"The Kundu Kingdom was originally called the Jushan Kingdom. It started from the annexation war of the nomads."

"It has been passed down for 800 years. During this period, it has experienced four dynasties."

"It's under the management of the low-grade Divine Judgment faction, Eight Paths Temple. There are no cultivators in the royal family at the moment."

"The population is about 19 million. There's an unknown faith worship…"

Jiang Li took out the basic information of this country.

It looked like an ordinary mortal country. It did not even have any grudges with a certain cultivation family, nor had it offended or saved any rogue cultivator.

In the cultivation world where individual strength was enough to move mountains and fill seas, because of the preferences of cultivators, the rise and fall of mortal kingdoms was actually very fast.

Including those who seized power, this country had existed for 800 years and was considered a good result.

However, in a mere 800 years, no matter how one looked at it, this kingdom did not seem to be an orthodox inheritance passed down from ancient times.

Why were their death tokens different from others?

From the basic information, one could not see anything special about this kingdom.

Jiang Li did not have the time to personally investigate a mortal country.

He only sent the order back to the Great Mountain Alliance and let Shenshan Jianyi negotiate with the Eight Paths Temple to obtain the jurisdiction of the Kundu Kingdom first.

With the Hidden Rock cultivators investigating, even if they dug three feet into the ground, they had to find the secret.

At the same time, he also got the Kundu Kingdom to create a large number of death tokens.

Jiang Li recalled the other 299,000 souls, and then he followed the thousand summoned souls and continued to explore a certain direction in the Netherworld Illusion.

The speed of these souls was too slow. Jiang Li could only create a larger compass as usual and tie a portion of them to the needle of the compass.

Using them as compasses, he followed their guidance and rode the wooden dragon at high speed in the Netherworld Illusion.

In the desolate environment, the only thing that could be considered a scenery was the moon that never descended.

From time to time, they would encounter a few strange ghosts.

There were hungry ghosts with big stomachs who were still stuffing rocks into their stomachs.

There was a ghost with a big tongue that kept floating around.

There were also many miserable ghosts with missing limbs. They were not like this before they died.

It was because they lived at the bottom of the Ghost Domain and were often exploited by powerful ghosts. These missing limbs might be used as protection fees.

Jiang Li walked and stopped along the way. If there were ghosts that he liked, he would put them into the coffin, and if he did not like them, he would directly ignore them.

A few days later, the Wood Dragon Rayquaza traveled an unknown distance in the Netherworld Illusion.

Finally, under the guidance of a group of souls, he saw a pitch-black abyss.

Ahead was like the end of the world.

The ground of the Netherworld Illusion stopped here. In front of a cliff with no end, there was endless darkness.

Jiang Li's spiritual perception emitted a piercing pain, and he knew that the darkness was extremely dangerous.

This was probably one of the boundaries of this Netherworld Illusion.

Jiang Li had once released many scouts and ghost soldiers to explore the Netherworld Illusion. In the end, many ghost soldiers who had explored the edge of the environment accidentally entered this darkness and were lost in an unknown place.

He patted Rayquaza below him to stop it.

Jiang Li personally walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down. Even he felt a fear of heights now.

However, his gaze quickly became strange because there was something on the cliff line at the edge of the Netherworld Illusion.

Looking along the cliff line, he discovered a small straw shed less than 30 miles away.

Who had the leisure to specially build a toilet and pee at the end of the world?

After Jiang Li approached, he discovered that this straw shed actually looked even simpler than the latrines in the mortal world.

It was casually built with wooden shelves and straw. The space inside could barely accommodate an adult sitting down.

There was no door or pit. This was more like a temporary fishing house.

In front of the straw shed was the void in front of the cliff, as if it was the river that the straw shed owner was fishing in.

Through the gap in the straw hut, one could see a person sitting inside.

This person had sharp brows, bright eyes, and a tall figure. He wore an apricot-yellow Daoist robe and carried a peachwood sword on his back. Most importantly, Jiang Li knew this person.

It was the disciple of Maoshan, Daoist Zhai Xing, who had accidentally come to Fengdu City once.

At that time, this current successor of the ancient immortal sect was greatly valued and treated politely by Jiang Li.

On the first day they met, he gave the other party a spiritual fruit that was enough to make the world fight for it and a very important mission.

Daoist Zhai Xing was also grateful for Jiang Li's kindness. He held the compass and began to explore this fragment-shaped Netherworld Illusion to find the path to the true Netherworld.

In order to fund his exploration, Jiang Li even used the branch of the Mu family's patriarch to make an Immortal Peach Sword for him to replace his broken hundred-year-old peach wood sword.

This Daoist had left Fengdu City for a period of time and there had been no news from him. He did not expect to meet him here.

He stepped forward and knocked on the straw fishing shed. A thin light screen appeared, and circles of ripples were formed by Jiang Li's finger.

This fishing shed looked simple, but in fact, there were a large number of Maoshan talismans mixed in between the grass.