If this bottle of medicinal pills could not heal it, Jiang Li would not be stingy with a Nine Nether Earth Fruit.

After the fox demon took the pill, she put away the small knife and left.

Jiang Li arrived beside the Zombie King that was hiding in the group of ghosts and monsters. He shot out a ball of Yin qi and landed on its body.

With the replenishment of pure Yin qi and having just absorbed blood, the rotting flesh on the Zombie King's body quickly healed. After letting him lie in the coffin for a few days, he would almost recover to his original state.

"Follow them well in the future."

This Zombie King had recovered some strength. It originally wanted to be arrogant, but after being patted on the shoulder by Jiang Li a few times, half of its body sank into the ground, it decisively became obedient.

When it absorbed more Yin Burial spiritual qi, it would have even less room to resist.

After doing this, the demons and ghosts returned to their seats to continue the banquet.

Jiang Li turned around and walked towards the Ghost City.

"Daoist Zhai Xing, follow me."

Daoist Zhai Xing was given an order, but firstly, he could not defeat the other party. Secondly, his two disciples were still in the other party's hands, so he could only follow behind him.

After passing through the banquet, he saw the name of the huge city and understood where he was.

"Fengdu… it seems that my disciples and I have accidentally entered the Netherworld Illusion."

He shook his head and smiled bitterly.

"I didn't expect the Ghost City of the Netherworld Illusion to be occupied by a human cultivator. I admire you."

"However, Fellow Daoist, being associated with demons and ghosts for a long time will probably affect your luck. I'm afraid it will be disadvantageous to you in the long term."

"Also, that Zombie King is vicious by nature. We cultivators should slay demons and devils… Fellow Daoist, are you really going to leave that scourge alive?"

Daoist Zhai Xing still wanted to persuade Jiang Li to kill the demons and devils, but when he passed by a wooden bridge, he lowered his head and saw the million water ghosts floating in the moat below, so he swallowed his words.

"Daoist Master Zhai Xing, it seems that you haven't cultivated the Maoshan Qi Gazing Technique?" Jiang Li did not answer him and asked instead.

"The Maoshan Qi Gazing Technique requires talent. I'm ashamed that I didn't cultivate it successfully."

Sure enough, if he knew how to observe qi, he would see that Jiang Li's body was surrounded by merit and providence. He, Jiang Li, had never been worried about something like luck.

"Daoist Master Zhai Xing, you don't have to worry about me."

"The people and ghosts of Fengdu City coexist peacefully. The only vicious conflict that happened recently was your doing."

"Now, let's talk about Daoist Master Zhai Xing and your two disciples."

The Ghost City was indeed more orderly. There were many human cultivators wearing masks. It was obvious that they had been here for a long time.

The rules of their Maoshan Dao Sect were not qualified to be imposed on others.

"I can guarantee that the Zombie King won't go out and harm anyone again. I can even return your few artifacts to you."

"However, nothing can be achieved without rules. If you attack the territory of Fengdu City and even attack my subordinates, you must pay the price."

The two of them walked very quickly. Not long after, they arrived at the center of the city. There was a huge tree with its head down and feet down.

Countless ghosts surrounded the huge tree and worshiped.

On the drooping roots, there were also countless demons and ghosts hanging.

These ghosts seemed to have a symbiotic relationship with this huge tree. A large number of ghosts on the ground did not even have the chance to hang on the tree.

Daoist Zhai Xing pondered for a moment before asking, "Fellow Daoist, what do you need me to do?"

This City Lord who wore a mask and did not show his true face suddenly changed his mind and did not kill them after discovering that they were Maoshan Daoists.

Clearly, he had a need for them. Now, it was here.

Jiang Li raised his hand, and the branch of the huge tree automatically stretched over, landing a ripe spiritual fruit in his hand.

"Eat this spiritual fruit and help me find the original Underworld Officials in this Netherworld!"

"If you succeed, the matter between you and your disciple will be written off."

In ancient times, the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth, the Nine Nether Wood, was captured by a mighty figure. After erasing its innate intelligence, it became the main body of reincarnation.

