This high-grade Divine Judgment faction, Ink Scar Academy, used to be the Holy Land of Scholars of the Eastern Region's cultivation dynasty, the Imperial College.

For some reason, after the collapse of that huge dynasty, the various departments evolved into the famous cultivation faction.

At that time, the main body of the Imperial College was reorganized into Ink Scar Academy.

This group of ferocious "scholars" relied on a pen to write about the world. They had always been famous in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

They usually focused on "studying" and did not care about the world, but in this day and age, having powerful strength but not actively harming others was already a very good virtue. Therefore, their reputation in the cultivation world had always been good.

However, Jiang Li did not expect that the benevolence, courtesy, and wisdom of these "scholars" were actually just words.

If they wanted to snatch a beautiful female ghost here, wouldn't they bully people every day outside?

One had to know that Jiang Li had long prepared for the arrival of the Divine Judgment Hall's envoy.

In order to prevent any treasures from tempting them, he had long transferred the Nine Nether Wood Branch that was originally growing in the center of the city to the underground space.

He was afraid that they would become greedy.

The people of the current cultivation world probably did not know what the top ten Connate Spiritual Roots of Heaven and Earth were.

However, this did not stop them from feeling the power of the Nine Nether Branch.

Every spiritual fruit on it was not inferior to the Mu family's Longevity Peach, and many were even better than the Immortal Peach Spiritual Fruit.

Even the powerful high-grade Divine Judgment faction would definitely not mind bringing back a spiritual tree that could greatly strengthen the sect's foundation.

Fengdu City was only a place where some ghosts gathered.

If Jiang Li was in their shoes, he believed that they would most likely not hesitate to seize such a treasure.

Therefore, although it was a little inconvenient, in order to prevent any conflicts, he still hid everything that they might fancy.

He only prepared a few cups of tea and let Qin Shuman receive them.

He thought that he had already been careful, but he did not expect the greed of these scholars to catch him off guard.

An old man who was thousands of years old actually did not even let go of a female ghost.

Looking at Jiang Li's disdainful gaze under the mask, the old man was furious.

"Kid, don't spout nonsense!"

"You're the City Lord of Fengdu City?"

When the other green-robed cultivators saw Jiang Li resist, they all took out their brushes and drew in the air, wanting to attack. The old scholar who jumped off the bamboo slip raised his hand to stop them.

"So the one ruling this ghost city is a human and not a ghost. No wonder this Fengdu City can allow humans and ghosts to coexist."

"However, young man, there's no point in keeping this place filled with filth. It should have been completely erased."

"Hand over that female ghost and tell me where you found her."

"If you do well, I might be able to let this ghost city off. It's not impossible to make an exception and let you join the Divine Judgment Hall."

His words were filled with intimidation.

This old man's strength was that of an Earth Immortal, and behind him stood the powerful Ink Scar Academy. This threat was very effective. As long as he was willing, he could indeed do what he said.

However, Jiang Li was the City Lord of Fengdu City. How could he possibly betray his own people because of a single sentence?

After letting the female ghost, Qin Shuman, retreat, he had already secretly mobilized the power of Fengdu City and was prepared to attack the other party at any time.

Although this Fengdu City had yet to recover its former strength, it was equivalent to a large-scale domain that could suppress all enemies inside.

The effect was several times that of the Yin Burial Coffin, so it had a considerable restriction on Earth Immortals.

With the help of this city, he might be able to fight this Earth Immortal of the Ink Scar Academy.

"Hmph! What bullsh*t City Lord? Grand Secretary Meng Gu gave you a chance, yet you still dare to be impudent!"

"Since you don't know how to appreciate our kindness, we'll break through this ghost city first and capture that female ghost!"

When they noticed that Jiang Li had begun to mobilize the power of the Ghost City, the other eleven cultivators on the bamboo mat began to draw again.

Break! Kill! Destroy! Die! Slaughter!

Killing intent and ink words appeared in the air.

However, just as Jiang Li mobilized the power of Fengdu City and touched their bodies, he sensed something strange.

Jiang Li glanced at the ten scholars who had been silent all this time with a strange gaze.

"Sir, you said that my Fengdu City contains filth. It seems that you're not that much better yourself."

"The dignified Ink Scar Academy is on par with my Fengdu City!"

Jiang Li's words carried ridicule. His hand did not stop moving, and his right index finger pointed out.

His black nail touched the words "Suppress" and "Seal" on the two Ghost Kings.

The two words that suppressed the Ghost Kings immediately dissipated.

Only then did the two Ghost Kings regain their freedom. They condensed their signature ghost curses and prepared to teach those annoying scholars an unforgettable lesson.

They, the dignified Ghost Kings, had actually been stunned by the ink words and could not escape for a long time. It was simply embarrassing.

However, this could not be blamed on them. The Ink Scar Academy's ink word spell technique condensed a powerful and pure will and faith. It was extremely difficult to break through with ordinary methods and was quite effective against ghosts.

The reason why it could collapse at Jiang Li's finger was that he had relied on the 3,000 Broken-Wing Black Mosquitoes attached to his nail.

This ancient ferocious beast was indeed powerful. Be it willpower, faith, or spiritual qi, they were only food for the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito.