Bai Wuju's Extreme Ice Spear began to collapse from the head. The purple-red ice spear destroyed the Earth Immortal's spell technique from the front, leaving a shallow wound on the other party's palm.

Although he was already unable to cause any more injuries in the end, there was no doubt that Jiang Li had the advantage this time.

He did not show mercy after gaining the upper hand. He pressed his hands together in front of his chest, and the strength in his entire body combined together to erupt with a resplendent spiritual light.

A huge frost statue pushed open the sturdy snow cage and smashed into the ice.

The ground cracked and the ice shattered. An avalanche occurred in the snow mountain within a thousand miles.

The ice and snow statue had a Thousand Hands Buddha Demon Statue on its back. Accompanied by the cold current, the Thousand Hands behind it began to attack the other party continuously.

The two sides had fought for seven days. Even an Earth Immortal had exhausted a lot of energy. In the beginning, Bai Wuju could still use the huge frost blade to counterattack head-on.

However, soon, he could only erect solid frost shields in front of him.

One thousand palm strikes, two thousand palm strikes, three thousand palm strikes. The Polar Castle Lord already had the intention to retreat.

There did not seem to be any benefit in continuing to fight. In any case, he was already dead, so he did not care much about his reputation. He planned to make a strategic move after enduring this move.

On the other hand, Jiang Li, who was erupting with strength, knew that the battle could not continue here.

As the properties of the Polar Castle were taken, several people from other forces had already arrived at the Land of Eternal Winter.

The commotion of the battle between Earth Immortals was too great. Even if they kept attacking on the spot, the aftershock was enough to affect half of the Land of Eternal Winter. It was impossible to hide.

A few days ago, even in the intense battle, Jiang Li had already sensed that there were more and more spies coming from several directions.

However, because their goal was only to divide the assets, those few forces were basically only sending Soul Formation elders over. They did not dare to get too close.

However, if this continued, it was very likely that it would attract the attacks of the leaders of the other medium-sized Divine Judgment factions or the experts of the Divine Judgment Hall.

There was a high chance that they would target Bai Wuju.

However, Jiang Li did not want to expose his secret easily.

He had to think of a way to quickly deal with this resurrected Earth Immortal.

At this moment, a Frost Buddha hand successfully broke through the shield and smashed into the Polar Castle Lord.

The Buddhist hand was shattered by the Earth Immortal's body. As the Buddhist hand cracked, Jiang Li, who was hiding inside, appeared close to Bai Wuju.

He did not attack. He did not have the ability to kill an Earth Immortal expert in one strike. Instead of taking a small advantage, it was better to…

Jiang Li stretched out his hand and grabbed the other party's body. Because the other party did not have much clothes on him, his goal was clear. He grabbed a storage bag, and then he turned around and left.

His figure fused into the cold current at an extremely fast speed.

Bai Wuju, who was caught off guard by this attack, had a change in expression at this moment. He no longer cared about defense and used his body to break out of the seal of the Thousand Frost Hands, and he chased after Jiang Li relentlessly.

This was because the storage bag contained the corpse of the Polar Mountain King!

This was his main goal in returning to the Polar Castle.

In order to open the Epang Earth Palace, the corpses of the "Last Dynasty's Nine Kings" were indispensable.

After losing this corpse, even if he returned to Tragic Death City, the Blood King would definitely not let him off easily.

Jiang Li, who had fused with the cold current, heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the other party take the bait.

His figure appeared above the Polar Castle. With a wave of his hand, he grabbed the Ground Control Flag that had captured another high-grade earth vein and fused it into the cold current to escape.

In the direction he fled, a small spatial crack appeared.

Looking at the rapidly cracking and collapsing ice fortress below, Bai Wuju felt that Jiang Li was provoking him and became even angrier.

Relying on his Earth Immortal body and his ability to be pulled back to Tragic Death City even if he died, he did not care about the warning from his spiritual perception.

Immediately after, Jiang Li entered the spatial crack.

However, as soon as he entered, he regretted it.

Without the omnipresent cold current in the air, the two of them appeared again in their real bodies.

Relying on the ability of an Earth Immortal to compress space, Bai Wuju's speed did not slow down much as he collided with Jiang Li whose speed had greatly decreased.

A pair of ice chains formed in his hand and were about to pierce through Jiang Li's shoulder blades.

However, as the spatial crack disappeared, the Polar Castle Lord's figure swayed, and the few wounds on his body that caused his death reopened.

The strength in his body suddenly decreased greatly.

From Jiang Li's angle, double images appeared on the outline of Bai Wuju's body. His soul and body were no longer as harmonious as before.

Feeling the strength in the other party's body disappear like a floodgate opening, Jiang Li felt relieved.

It seemed that although the Tragic Death City could allow them to "revive" to the extent that even the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame could not discover any flaws, after leaving Tragic Death City, they still had certain limitations. For example, their brains were definitely not as smart as when they were alive.

If this guy was still alive, Jiang Li believed that he would not dare to casually enter a spatial crack.

Now, not to mention the endless power of chaos around him, being a world away, the power of Tragic Death City could no longer be used on him.

In other words, Bai Wuju had become a dead person again.

It was not easy to fight a living Earth Immortal. However, a dead Earth Immortal was still at Jiang Li's mercy.