As long as he found the original location of the Netherworld, the Nine Nether Wood would not be far.

Seizing the authority of the Nine Nether Wood was the best way to become an immortal for cultivators of the Nine Nether Dao Scripture. No matter what, he would not give up.

Letting the Maoshan Daoist do this was considered hiring a professional. It was very suitable.

Although Daoist Zhai Xing was not confident, he had no choice but to accept it.

In any case, he had to let others work for him. As the host, Jiang Li could not starve his guests. After watching him eat a One-Patterned Nine Nether Fruit, he returned the golden sword, the Maoshan Seal, and a sleeve pocket to him.

This Maoshan was indeed rich. The foundation left behind was indeed not bad.

Apart from the golden sword and the Maoshan Seal, the storage bag on him was also quite good.

Ordinary storage artifacts could not be opened in the unstable Netherworld Illusion.

Daoist Zhao Xing left worriedly.

Jiang Li did not return to entertain his group of subordinates. Instead, he walked forward and directly entered the huge tree in front of him.

A root pierced through the ground and stretched into the vast space below.

Jiang Li walked out of the roots and had already returned to the Chang Le Underground Palace.

"City Lord!"

When Jiang Li appeared, four rows of black-armored guards holding metal war beasts immediately knelt on one knee to welcome the City Lord.

The majestic aura on their bodies was that of Soul Formation experts.

After a few months of hard work, Fengdu City and the Great Mountain Alliance finally brewed enough Meng Po soup.

Coupled with Qin Shuman's ghost illusion technique, she had reconstructed the memories and personality and successfully turned all the disciples of the Beast Frenzy Sect around.

They were the human cultivators who lived in Fengdu Ghost City with masks.

There were many things that ghosts and demons could not do.

Later on, because there was a lot of Meng Po soup, Jiang Li tried to give their metal war beasts some.

In the end, he discovered that if he fed the Meng Po soup to those metal war beasts, he could erase their consciousness and make it easier to control. The time it took for the war beasts to fuse together would be greatly extended.

After eating the upgraded version of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit and fusing with the metal war beast, the 56 Soul Formation elders of the Beast Frenzy Sect had barely reached the standard to change their class to the Chang Le Imperial Guards.

Jiang Li found some Chang Le Armor in the hidden storeroom of the Chang Le Palace and distributed them to them.

After a period of training, this group of people had once held spears and wore heavy armor with the elders of the Beast Frenzy Sect.

For attacking, it could be done by heavy cavalry riding metal war beasts.

For defending, it could also allow them to fuse with the war beast at any time and become peerless guards in close combat.

Now, besides the thirteen Ghost Kings of Fengdu City that Jiang Li had subdued, they were the strongest.

"City Lord, there have been three riots in the stone tomb. It has already calmed down."

The strongest among them, Kong Shi, stood up to report the situation to Jiang Li. That was also the main reason why Jiang Li had sent them to guard with all their might.

Nodding, Jiang Li passed through the group of Chang Le Guards and headed towards a sealed barrier behind him.

Behind them was a temporary hemispherical stone tomb.

Jiang Li pushed open the stone door and walked in. A fluctuation swept past, instantly causing the spiritual qi in his body to go berserk, and a line of blood flowed down the corners of his mouth.

In the center of the stone tomb, a shield floated there. On the shield, an eyeball-like bead was spinning.

What had injured him just now was this Anti-Cultivation Spiritual Bead.

There was no way to adapt to the anti-cultivation domain. As long as he became stronger, the greater his reliance on spiritual qi, the greater the damage he would suffer.

In this stone tomb, there was a layer of seal separating it. It was an ordinary-looking small house.

Banishment Immortal Residence.

Jiang Li had specially dug this out from under Five Banishment City.

The stone tomb outside had an anti-cultivation domain in the middle, and the Banishment Immortal Residence was used to restrain it inside. Jiang Li made such a big fuss because once the thing inside escaped, even he was not 100% confident in subduing it.