"Senior Bai Wuju, do you really not want to say anything else?"

"What Tragic Death City can give you, my Fengdu City might be able to as well."

"Eternal life, resurrection, or even a Heaven-rank medicinal pill, and my position as the City Lord. As long as you join us, everything can be discussed."

Standing on the soft aberration city, Jiang Li was trying to convince the strongest captive so far with logic and emotions.

From time to time, he would release the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame to threaten him.

He hoped to obtain some information about Tragic Death City from the other party.

Unfortunately, these methods had little effect.

"Hehe, so the Dragon Transformation Island obtained the secret of Fengdu City in the end?"

"You've even grasped the passageway to the Asura World!"

"That old fellow Guhei Tianchou hid it well! There are also rumors that he's heavily injured. This is also your plot, right?"

Up until now, Bai Wuju still thought that Jiang Li was the hidden power of the Dragon Transformation Island. Little did he know that the entire Dragon Transformation Island was almost his.

Jiang Li did not deny it and only continued to promise benefits.

The ghost was about to disperse anyway. What if he was willing to say something?

However, in the end, Bai Wuju still shook his head and rejected Jiang Li's question.

He pointed at his throat. On the illusory soul, he could see a black lock hanging on it.

With just a glance, one could tell that it was wrapped in a very vicious curse.

Not to mention ordinary methods, even reincarnation could not easily break it.

It seemed that even if the other party wanted to say something, he might not be able to say anything.

"In addition, kid, don't underestimate others."

"As an Earth Immortal, I know my situation very well. Do you still want to lie to a dead person?"

"In this place, my soul will dissipate in at most two hours."

In the end, Bai Wuju exposed Jiang Li's lie. He was right. The current Jiang Li did not even have the ability to protect him.

After being captured by Tragic Death City, he was probably controlled by a stone monument similar to Fengdu City.

Relying on the power of Tragic Death City, he continued to enjoy his lifespan as a dead person. How could he not pay a price?

After coming to this world, he lost the support of Tragic Death City.

Not only did the power dissipate, but it also became a dead person again. Even the soul of a dignified Earth Immortal could not exist on its own.

Jiang Li had even tried to use the Meng Po soup to repair his soul, but it was useless.

Now, the Nine Nether wooden spikes stabbed into Bai Wuju's body had become an important pillar to maintain his soul.

After pulling out those wooden spikes, his soul would instantly dissipate. However, even so, he could not last for more than two hours.

If he was transported back to the continent of the Nine Provinces through the spatial crack, this Polar Castle Lord might be able to revive, but he would definitely be instantly pulled back to Tragic Death City.

This caused Jiang Li's thoughts to be wasted.

It had not been easy for him to capture this Earth Immortal. There was no way he would let this threat go so easily.

After several negotiations, he was unable to obtain any useful information from him.

Jiang Li was naturally disappointed, but after working hard for so long, he had to squeeze out some final value from him no matter what.

Although it was a waste to carry the Polar Castle Lord whose soul was about to dissipate, he still threw him into the boiling blood pool.

Bai Wuju, who weighed 150 kilograms, splashed in the blood pool.

As a ripple spread out, the entire Asura territory began to tremble violently.

The blood of madness in the blood pool seemed to surge up from nothing and was about to overflow.

At this moment, the blood pool that was originally only about 300 feet in diameter began to quickly expand. The quality of the blood of madness in the blood pool also rose.

The blood pool was the core of an Asura's territory.

The increase in the blood pool made the entire territory seem to have a life of its own. It began to spontaneously become more magnificent and wide.

Soon, the size of the blood pool reached a thousand feet in diameter. The ordinary small slope above the territory also became a rather dignified black fortress.

Even the deformed flesh and blood that covered the territory seemed to have been stimulated. Following the expansion of the territory, they continuously grew randomly, becoming even stranger and disgusting.

If this territory had a Lord, his strength would directly rise. It was even enough to easily break through the limit of the Soul Formation realm to the Earth Immortal realm.

This was a gift from the Asura World.

The humans of the "Lamb World" were something that this world yearned for. Sacrificing the soul and body of an Earth Immortal expert was worth such a reward.

Jiang Li was not surprised by this. If it was like the Blood Fighting Arena earlier, where they directly corroded and occupied the land of the Nine Provinces, the benefits that the Asura Lord could obtain would only be greater.

Jiang Li cooperated with himself from the inside. He did not need to spend too much effort to nurture a powerful Asura Lord.

However, the situation in the continent of the Nine Provinces was not convenient to open the spatial crack with great fanfare again. In Jiang Li's plan, it had not reached the best timing to become a Lord.

Behind him, the yaksha clone who was working hard had already run out of the territory with the loyal soldiers under him.

The territory that had just become larger broke through the mound they used to disguise themselves.

In order to prevent the monsters of the Asura World from snatching their territory, they had to make a larger mound and bury this place again.