out let go of this opportunity? It cut open the fat Daoist's clothes and aimed the sharp knife at his abdomen.

"Wait, don't hurt him!"

"The Merit Talisman, I'm willing to offer my sect's Merit Talisman! Fellow Daoist, please spare my disciple's life!"

Daoist Zhai Xing, who was pressed to the ground, could not save his disciple when he saw his tragic state.

He suddenly recalled the Du Gong Book they had mentioned before.

That thing was said to be able to grant a position in the Netherworld.

Although the era of its usefulness had long passed, he could only try everything he could in this situation.

However, it was precisely this sentence that saved their lives.

Jiang Li had originally turned around and was about to leave, but when he heard the words "Merit Talisman", he still stopped.

He raised his hand to stop the demons and ghosts.

Daoist Zhai Xing stood up in a sorry state, not daring to let Jiang Li make things easier for him.

He could only reach into his pocket and take out a gray booklet.

Name: Heavenly Jade Altar Merit Talisman.

Jiang Li reached out to take it and opened it. There was not a single name inside.

However, that did not mean that it was fake.

This booklet vaguely gave Jiang Li a feeling that it was similar to the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

In ancient times, this would probably be an immortal artifact.

After putting away the Merit Talisman, Jiang Li stared at the Daoist in front of him for a long time before asking solemnly.

"Are you daoists from Maoshan?"