After a long internal struggle, the young woman finally accepted Jiang Li's suggestion.

She removed the necklace that contained her body temperature and signed a transfer contract with Jiang Li under the jurisdiction of the Divine Judgment Hall.

She even had to thank Jiang Li for telling her the truth.

Otherwise, if she was kept in the dark and missed the opportunity, she might not even get a single cent.

No matter from which angle, the price Jiang Li gave was not a scam, and the suggestion he gave was even more helpful to them.

On the contrary, if she wanted to sell it, she had to quickly find a suitable candidate.

In a mere three years, unless her son cheated like Jiang Li, it was impossible for him to grow to the extent of having the ability to inherit the inheritance.

At this moment, the Polar Castle had actually been removed in name.

In three years, everything would be lost.

As far as Jiang Li knew, at least five medium-sized Divine Judgment forces had their eyes on the fat meat left behind by the Polar Castle.

If anyone wanted to buy the inheritance rights in advance, most of the resistance came from them. If they wanted to take a share of the loot from the collapsed Polar Castle, they had to first have a certain amount of strength.

The Great Mountain Alliance could use the reputation of the Cloud Manor to buy the encampment of the Polar Castle, but they had to give up the other mines and spiritual fields. They could not eat all the meat alone.

As for the other spirit stone mines, even if they were given to Jiang Li, he would not have the time to send people to manage and develop them. They were really not of much use.

Therefore, this was only a formality. In the end, it still relied on strength.

It was impossible for him to pay too many spirit stones for such a thing. Otherwise, the next day, rumors would spread that the Great Mountain Alliance Leader was a fool.

Of course, even so, after she sold all the inheritance rights of the various industries in the Polar Castle, she would have a considerable amount of wealth in her hands.

It was best not to leave Phoenix Sun City for at least twenty to thirty years.

With the cauldron cultivation method she cultivated, if she went out without protection, she might not even come back five times out of ten.

After obtaining what he wanted, Jiang Li did not stay any longer and directly left the venue.

This made the few forces that were secretly paying attention to him heave a sigh of relief. Although the Great Mountain Alliance had taken away the encampment of the Polar Castle in advance, the value of the encampment that had already been robbed would be greatly reduced. At most, it would be dismantled and redeveloped in one go. In their eyes, it was inferior to those mineral veins and spiritual fields that could continuously produce value.

They felt that this Great Mountain Alliance Leader was quite sensible.

After releasing Rayquaza, Jiang Li flew towards the Land of Eternal Winter alone.

Now, there was a group of clowns showing off on "his" Polar Castle. As the owner, Jiang Li naturally had to chase away those fellows who liked to take advantage of him.

On the white thousand-year-old frozen earth, a wooden dragon that was already covered in icicles swayed its body and flew quickly in the air.

After eating a large amount of dragon meat, Rayquaza had already completed a transformation. True flesh and scales had already grown on its body, and it was becoming more and more like a dragon.

Its flying speed also increased greatly. It only took three days to reach the Polar Castle.

Looking ahead, it was a huge fortress built of ice and stone.

At this moment, broken walls could be seen everywhere.

However, one could completely imagine the original flourishing scene. This fortress could at least fit a million people.

However, Jiang Li raised his head to look at the sun in the sky and did not immediately attack.

From the information, there were no Earth Immortals among the Ice Plains barbarians.

He was confident that he could beat up the barbarians alone.

However, not everyone was in the castle. In a nearby area, there were many barbarian hunters hunting outside. If they realized that something was wrong, they would turn around and run.

In this environment and unfamiliar terrain, he was not confident that he could capture all of them.

One had to know that this group of barbarians had plundered the legacy of the Polar Castle. Now, everyone was rich. Letting them escape would cause a huge loss.

After patting the wooden dragon that was drowsy because of the cold weather below him and putting it back into the coffin, Jiang Li transformed into an even larger and more mighty black dragon that appeared in the sky.

Dragon Race's secret technique, Summon Wind and Rain!

The black dragon body circled and danced in the sky. Thick dark clouds covered the sky, and then a violent wind swept through the frozen ground with a shocking cold current.

In this Land of Eternal Winter, the only result of using Summon the Wind and Rain was a terrifying snowstorm.

Even the Ice Plains barbarians had to return to the shelter to hide and keep warm in such ruthless weather.

This way, he could make them gather again.

Jiang Li's goal was not to kill, but to gather the scattered enemies.

After reaching a certain level, he transformed back into a figure and landed on the ground, strolling in the snowstorm.

The snowstorm he stirred up did not disappoint him.

After circling around, he discovered a group of ice sculptures on an icy plain near the Polar Castle.

Walking in, the most eye-catching were two thousand-foot-tall mammoth ice sculptures.

The people of the Ice Plains did not have good artistic talent, but the statues were lifelike.

This was because both ice sculptures had real mammoths sealed in them.

It was the same for the tens of thousands of other ice sculptures.

According to Jiang Li's understanding, these animals frozen in ice were the food stored by the Ice Plains barbarians and the symbol of their glory.

Every Ice Plains Hunter had to capture a ferocious beast alone as a symbol of their strength.

The larger the prey they captured, the more status this Ice Plains Hunter had in the tribe.

For example, these two mammoths were probably the prey captured by this tribe's Chieftain.

They had even specially moved the spoils of war from their hometown here. It could be seen how important this was.

Moreover, it was said that the meat of this mammoth was as delicious as dragon meat.

If he ate it often, he might obtain the power of a mammoth. If there was a chance, he could give it a try.

Amidst the raging snowstorm, Jiang Li suddenly noticed a white shadow lying on the ice not far away.

Walking in, it was a dead Ice Plains bear.

The blood flowing out of the giant bear left a long trail on the ice, but its body was still warm. In this extremely cold environment, it meant that it had died less than four hours ago.

Someone had just dragged it over.

Jiang Li flipped over the giant bear's corpse and discovered that there was a thick fur coat pressed down.

At this moment, a black shadow suddenly flashed through the ice beneath his feet.

A pair of pale palms stretched out of the ice and grabbed Jiang Li's ankle without warning.

"Damn outsider! Freeze to death in the ice!"

Freeze! Ice and Snow Funeral!