Thanks to the help of the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, his current talent and comprehension were considered excellent, but it was far from the level of being able to learn anything on sight.

There was still a considerable difference from the Connate Dao Body that had only appeared in rumors.

After all, anything with the word "Connate" was basically not bad.

Therefore, Jiang Li did not expect that he would be able to control the power of an Earth Immortal with a technique he had never come into contact with.

Not to mention this, he could not even control the thousand-year-old cold qi that continuously surged out of his body.

Strictly speaking, this was still a negative status to him.

However, what was more suitable than an Earth Immortal as a sparring partner?

A spear stabbed forward, piercing through the ice toad that was as huge as a small mountain.

The cold qi flowed along the spear into his body. His chest had just released all the marks of the cold qi and started to charge again.

Because there was no need to worry too much about being injured by the cold qi, Jiang Li's extraction was unrestrained.

The huge ice toad quickly began to collapse. In a few breaths, it would completely collapse.

However, this speed was much slower than Jiang Li had originally expected.

This spear was a ridiculous existence that had almost destroyed an Earth-rank armor with a single strike back then.

This absorption speed was far from its normal level.

Could it be that the energy at the Earth Immortal level was condensed and he could not extract it?

No, Guhei Tianchou had been beaten up badly by it.

It was not until Jiang Li felt the laziness and tiredness of the Broken-Wing clone that he understood.

Mosquitoes did not like cold weather.

Although the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito was not an ordinary mosquito and the cold could not completely restrain it, it was enough to reduce the effect of the mouthpiece spear by several levels.

"Little Evil Dragon, how dare you fool me!"

On the other side, Jiang Li's spear was still stabbed into the enormous ice toad in front of him, and Bai Wuju's figure appeared behind him.

This Land of Eternal Winter was really the other party's home ground.

Ordinary Ice Plains Hunters could only move in solid ice and snow.

This Polar Castle Lord could use the cold current that wreaked havoc in this area to silently move.

This was even more agile and hidden than the compressed space of an Earth Immortal. It was impossible to guard against.

The sapphires on the ten rings lit up. Just as Jiang Li tightened his muscles and prepared to rely on his body that had greatly increased resistance to ice to resist his opponent…

Bai Wuju did not stab him.

The surrounding air shook, and beautiful and fragile hexagonal snowflakes condensed in the air.

It was said that there were no two identical snowflakes in the world, but at this moment, the ones condensed seemed to be carved from the same mold.

Countless hexagonal snowflakes pieced together, forming a perfect ball that enveloped the two of them.

A portion of the ice toad wrapped in the snow ball seemed to have been erased out of thin air. The circular cut was extremely smooth.

"This is the Perfect Snow Prison. You can't escape anymore."

Jiang Li glanced at him before raising his hand to stab the cage made of snowflakes.

The tip of the spear let out a crisp sound and only a crack appeared on one of the snowflakes.

As the spear was pulled back, the crack had already disappeared. If not for his good eyesight, he would not have even seen it.

Jiang Li looked at Bai Wuju who was not far away again with a strange gaze.

How did Gallonron, the previous Earth Immortal expert Jiang Li fought, die?

This fellow was afraid that he would escape? Should he use the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to tie their ankles again and fight to the death?

Without a word, the two sides collided in the blink of an eye.

The Polar Castle Lord was not frightened by the mouthpiece spear. He reached out and grabbed the tip.

The cold qi that could freeze an ocean surged along the Mosquito Spear.

Due to the fact that the spear was not compatible with the cold qi, the absorption speed was not as fast as the other party's active release.

From the tip of the spear, a thick layer of frost spread towards Jiang Li, freezing his hands on the spear.

Jiang Li instinctively felt that something was amiss, and he saw Bai Wuju, who was holding the spear in front of him, suddenly turn white and stiff.

It turned out that it was only an ice clone filled with a huge amount of energy.

The true Polar Castle Lord had already arrived behind him.

Jiang Li, whose hands were frozen, was unable to turn around in time. The Earth Immortal's attack was really too fast. He was unable to react further and was struck on the back of his head.

