Looking at the blood pool that had calmed down again, just as Jiang Li turned around and was about to leave, a white wooden tablet floated up from the blood pool.

He narrowed his eyes and recognized the thing in front of him.

"This is… a death token?"

The so-called death tokens were the tokens that recorded the crimes of the prisoners when they were beheaded in the market.

Now, that token had a few uses.

One was to intimidate the living and make ordinary people listen to him and not commit crimes. Otherwise, they would be executed like the person who was beheaded.

The second was to warn the dead that after ordinary mortals died, they would lose a lot of memories and most likely forget the cause of their death.

In order to prevent the souls of the dead from feeling hatred and finding murderers to seek revenge, he wrote their crimes on the card. He died a worthy death.

However, according to the knowledge Jiang Li possessed, this death token was actually written for the people below to see.

The general meaning was that the Life and Death Book in the Netherworld below had clearly written that these people's lifespan had not ended. When should they die?

However, if the people of the living world wanted to cut off these people's heads, wouldn't that mess up the following arrangements?

The Human Dynasty after the last Human Emperor and the Netherworld were actually under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Court.

Therefore, he naturally had to send a document to explain the reason.

This death token was given to the official transfer documents below.

After receiving the death token, the Netherworld servants below would come and take away the souls and throw them into Tragic Death City. They would wait until their lifespan was exhausted before continuing on the Yellow Springs Road.

In that case, this was Bai Wuju's trump card.

Jiang Li raised his hand and grabbed the death token. On it was written in red.

"Bai Wuju died a tragic death at the age of 1,325. His lifespan was 1,675 years!"

Ordinary Earth Immortals had a lifespan of 3,000 years. This guy died before he even lived half of it, and his soul had even dissipated. He was really a little unlucky.

However, since this token was a transfer document to Tragic Death City, could he rely on it to enter the city?

The Land of Blood, Tragic Death City.

While Jiang Li was studying the death token, the Divine Judgment Hall was not idle.

After suffering that attack a few days ago, how could the Divine Judgment Hall easily endure this humiliation?

Immediately, led by the three divine pillars, many top experts of the Divine Judgment Hall gathered here.

The lineup was so luxurious that Jiang Li had never seen it before. The weakest among them was an Earth Immortal.

Previously, even the group of people from the Myriad Slaughter Sect had a way to come here. The Divine Judgment Hall, which had countless talents and experts, naturally would not be easily blocked by a fog.

With the guidance of the Tragic Death Souls, they quickly found the location of Tragic Death City in the Land of Blood.

Through the open city gate, they could see that people who had died for ten years, a hundred years, or a thousand years were living in order in this city.

Among them were even the sect cultivators who had been killed in the attack not long ago.

This made the Divine Judgment Hall expert even angrier. He wanted to go in and capture the Blood King so that he could relive the taste of failure.

However, when they wanted to enter Tragic Death City, they discovered that the city was like a phantom. They could not touch it.

This city was inherited from the Ancient Netherworld Palace and was established by a mighty figure with boundless methods. The rules set by it could not be forcefully broken.

Only those who had died in vain and had not expended their lifespan could enter.

Even if a living person's Essence Soul left their body or used a soul secret technique, they would not be recognized by Tragic Death City.

Even the mysterious experts of the three divine pillars could not touch it at all.

In order to take revenge on Tragic Death City, they could not really commit suicide and kill their way in, right?

Moreover, after committing suicide, who knew if they would join the enemy camp?

A group of experts who were at least Earth Immortals stared at each other helplessly.

When Jiang Li returned to Fengdu City, it was already seven days later.

During this period of time, he stayed in Phoenix Sun City for a period of time. Some forces that were on good terms with the Great Mountain Alliance came to visit. They all expressed pity for the matter of the Polar Castle.

In the eyes of outsiders, Jiang Li was indeed extremely unlucky this time.

The inheritance of the Polar Castle that had just been bought encountered a fight between two Earth Immortals and destroyed that place. According to insiders, even the earth vein was broken.

It was a small matter to lose 200,000 spirit stones, but the treasure inheritance in the Polar Castle was gone. It was really heartbreaking.

Jiang Li naturally could not say that he had already obtained everything.

After thanking them for their good intentions, he used the information of the Divine Judgment Hall to investigate some things.

As a low-grade Divine Judgment with outstanding contributions, it was not a problem to inquire about some information about mortal countries.

Jiang Li quickly obtained a map of the distribution of the mortal kingdoms in the cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

There were also a lot of records of the past of these countries.

Jiang Li picked out the 300 countries with the longest history and the largest population.

Then, they sent the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn and the Hidden Rock cultivators to work together.

Through certain methods, they affected the officials and kings of these countries and made them gather a large number of death row prisoners in a short period of time.

The execution process had to be carried out according to the strictest procedures.

Sentence, judgment, parade, public display, beheading.

Jiang Li also let them deal with a large number of mortals according to different traditions, such as dismemberment, death by caning, beheading, limb tearing, waist severing, and so on.

In the end, they were divided into different categories and their souls and death tokens were put away.

There were 300 countries, and each country had a thousand death row prisoners. Seven days later, Jiang Li already had 300,000 souls that had just died.

He did not know if the death token of ordinary mortal countries could still be used.

He could only cast a wide net and see if he could get lucky.

Jiang Li released a thousand souls in the wilderness of Phoenix Sun City.

However, they had just died and could not even be considered ghosts. They could only drift on the spot in a daze and could not hold on to their death tokens.

Moreover, as long as the wind blew, these fragile souls would be extinguished in batches.

It seemed that such experiments were meaningless in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

Should he run to the Land of Blood to give it a try?

Jiang Li thought for a moment before waving his hand to summon the Gate of Hell and stepping in.

The Land of Blood was too dangerous. He had the ability to charge in now, but there might be a better choice.

It was as if everyone thought that Fengdu City was in the Netherworld Illusion of the Ghost King Desolate Ground.

However, in fact, the Netherworld Illusion was the Netherworld Illusion. It was just a coincidence that it overlapped with the Ghost King Desolate Ground.

That bloody place was very likely a node connected to a certain Netherworld fragment.

Tragic Death City, which was originally part of the Netherworld, was unlikely to appear in the living world.

Could Jiang Li directly find the existence of Tragic Death City in the Netherworld Illusion?

At the very least, it was worth a try.

After passing through the Gate of Hell and returning to Fengdu Ghost City, Jiang Li first left the range where the spider lily and carefree grass grew. Otherwise, these ghosts would definitely be the first to be attracted to Fengdu City.

He released another thousand souls.

In the Netherworld, their condition was much better than in the outside world. Although they were still muddle-headed, they would not be destroyed at any time. They also had the strength to pick up the thin death token.

Most of the souls still had no clue and wandered around.

However, Jiang Li quickly noticed that a few of the ghosts seemed to have been pulled by some force. They were practically dragged forward by the death tokens in their hands.

Jiang Li's eyes lit up. He took out the coffin and released the other 300,000 souls.

Most of the souls still did not have a mind to float on the spot.

Among them, a thousand souls began to drift in a certain direction of the Netherworld Illusion.

Jiang Li checked the symbols on their bodies and discovered that these thousand souls had a common characteristic. They all belonged to a mortal country.