"Honorable Fengdu City Lord, this is the secret scroll of the Moco Freezing Body."

"It's a hunting technique that only the best Ice Plains Hunters in our tribe can master."

A secret scroll recorded in beast skin quickly landed in Jiang Li's hand.

Since ancient times, the higher-ups were even more cowardly than small soldiers.

Compared to the hunter girl who would rather die than submit, this Chieftain was clearly more willing to communicate with Jiang Li.

As Jiang Li mentioned his small request, the other party expressed with deep emotion that this small matter was nothing to the enthusiastic Ice Plains people.

After taking the secret scroll and confirming its authenticity, Jiang Li also personally stepped forward and helped the Ice Plains Chieftain up.

Under the puzzled gaze of the hunter girl, the two of them walked into the Polar Castle side by side like good friends who had not seen each other for many years.

This castle was clearly built from ice and stone, but it did not feel cold inside. Instead, it felt a little warm.

Jiang Li did not look at places like the pill chamber or treasure vault because it was obvious that they had already been emptied.

A moment later, in the largest room in the Polar Castle, Jiang Li saw the bride of the barbarian chief today and the various artifacts piled up in half the room.

As the chief, he piled more than half of the things he had gathered from the fortress into his room.

As for the young bride on the bed, it seemed that Qin Shuman had specially left it for him.

This female ghost was really as understanding as ever.

Jiang Li: ╮()_))╭

"City Lord, do you want to try the enthusiasm of the Ice Plains Bride?"

"This is a candidate I personally chose. She's definitely the most beautiful ice maiden in the past 30 years."

This chief was naturally referring to the trembling person still lying on the bed. There was no expression of humiliation on his face.

Seeing Jiang Li's strange gaze, the chief seemed to have misunderstood something. He thought for a moment before grabbing the young girl, Thalia, who was following behind them and pushing her in front of him.

"If City Lord wants more, this is my seventh daughter, Thalia. She has the strongest thighs. Together, they will definitely satisfy you."

The chief's desire to live was very strong, and he tried his best to please Jiang Li.

However, at the same time, this also displayed the customs of the Ice Plains people. In their eyes, women were property that could be replaced at any time.

Jiang Li did not have such interest for the time being. He waved his hand and rejected the other party's good intentions.

After putting away the treasures in the half room, he took out an ice crystal-like necklace. The pendant of the necklace was emitting a gentle light.

Following the guidance of the light, they found a hidden secret passage in the Castle Lord's room. After entering, they could walk deeper into the Polar Castle.

The barbarian chief looked dumbfounded.

He had already stayed in this room for a few days and did not realize that there was such a secret passage.

In fact, Jiang Li originally did not know about this secret passage.

However, after entering this room, the necklace he bought from the concubine of the Polar Castle reacted.

At that time, when he was trading with that young woman, Jiang Li had nothing to do and used appraisal to scan the other party.

However, he accidentally glanced at the necklace on the other party's chest.

In the end, the information that popped up indicated that this necklace was not only an accessory, but also an unknown token.

In any case, it was convenient, so he asked to buy this necklace as well.

He did not expect the necklace to react as soon as he entered the Polar Castle.

This secret passage went straight down. The deeper it went, the colder it became.

It was not until Jiang Li felt a trace of coldness that he touched the bottom.

"This should be the secret room used by the Polar Castle Lord for cultivation."

Jiang Li did not see any earth-shattering treasures here. After all, normal people would bring true good things with them.

The dignified Polar Castle Lord did not lack a few storage artifacts.

The huge space seemed quite empty. There was only a cold lake ahead and an ice coffin not far away.

Before Jiang Li could say anything, the barbarian chief ran to the edge of the cold pool excitedly.

"Damn it! This is our race's most precious treasure, the unfreezing water!"

"As expected, the Polar Castle attacked our Holy Land 500 years ago!"

"It's these guys who snatched our unfreezing holy water!"

"City Lord, this unfreezing water can absorb thousands of cold qi without freezing. By soaking in the unfreezing water to cultivate the Moco Freezing Body, it can protect the Dao Body from the cold qi. It can also greatly increase the power of the cold qi!"

"In the past, it was a treasure that only the Chieftain could use!"

"Congratulations, City Lord. You're about to master the Moco Freezing Body!"

This Chieftain was very capable. He did not have any intention of snatching back the precious treasure of the Ice Plains. Instead, he was like a lackey as he congratulated Jiang Li on obtaining the treasure.

Jiang Li reached into the pool, and his palm immediately felt a bone-piercing coldness.

The cold qi contained in this water far surpassed the thousand-year-old ice. Even Jiang Li's body was unable to resist it.

However, just as the chief had said, the pool of water did not freeze at all.

In addition, Jiang Li clenched his fists in the water. Even under this extreme cold, his palms did not feel numb or stiff because of this, and he could still move them freely.

This was indeed an excellent supplementary treasure to cultivate an ice attribute cultivation method.

"Lord City Lord, in my collection, there's an ice crystal blood diamond. It's the cold energy crystal of a dead Demon King in the Land of Eternal Winter."

"With this pool of unfreezing water, it will definitely help you cultivate the strongest Moco Freezing Body!"

"The moonlight today is very good. It's most suitable to cultivate this technique! Lord, you can't miss it!"

The Chieftain was extremely sensible. He had just become a captive and was already "concerned" for Jiang Li. It was truly commendable.

After retracting his palm, Jiang Li searched the coffin in his arms and quickly found a pink ice crystal blood diamond in the other party's collection.

[Name: Ice Crystal Blood Diamond]

[Type: Energy Crystal]

[Energy: 97%]

[Formation: Condensed after the failure of the Polar Demon King's advancement]

[Description: Demon King's Cold Qi]

[Energy Attribute: Ice]

[Note: It has been preserved until now because no one dares to use it.]

As the other party had said, this was really the condensation of the Demon King's cold qi.

It contained a terrifying cold qi. Once it was completely released, it was enough to freeze a mortal country.

Under Jiang Li, there were Ghost Kings and Zombie Kings, but there were no Demon Kings.

It was not that Jiang Li was benevolent and did not attack the Ten Directions Region, but he felt that he might not be able to defeat the Demon King.

Compared to the Ghost King who lacked a body and the Zombie King who lacked a soul, the Demon King who had both spirit and flesh was clearly closer to an Earth Immortal.

Moreover, all kinds of innate abilities were extremely powerful and impossible to guard against.

The difference between him and an Earth Immortal was probably only in artifacts.

As a result, Jiang Li did not dare to act rashly against the Ten Directions Region.

He did not expect to obtain an ice crystal blood diamond from a Demon King in the Land of Eternal Winter.

Right when Jiang Li removed his clothes and was about to enter the cold pool to cultivate, a voice stopped him.

"City Lord, wait. The Chieftain is lying to you!"