Jiang Li did not lack spirit stones, and artifacts below the Earth-rank were useless to him.

He had basically eaten all the medicinal pills below the Earth-rank that he could name and those that he could not.

The effects of those medicinal pills allowed him to develop at high speed in all aspects. At the same time, they accumulated his ability until it was closer to the Earth Immortal realm.

Therefore, he did not care much about the rewards given by these sects.

The most important reason for coming here was that Grand Secretary Meng Gu's mouth was really too stubborn.

He did not mention the location of the Epang Dragon Vein.

No matter how Jiang Li moved his emotions and reasoned with him, the other party would not act rashly.

He wanted Jiang Li to let him go before he was willing to talk about the rest.

However, he did not dare to lower his guard against an Earth Immortal.

If he dared to release him, that old man would definitely teach him an unforgettable lesson.

He used the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, the Nine Nether Wood, and the evil ghost curses of a group of Ghost Kings to bind the Grand Secretary. He locked him in the Yin Burial Coffin and brought him along at all times.

Just like that, he had to enter every once in a while and use the Bloodthirsty Trident or the Mosquito Spear to weaken him.

However, doing this meant that the negotiations between the two sides had completely collapsed. Even if the other party was willing to reveal information, Jiang Li did not dare to believe it.

Helpless, he could only find a possible breakthrough in other aspects.

At this moment, he discovered that perhaps because of the Blood King's revenge, the forces that were attacked the most heavily that night were mostly from the cultivation dynasty back then.

They were naturally the ones who suffered the most damage.

In this venue, there were more than ten families seeking help.

If he could take this opportunity to investigate their sect's encampment, perhaps he could obtain some useful information from these sects that came from cultivation dynasties.

After understanding some of the situation, he found a few suitable targets.

At this moment, a familiar person suddenly greeted him.

"Alliance Leader Jiang! So you're here. Long time no see!"

"I heard that your Great Mountain Alliance was attacked by an Earth Immortal that night. I was worried sick!"

"It's great to see that you're fine now!"

"How is your Great Mountain Alliance now? Are you seriously injured?"

Shopkeeper Jiang of the Medicine King Pavilion, who had also accumulated enough merit points and officially became a low-grade Divine Judgment, had always maintained a close working relationship with the Great Mountain Alliance.

As soon as he came up, he excitedly hugged Jiang Li's arm and asked about his well-being loudly.

His shout immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding cultivators.

It was mainly the word "Earth Immortal" that made them instinctively prick up their ears and listen carefully.

This made them feel much better.

It turned out that someone was even worse off than them. They had actually been attacked by an Earth Immortal.

He looked at the sign on Jiang Li's waist and noticed that it was only a low-grade Divine Judgment faction.

One had to know that Earth Immortals were almost the strongest in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

Usually, only the leaders of medium-sized Divine Judgment forces would have such power.

Now, a low-grade Divine Judgment faction had been attacked by an Earth Immortal. Although it had only been twelve hours, what kind of destruction had they suffered?

At the very least, it was a devastating blow.

Alliance Leader Jiang must have come to seek help.

However, Jiang Li's next words overturned their understanding.

"Yes, that's a senior of the Great Mountain Region from a thousand years ago."

"I didn't expect to see them again under such circumstances. At that time, our experts were too scattered and didn't have time to reinforce them. The losses were indeed not small."

The cultivators at the side all wanted to hear how heavy the losses of this faction would be.

"The array formation of the attacked mountain gate was shaken and more than 200 disciples were injured. However, they're all fine now."

Jiang Li's expression was depressed, as if he was very dissatisfied with this outcome.

"I see. It's good that no one died. It's good that no one died."

"Our Medicine King Pavilion's situation is slightly better. The few sect seniors who appeared are all experts in alchemy and are not good at fighting. In the end, we survived the last twelve hours without any mishaps."

"Let's go over there and have a seat. Alliance Leader Jiang, you know that we have a huge shortage of healing pills recently. Can you sell another batch of spiritual materials? Our Medicine King Pavilion can purchase them at a higher price by 20%."

As the two of them spoke, the surrounding sects were stunned.

Facing an Earth Immortal, they did not have time to react, but in the end, the array formation only shook and only injured more than 200 disciples. Not a single one died?

‘Are you sure you met an Earth Immortal?'

These forces almost cursed.

Nearby, a mother and son sitting there cast their gazes at Jiang Li's back.

"Little Luo, wait here. I'll go ask something."

The young woman with the child stood up and left the crowd. There was immediately a trace of hope in her eyes.

She walked to a corner of the venue and spoke to a Divine Judgment Hall cultivator for a moment.

What she requested was a little difficult to handle, but the two of them seemed to know each other. After promising something, the cultivator left his post and rummaged through a stack of jade slips.

Soon, he found something and returned to hand a jade slip to the young woman.

It recorded the situation of the Great Mountain Alliance during the attack on Tragic Death City.

After carefully checking the records, she was surprised to discover that Sect Master Jiang was not bragging.

In the Great Mountain Region, they had indeed discovered traces of Earth Immortal experts fighting for a long time. The attackers had been repelled by them.

Moreover, the Great Mountain Region was suspected to be related to one of the three divine pillars, the Cloud Manor. It had a background and strength, so it was clearly a good choice.

This young woman's status was not very noble.

She was a concubine stationed in Phoenix Sun City of the owner of the medium-sized Divine Judgment faction, Polar Castle.

The only special thing was that she had given birth to a boy, the child who was sitting with her just now.

Due to the tyranny of the Castle Lord's wife, the young woman and her illegitimate son had been unable to return to the Polar Castle. This time, they had accidentally survived.

As for her son, he had also become the only heir to the ruins of the Polar Castle. After receiving the notice from the Divine Judgment Hall, she did not know whether to be sad or happy.

The inheritance that they had never dared to imagine had inexplicably fallen into their hands.

This woman naturally wanted to fight for the inheritance of the Polar Castle.

Not to mention anything else, even if they sold the remaining broken walls, medicinal fields, and spirit mines for a tenth of the original price, or even less, that would be a huge amount of wealth that she had never heard of in her life.

To be able to let her live in Phoenix Sun City and live the rest of her life without any worries, perhaps she could even nurture her talented child into an expert.

Unfortunately, according to the information of the Divine Judgment Hall, the destroyed Polar Castle was already occupied by a group of powerful Ice Plains barbarians.