On Jiang Li's side, his left hand controlled the cultivation of the Great Mountain Alliance, and his right hand led Fengdu City's Ghost Domain to compete for supremacy.

In the Netherworld Illusion, he used the two Nine Nether Branches and the City Lord's stone monument of Fengdu City to quickly strengthen his faction.

As time passed, he kept a low profile and was steady. The main areas of activity were places he controlled or areas that cultivators rarely stepped foot in.

However, sending out ghost soldiers and small demons to collect ghosts on a large scale and opening the ghost market to attract some rogue cultivators could not be hidden.

The news of the reappearance of Fengdu Ghost City was spread by word of mouth among the rogue cultivators. Soon, it was no longer a secret.

Moreover, this time, if they wanted to enter Fengdu City, yjru did not need to step foot in the Ghost King Desolate Ground.

Instead, they used a special door called the Gate of Hell to connect the Eastern Region and the Netherworld Illusion.

Several months after Jiang Li entered Fengdu City, he finally attracted the attention of the Divine Judgment Hall.

On another full moon night, 200 miles west of one of the eight main cities of the Eastern Region, Golden Cauldron City.

Before the sky turned dark, there were already many merchants, disciples of large and small forces, and rogue cultivators who wanted to try their luck.

The temptation of the Netherworld Illusion's Fengdu City back then even drove a large number of cultivators to take the risk to cross the dangerous Ghost King Desolate Ground and explore it through luck.

Now, as long as they crossed a door, they could directly enter. The safety factor had increased more than a hundred times, causing a large number of cultivators to flock to it.

Although there were rumors in Fengdu City that no one obtained the so-called Heaven-rank medicinal pill in the end, be it the few medium-sized Divine Judgment forces that had ambushed Fengdu City back then or Jiang Li who already controlled Fengdu City, no one had seen them before.

That was most likely just a rumor.

However, this did not dampen their enthusiasm.

After all, even if they only plucked two spider lilies and dug out a few carefree grass in the Netherworld Illusion, it was enough to make up for the price.

Moreover, it was said that the current Fengdu City no longer needed 30 years of lifespan as the entrance fee like back then. Instead, it thoughtfully used the spirit stones that everyone had as common currency.

Such a human-like change was too friendly to most cultivators.

This was because the specialties of the Netherworld Ghost City were all precious items in the cultivation world outside. As long as they sold them, they could obtain several times the profits.

As long as they followed the rules, they could safely make a huge profit. Why not?

However, this time, when the moonlight shone on the Gate of Hell, the many forces and rogue cultivators nearby maintained their restraint and did not move.

Above them, a flying ship with a pale bottom and black words written all over was quietly floating there.

This flying ship belonged to a high-grade Divine Judgment faction, Ink Scar Academy!

As one of the twelve strongest forces in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region under the three divine pillars, no one dared to touch them.

A moment later, a bamboo slip as tall as a person flew out of the flying ship.

After the bamboo slip opened in the air, twelve cultivators in green robes stood proudly on it with their hands behind their backs.

Their feet did not touch an inch of soil as they stepped on the bamboo slip artifact and flew into the deep yin qi of the Gate of Hell.

After their figures disappeared, the other cultivators moved.

Some cultivators could not wait to rush to the Gate of Hell first, as if they could obtain as many benefits as others.

Most of the smarter cultivators chose to slow down and follow behind the cultivators who had entered the Netherworld Illusion.

Because the world was so big, there were all kinds of strange things.

Every new place might be filled with all kinds of dangers. Before absolute strength was acquired, information was still quite important.

Sure enough, at the front of the crowd, a rogue cultivator who was clearly more experienced began to explain to the newcomers behind him.

"You can't open storage artifacts in the Netherworld Illusion. Everyone, take out the spirit stones and artifacts you should take out in advance. Otherwise, if you make a wasted trip there, you'll have to wait until the night of the next full moon."

"After passing through the Gate of Hell later, remember to hold your breath. The smell of the spider lily pollen inside is not something that anyone can endure."

"There's a path behind the Gate of Hell. We just have to follow the lantern and keep walking. Don't walk around, don't ask questions, and don't fight anyone."

"There are absolute rules inside. Believe me, you don't want to see the Ghost King bring a million ghost soldiers to capture you."

Most of the surrounding cultivators had never seen a Ghost King before, so it was difficult to imagine how many ghost soldiers there were.

However, that was definitely a force they could not deal with.

"Follow that path. After reaching the ghost market in front of the city gate, the spider lily pollen will no longer affect us."

"There are many good things inside. As long as you have spirit stones, you can buy anything inside."

"If the newbies don't have enough spirit stones, don't panic. When the time comes, I can bring you to a place. I guarantee that you can make a killing."

On the surface, that sly rogue cultivator explained kindly and gave a lot of key information.

This made many hot-headed people who did not know the method of the Netherworld Illusion and wanted to come over to try their luck realize something.

However, from an angle that they could not see, this kind senior revealed a malicious smile.