"Those children at the Grace House can't learn of our existence. Otherwise, a brain filled with fear will ruin everything."

"For many years, we have only placed newborn Nourishment into the Grace House. The work of raising and education has been handed over to adults. Only then can we nurture generations of high-quality food."

"But this person must know a lot of things in his mind. Letting him in directly will destroy our farm."

"If we want to let him in, we have to erase all his memories and cultivation!"

Headmaster Sheppard Bowlie was a very principled Armored Troll. Even if it was the queen, he still proposed a very harsh condition.

Erasing the memories was to prevent the information of the Armored Trolls from spreading to the children inside.

Erasing his cultivation level was firstly to prevent the other party from flying out of the wall and seeing something. Secondly, it could also increase his reproduction ability to a certain extent.

According to Gallonfran's personality, she naturally did not care about this.

However, the experimental subject in front of her was her master's clone. This made her hesitate.

At this moment, there was a change in the spiritual root seed in her body.

It was Jiang Li's main body who realized it and sent an order to Gallonfran through the spiritual root seed.

After receiving her master's order, Fran immediately agreed.

"Alright, but I have to do it myself. Only then can I ensure the safety of my experimental body!"

Gallonfran reached out and pointed at the stomach of the sword cultivator clone. Jiang Li controlled the spiritual root seed planted in the clone's body and began to gather the cultivation energy, but he did not touch the original spiritual root and soul.

Soon, the hair of the sword cultivator clone could be seen with the naked eye. From the end, it began to turn white. In a moment, it was already white.

As a seed was spat out from his mouth and taken away by Gallonfran, the cultivation of the sword cultivator clone had already disappeared completely.

Jiang Li, who was in the clone's body, only felt his entire body go limp and weak, as if his heart was about to lose its strength to beat.

Then, Fran took out a few bottles and jars and concocted a bottle of medicine on the spot. She dripped the medicine into the clone's eyes.

When the medicine touched his eyes, a large amount of steam immediately began to rise. The sword cultivator clone's body began to twitch violently, as if he was enduring extreme pain.

It was not until a long time later that he gradually calmed down.

After doing this, Fran walked to the side and moved aside, gesturing for the headmaster of the Grace House to go forward and check.

Sheppard Bowlie, who was beside her, did not stand on ceremony. He stepped forward and pressed his claws on the top of the clone's head.

His powerful mind entered it. Ordinary mental defense could not resist it at all.

Sheppard Bowlie quickly discovered a muddle-headed soul inside.

The memories in his soul had already been wiped clean.

"Miss Fran, you're indeed skilled! I'm very at ease with you becoming a doctor of the Grace House."

After discovering that there was no problem, he let go and turned to leave.

If he stayed any longer, he was really afraid that he would not be able to resist eating this important breeding machine.

However, in fact, the medicine that Gallonfran concocted just now only had the function of protecting the eyes.

The principle behind removing memories was very simple. Jiang Li had only pulled the first Parallel Mind back to his mental world and left behind a ghost that had drunk Meng Po's soup.

No matter how he checked, he could not see any problems.

After entering the Grace House, he could send the parallel mind over again and deceive everyone.

The method to abolish cultivation previously was also a routine operation of the spiritual root seed. It was completely reversible.

During this conversion process, there would be a 40-50% loss.

However, as long as he swallowed the spiritual root seed, the sword cultivator clone would recover more than half of his combat strength. It would be much more convenient to do things in the farm.

As for Jiang Li, he did everything he could to let his clone enter this place.

It was because, according to his latest speculation, the legendary Fire Cloud Cave's final inheritance was most likely here!

His consciousness retreated from the sword cultivator clone, and a commotion immediately sounded around him.

At this moment, Jiang Li's main body was sitting in the Divine Judgment Hall branch of Phoenix Sun City.

The surroundings were chaotic, and they were filled with almost all the sects and forces of various sizes in the area of the Divine Judgment Hall's Phoenix Sun City.

This was already the largest venue in the branch.

However, it was still crowded.

This was because there were still many injured people sitting on the ground like refugees.

After that night, many Divine Judgment forces' mountain gates were broken, the array was destroyed, and most of the disciples and elders disappeared.

There were only a few survivors left.

However, before these survivors could recover, trouble came again.

A large number of opportunists immediately gathered like dogs that had smelled blood and plundered the existence that they did not dare to look at.

Among the broken walls, they searched for any benefits that could be taken away.

The attack of Tragic Death City only lasted for twelve hours. They did not have the time to search for loot.

After breaking through those sects, there was almost a ground full of treasures that no one guarded.

As long as their luck was not bad, they could casually pick up a few items and change the lives of those rogue cultivators.

This was like an egg with its shell peeled off. How could those buzzing flies let go of such food?

All kinds of rogue cultivators that could not be named gathered like a tide.

The remaining few disciples who were out or lucky enough to escape were still stubbornly guarding the sect under such circumstances.

Their only outcome would probably be to appear in some black market human trafficking shops after all their value was squeezed dry.

Especially beautiful and noble female cultivators, they could often be sold for a high price.

These cultivators with nowhere to go could only run to the Divine Judgment Hall branch to seek protection and help.

However, the current Divine Judgment Hall was also in a terrible fix. They could not spare more people to put out the fire.

They were also attacked.

It was said that Manager Leng Tou had suffered quite a bit of injuries and had not come out to see anyone recently.

Therefore, they thought of a way and simply organized such a meeting between the members of the Divine Judgment Hall.

Under the notarization of the Divine Judgment Hall, sects that had suffered greatly could seek help from sects that had suffered less and had some strength left.

This included, but was not limited to, medicinal pills and medical support, the recovery of the sect's encampment, the repair of the sect's array formation, and the later employment and garrison agreement, etc.

Although it was inevitable to be ruthlessly extorted at this critical moment of life and death, with the Divine Judgment Hall's impartiality, they at least did not have to worry about being targeted by the people who saved them and being eaten up.

Jiang Li had naturally come here today to extend an "expensive" helping hand…