Jiang Li had originally planned to leave them alive, so he had controlled his strength well. His impact should not be enough to kill them.

What killed this barbarian was the cold qi in his body.

As for the female barbarian, she seemed to have a higher tolerance for the cold qi. Even the cold qi in her body did not kill her.

A moment later, sparks flew in the bonfire.

"Since you're awake, get up."

Jiang Li, who was studying the corpse of the dead barbarian, suddenly said.

One breath, two breaths, no one responded to him.

Behind him, the young girl who was originally lying motionless on the ground suddenly rose up. A dagger condensed from blood appeared in her hand, and it stabbed towards Jiang Li's back.

The blood ice dagger accurately stabbed into Jiang Li's back and shattered.

The young girl took two steps back and landed on all fours. She lowered her body and stared fixedly at Jiang Li like a vigorous snow leopard.

However, with Jiang Li's defense, even if she stood there and let him stab her for a day, she could forget about leaving even a scratch on Jiang Li's body.

The difference in strength was too great.

"I saved your life under the snowstorm. Is this the tradition of the barbarians?"

"The power you possess is very special. If you're willing to teach me, I might consider letting you go."

Jiang Li turned around and looked at the girl with his deep eyes.

A majestic aura seeped out of her body and instantly pressed the young girl, Thalia, to the ground.

No matter how she struggled, she could not get up from the ground.

"Outsider! Foreigner! You have invaded and destroyed our home, enslaving and harming our compatriots!"

"The Ice Plains Hunters will never surrender!"

"Barbarians" was the classification given to them by ordinary humans. No one would name themselves with such derogatory words.

From her appearance, it could be seen that the original Polar Castle had persecuted many of the natives on the Ice Plains.

From the records of the ancient books, the Ice Plains barbarians were once a large clan that could contend with the cultivation dynasty.

Now, they had fallen to the point where there were only tens of millions of them left.

It could be seen how many of them had been killed in the past thousands of years.

This was where the deep-rooted hatred came from.

The original body of this Polar Castle was a cultivation army under the former "Polar Mountain King", the Ice Field Warriors.

The Polar Mountain King was also one of the princes of the cultivation dynasty back then.

Later on, when he led the army to resist the Ice Plains barbarians, he was killed by the ice storm behind him.

From then on, the elites of the Ice Plains grasped absolute authority in the Land of Eternal Winter. After the dynasty collapsed, they established the Polar Castle.

The hatred between the Ice Plains barbarians and them had spread for thousands of years.

That was why they hated outsiders so much.

Jiang Li did not have the confidence to use his "body technique" and eloquence to easily enlighten this ice girl.

However, after retracting his aura, he beckoned her to follow.

The mushroom tree house rose to the ground. Jiang Li walked outside. The snowstorm had already stopped, and a gorgeous aurora hung in the pitch-black night sky.

The young girl, Thalia, who was lying on the ground, got up with difficulty. She thought for a moment before following Jiang Li out.

This was the peak of a snow mountain. At this moment, the sky was already dark. In the distance was the towering ice castle.

The fortress was brightly lit. The flames spread a gentle light through the ice wall, as if the entire Polar Castle was glowing.

"Look, the original owner of that castle bullied and harmed your compatriots."

"Now that they're gone, you've occupied this castle. This is reasonable, but it's not smart."

"Let me see. In that castle, there are 300,000 of your compatriots."

"Because the comfortable environment made you live more concentrated than usual, you relaxed the vigilance that should have flowed in your blood. You should know that it's very dangerous."

"Because from now on, you will encounter an enemy even more terrifying than the Polar Castle."

The moonlight shone down from above. Jiang Li squatted down and raised his hand to slap the ice beneath him.

The ice immediately shook, and a huge ghostly gate rose from beneath Jiang Li's feet.

Fengdu City, Gate of Hell!

The Gate of Hell opened, and a beautiful and elegant female ghost in a black dress walked out. Then, a total of thirteen Ghost Kings walked out.

The temperature on their bodies seemed to be even colder than the Ice Plains. Just looking at them was enough to freeze one's soul.

"City Lord!"

Qin Shuman brought the thirteen Ghost Kings and bowed deeply to Jiang Li. Then, she brought a ball of rolling black clouds and surged towards the ice castle not far away.

In the black clouds, countless black-armored ghost soldiers could be seen lined up.

The array of the Polar Castle had long been destroyed in the battle a few days ago. The barbarians who called themselves Ice Plains Hunters did not have the ability to repair it.

This meant that the current Polar Castle was in a state of naked defense.

The tens of millions of ghost soldiers surged into the fortress without any effort.

The lights in the castle were extinguished one by one. The shouts only lasted for a moment before turning into miserable screams.

"Stop! Quickly make them stop! Outsiders! The Land of Eternal Winter will curse you for this slaughter!"

The Ice Plains Hunter girl standing behind Jiang Li looked at everything in the distance, and her entire body was trembling.

She saw the experts of the clan fly into the night sky, but soon, they fell to the ground under the entanglement of black shadows.

The Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers and the thirteen Ghost Kings were practically invincible below the Earth Immortal realm.

The group of barbarians who had just been happy for a few days would stiffen and be unable to move as long as they were touched by the ghost soldiers.

A few Soul Formation barbarians could not withstand the powerful Ghost Kings.

In the trembling pupils of the Ice Plains girl at the side, the tribe that they thought was powerful collapsed so quickly in front of these ghosts that they did not even have time to finish a cup of hot tea.

Of course, as the successor of the Human Emperor, Jiang Li did not kill these barbarians.

The barbarians who could adapt to the cold environment had tenacious lives. Perhaps they could also withstand the Yin qi invasion of the Netherworld Illusion.

Soon, the myriad ghost soldiers carried the 300,000 Ice Plains barbarians back through the Gate of Hell.

Then, a middle-aged man covered in fur was thrown in front of Jiang Li.

This guy was the Chieftain of the Ice Plains barbarians.

As long as he blew the horn, all the barbarians on the Ice Plains would fight for him.

He was not wearing any clothes. It was said that when he was captured, he was preparing to consummate his marriage with his 25th wife to celebrate their possession of the enemy's castle.

At this moment, there were several ghost curses in the Chieftain's body, and his eyes were filled with fear.

According to the tradition of the Ice Plains, the loser's tribe belonged to the winner, and the leader of the losers had always been beheaded and stabbed into the flagpole.

"Hello, my friend. I'm actually here to save you."