As the saying went, a country could not be without a ruler for a day. However, in the last 30 years of that cultivation dynasty, there was strangely no ruler.

It was at that time that the Blood Prince rebelled.

This was a little interesting. There was clearly no ruler, so as a prince, who could the Blood Prince rebel against?

What caused the dynasty to be without a new ruler for 30 years and finally fall apart?

Looking at the current situation in the cultivation world, it was actually very easy to obtain answers.

Only by obtaining the coronation of the Epang Dragon Vein could one become the ruler. As for the national treasure, it was very likely that it could only be used by the ruler.

However, at that time, the various cultivation forces that had already grown in the dynasty had been obstructing the new king's ascension because they were afraid of the power of that treasure.

As a result, there was no new ruler in the last 30 years of the dynasty.

Only then could they easily divide the huge dynasty.

Through various methods, they finally divided and devoured the Qin Dynasty. After scattering and reorganizing, only then did the current cultivation world of the Eastern Region and the Divine Judgment Hall appear.

As for the Blood King who was called a rebel, he probably really wanted to save the dynasty and become a proper ruler.

However, the Blood King failed in the end. The winner became the king and the loser became the bandit.

Of course, Jiang Li did not think that the Blood King was a good person.

As the beneficiary of history, Jiang Li's opinion was naturally that the evil dynasty system had overly squeezed the interests of cultivators.

Their overthrow was the inevitable process of history, it was the salvation of great cultivators…

Cough cough, no matter how exaggerated Grand Secretary Meng Gu's words were, he had indeed piqued Jiang Li's interest.

According to him, it was a treasure that could overturn everything.

If the Blood King or one of the many kings had inherited the throne back then and grasped that treasure again, they could at least extend the dynasty's lifespan for another thousand years.

Even if the Blood King obtained it now, it might really be able to overturn the current cultivation situation in the Eastern Region.

Jiang Li could not eat or sleep in peace if such a treasure fell into the hands of others. It seemed that he really had to get involved in this mess.

However, as time passed, things changed. Now, the only two known descendants of the royal family had all become ghosts. He did not know if ghosts could be crowned as kings.

"Shuman, do you still remember what happened when you were alive?"

Jiang Li only knew that this silly girl had been tricked by a scholar when she was alive.

She yearned for love and secretly eloped behind her family's back. Then, that scholar brought her out of the house and sold her to the Seven Roads Town. Then, she was molded into a clay statue and became the Goddess of Blessing.

As for her past, he had never asked carefully.

Now that he asked, Qin Shuman shook her head. She had died for too long and did not have any cultivation when she was alive. She could not remember much.

He had known this would happen, so Jiang Li was not disappointed.

He reached out and grabbed the tip of the brush. Under the shocked and pained expression of the Grand Secretary, he forcefully plucked off all the hair on it.

This brush artifact was considered useless now.

It was not big. After a rough count, there were a total of 999 hairs on it, including the few they had pulled away earlier.

This was very little, but it was barely enough.

He summoned a Hidden Rock cultivator, handed the fur in his hand to the other party and instructed.

"With the Seven Roads Ghost Town as the center, search all the human gathering places within 5,000 miles."

"With the surname Qin as the focus of the investigation, be it cultivation families or ordinary mortals, use this hair to test everything."

"Bring back those who show abnormal signs immediately."

With just one sentence from above, the people below would work like horses.

Even if it was purely finding a needle in a haystack, with a word from Jiang Li, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people would move because of this.

Coupled with the fact that there were more small demons everywhere, it was not too difficult to spend some time investigating on such a large scale.

After explaining these things, he looked at the old man on the ground.

"Grand Secretary Meng Gu, you have great knowledge. Can you tell me the story of the Epang Dragon Vein?"

In the cultivation world of the Eastern Region, waves of trouble arose again.

On the other side of the distant sea, the heroes of the expedition had already arrived at another brand new continent.

The land occupied by the Armored Troll race was one of the Nine Provinces, the Prosperous Ox Continent!