The finger with the power of extreme cold collided with the tip of a flying sword that stretched out from the back of his head.

The aftershock of the collision sent Jiang Li flying, rolling for a long time without stopping.

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword that had fused with the Quintet Qi Essence Copper slashed out sword lights that filled the sky and fought with the Earth Immortal.

Jiang Li, who had finally stabilized his figure, clenched his fists and smashed them on his head. It took him a long time to recover.

As soon as he arrived, Bai Wuju had already arrived before him. Jiang Li could only pick up his spear and continue to parry. As he absorbed the cold qi, he released it and continuously increased the proficiency of the Moco Freezing Body.

However, at this moment, it was as if his mind had been filled with a catty of mint-flavored liquid nitrogen. It was so cold that it penetrated his soul.

Facing the Earth Immortal's cold qi, he had the protection of the unfreezing water on his body. Coupled with his powerful physique, basically nothing would happen.

Against the Freezing Domain, he could compress the Inverted Domain to envelop himself and escape that influence as much as possible.

However, in terms of souls, Jiang Li did not have good protective measures. He could only rely on his soul strength to resist.

Just the finger that was not directly struck caused an iceberg to appear in his mental world and snow to fall.

This situation became even more serious after the two sides collided more frequently.

The headache from the cold was secondary. Sometimes, Jiang Li did not even wait five seconds to remove the effect of the [Mental Freezing].

The degree of repeated mental freezing could already cause damage to his mind and soul.

After a few rounds, even his Mind attribute dropped a few points!

As the most difficult attribute to gain, the loss of every attribute made Jiang Li's heart ache.

This sad stalemate lasted for a while until a warm flame blossomed in the mental world that had fallen into snow and ice.

Wherever the flames reached, the ice and snow melted, and Jiang Li's headache was quickly relieved.

The source of the flames was the Human Fire that was slowly burning in the palm of Jiang Li's Essence Soul.

The legendary Human Fire was born to protect the human race.

It could scare away ferocious beasts, resist the cold, dispel the darkness, and heat up food.

It sounded like these were only the normal functions of ordinary flames.

However, every ability was a strengthened version of the Primordial World.

A small wisp of Human Fire could scare the Broken-Wing Black Mosquito until it collapsed and scattered in all directions. It was obvious.

All along, Jiang Li could only use the passive effect of this legendary flame to ‘frighten away ferocious beasts'.

Now, perhaps because the power of virtuous merit had reached the standard, or perhaps because Jiang Li was threatened by the [Mental Freezing], the Human Fire began to take the initiative to protect him, the successor of the Human Emperor.

He had finally developed the second function.

The corners of Jiang Li's mouth curled up slightly, and he quickly restrained his smile.

Immediately, he acted as if he was about to collapse and "encouraged" the other party to continue fighting him.

This time, perhaps because there were fewer people mobilized, the other party clearly existed for more than twelve hours.

After noon on the seventh day, the Polar Castle Lord, who had already died once, was still using various sharp ice crystal weapons to pursue Jiang Li. From time to time, he would draw a cold breath and strike Jiang Li's head.

Under the protection of the unfreezing water, Inverted Domain, and Human Fire, 80% of the other party's methods had lost their effect on Jiang Li.

He could only use the most primitive method to attack Jiang Li head-on.

Under such considerate pressure, Jiang Li's Moco Freezing Body also became visibly skilled and dangerous.

The capacity of the Moco Mark became higher and higher, and his control over the cold qi became stronger and stronger.

Every time he absorbed the cold qi from the other party's hand, the power returned exceeded 60% of the original!

"Evil Dragon! That pool of unfreezing water can only protect you for seven days at most! The time is up now. Die!"

Bai Wuju, who was already panting with his Earth Immortal body, had already been stunned by Jiang Li's tenacity several times.

They had been fighting for seven days just for this moment.

However, Jiang Li who was in front of him showed not even the slightest fear. Instead, he took out the ice crystal blood diamond, licked his mouth, and threw it into his mouth.

"Senior Bai Wuju, although you don't hold a cane, I have to say that you're a very good teacher!"