"Evil Dragon, take this! Endless Ice Coffin!"

Seeing the black dragon swallow the unfreezing water in one gulp, the Polar Castle Lord finally could not hold it in anymore.

Blue light exploded under the night sky. A huge crystal clear ice coffin seemed to have appeared out of thin air and lay horizontally in the sky.

Through the moonlight, one could see a black dragon with its abdomen pierced.

However, this did not make the Polar Castle Lord feel at ease at all.

This was because creaking sounds were coming from the ice coffin that could originally imprison one's life until the end.

In the pure and transparent huge ice coffin, cracks were quickly spreading. This black dragon had a powerful force that even he had to face.

Bai Wuju opened his arms, and the ten rings on his fingers erupted with dazzling blue light again.

The endless cold qi of the Eternal Winter condensed into huge frost blades that were a thousand feet long under his strength.

In the blink of an eye, a thousand huge blades were formed. As he waved his fingers, they all stabbed at the black dragon in the ice coffin.

The frozen space in the coffin tore apart at this moment.

A shocking cold qi accompanied the explosion of fine ice crystals, causing the wind tonight to become noisy again.

As long as another butterfly flapped its wings, it could cause an ice storm.

Bai Wuju looked at the ice crystals with dragon blood and probed them with his perception, trying to find the remaining unfreezing water.

"I didn't expect that those fools from the Dragon Transformation Island would hide such an expert. I've underestimated them."

After he saw Jiang Li transform into a black dragon, he was certain that this guy was definitely a secret weapon nurtured by those pirates.

They actually came to snatch his unfreezing water. The dead people in Tragic Death City were not so easy to provoke. He made up his mind to take revenge after this.

However, just as his mind touched the center of the explosion, he had just sensed a hollow sharp object when the portion of his mind strangely disappeared.

What special artifact had torn away his mental strength?

Before he could wonder for long, the sharp light that he had just seen in his perception shot towards his face.

A sense of danger that made his glabella hurt made Bai Wuju not dare to be careless at all. Blue light flickered on the ring, and five ice shields blocked in front of him.

The five ice crystal shields were instantly pierced by the sharp edge. They were only three inches away from stabbing into his glabella.

What instantly pierced through the shield was a long and thin spear with a strange shape, like a mosquito mouthpiece.

In front of him, amidst the ice crystal fragments that filled the sky, Jiang Li who had already recovered his human form stepped on the air and slowly walked out.

His clothes were tattered and there were some injuries on his body that had not completely healed.

It seemed that he had paid a price for the few strikes just now.

However, the wound was almost healed now.

Jiang Li did not use the Nine Nether Wood roots to knit a new robe. Instead, he simply tore off the excess cloth.

His strong muscles were exposed to the cold wind of the Land of Eternal Winter.

The temperature that would originally make him feel cold could only be considered a summer breeze now.

"Thank you for your hospitality, Lord Bai. Those few hits were really painful."

As he spoke, a faint mark slowly appeared on Jiang Li's chest.

Then, his entire body seemed to have opened a vent. The cold qi from the outside world could flow in front of him and out behind him.

In his body, other than the Broken-Wing clone that had to suppress the mosquitoes' instincts at all times, the other five Parallel Minds had already returned to his main body.

The five Parallel Minds and the main body combined their strength and tried to use the Moco Freezing Body. They had clearly not succeeded yet.

With a raise of his hand, the mouthpiece spear automatically pulled out the five ice crystal shields and returned to Jiang Li's hand.

An even more terrifying cold qi immediately returned to his body from the spear.

This was the cold qi absorbed from the huge ice crystal blade and the five ice crystal shields. It came from the Earth Immortal expert in front of him.

After absorbing the Earth Immortal's cold qi into his body, even with Jiang Li's current resistance, he was still frozen and shivered a few times.

Fortunately, although it was not a comfortable temperature, with the protection of the unfreezing water, it would not cause him frostbite.

At this moment, the mark on his chest quickly lit up. This meant that the cold qi had been charged to the maximum.

"It's really cold!"

"It's not good to not reciprocate. Senior Bai, this is your cold qi!"

Jiang Li gathered all the cold qi that he had just absorbed into his left hand, and then he pushed his palm forward towards Bai Wuju.

Castle Lord Bai felt the enormous force and thought that Jiang Li was going to launch some earth-shattering and powerful move.

He immediately flew back and condensed a huge toad in front of him, preparing to withstand an earth-shattering strike.

However, when Jiang Li's hand pushed to the front, nothing happened.

Jiang Li awkwardly retracted his hand and pushed it forward again. After trying a few times, he squeezed out a large pile of white ice from various parts of his body like he was squeezing ice cream.

In terms of lethality, the temperature was really low.

However, it was clearly impossible for it to be of any use to people of their level.

He shrugged helplessly. It was already not bad to be able to use the Moco Freezing Body to this extent for the first time.