Using this, he set up a brilliant barrier that had quite a good defense.

Jiang Li knocked a few more times, but Daoist Zhai Xing still lowered his eyes and did not react.

Without the spiritual qi fluctuation of cultivation, Daoist Zhai Xing was not in seclusion. He was… using his Essence Soul to leave his body.

In such a dangerous place like the Netherworld Illusion, he actually dared to let his Essence Soul leave the body. This Maoshan Daoist was indeed bold.

Jiang Li carefully watched Daoist Zhai Xing's actions.

He held a seal in his left hand, and his right hand was tied with a thin hemp rope.

The other end of the rope fell to the cliff in front of him and stretched to the end of his vision.

Could it be that Daoist Zhai Xing's Essence Soul had jumped into the Netherworld Void ahead?

At this moment, the hemp rope in Daoist Zhai Xing's right hand began to tremble violently as if it had been bitten by a fish.

In the darkness below the cliff, a bright flame ignited and quickly spread back along the rope.

When the flames burned back to his right hand along the hemp rope, his Essence Soul immediately returned. Daoist Zhai Xing seemed to have been burned and instantly woke up.

This hemp rope was one of the secret Dao Arts of the Maoshan Technique. It could greatly increase the safety of the Essence Soul leaving the body.

Earlier, Jiang Li had touched the barrier of the straw hut. After his Essence Soul received the alarm, it immediately returned to his body.

Daoist Zhai Xing instinctively drew his Immortal Peach Wood Sword.

After he noticed that it was Jiang Li, he heaved a sigh of relief, and then he undid the thatched house's barrier and stood before Jiang Li.

"City Lord Jiang, I'm embarrassed! I have yet to find the entrance to the Netherworld."

"This place is dangerous. The edge of the illusion can change at any time. Why did the City Lord personally come here?"

He was not angry at Jiang Li's interruption and cupped his hands respectfully.

Then, he saw that the huge compass floating behind Jiang Li had a large number of souls tied to the needle of the compass.

Daoist Zhai Xing could not help but be curious about this strange thing.

Jiang Li told him about Tragic Death City from the beginning to the end. He also told him about his simple and crude plan.

He planned to rely on this group of ghosts to find the location of Tragic Death City and see if there was a chance to steal it.

If they could invite the four people from the Great Mountain Region to come out again, the Great Mountain Alliance would also have an Earth Immortal sword cultivator guarding it.

However, this was a true professional.

Daoist Zhai Xing pondered for a moment before seriously rejecting the feasibility of Jiang Li's plan.

"City Lord Jiang, that Netherworld Illusion is different from the real Netherworld."

"In the records of our sect, without the permission of the Netherworld, living people can't directly step into the true Netherworld."

"Moreover, the weight of life makes it impossible for us to cross the distance of the Netherworld."

It was different from a rogue ghost city like Fengdu City.

The rules of the Netherworld were clearly a hundred times stricter.

Without an official organization like the Netherworld, unless one became an immortal, living people could not step foot in it.

Even if he could see it, he could not touch it.

Under Daoist Zhai Xing's suggestion, Jiang Li even personally did an experiment.

From the coffin, he grabbed a ghost and a small demon respectively and threw them into the Netherworld Void ahead.

When the ghost entered the void, it was as if it had lost gravity and floated irregularly in the darkness.

After the winged Cloud Swallow Demon was thrown out, no matter how it flapped its wings, it could only fall down and disappear into the endless darkness.

In the nothingness of the Netherworld, there should be no gravity, nor was there a difference between up, down, left, and right. However, under the influence of the so-called weight of life, it would drag the living into the abyss.

"In that case, even if I find Tragic Death City, I won't be able to step into it. I won't even be able to step on the land of the true Netherworld."

"If you want to enter there, you have to die no matter what, right?"

Daoist Zhai Xing nodded. He was also very helpless about this.

In ancient times, it was very easy for the Maoshan Sect to descend to the Netherworld.

"Now that the reincarnation cycle of the Netherworld no longer exists, if we want to step into the Netherworld, we can only use the oldest method recorded in the records."

This outcome made Jiang Li very depressed.

Such harsh conditions undoubtedly increased the difficulty of stepping into the true Netherworld.

Not to mention the Blood King of Tragic Death City who was currently threatening the cultivation world of the Eastern Region, just the Nine Nether Wood Source Branch, one of the ten Connate Spiritual Roots, was an existence that Jiang Li absolutely could not give up on.

Even if he died once, he had to enter the Netherworld.

Fortunately, there was actually a way to ‘die once'.

In the ancient Primordial World, at the earliest time, the Netherworld did not exist.

At that time, if Immortals and Buddhas wanted to go to the Netherworld, they had to walk a dangerous path.

That was to turn over a mountain that separated the Yin-Yang World.

The mountain was called the Back Yin Mountain.

It was the peerless mountain that Jiang Li had been thinking about since the birth of the Nine Nether Wood.

This mountain separated Yin and Yang. Going from the Yang Realm to the Yin Realm was death, while going from the Yin Realm to the Yang Realm was life.

In other words, there was no need to commit suicide. As long as he crossed that mountain, Jiang Li would be considered a dead person who could move normally in the Netherworld.

"In fact, I already have some clues about the Back Yin Mountain. I just lack a long rope."

Seeing that Jiang Li was depressed, Daoist Zhai Xing no longer hid it and finally said a piece of good news.

"A rope long enough?"

Jiang Li was stunned and suddenly recalled Daoist Zhai Xing's actions.

He pointed at the bottom of the cliff. Could it be that the Back Yin Mountain was below?

"City Lord Jiang, the Netherworld is a very magical place. He can always let you go to the place you should go."

The existence of the Netherworld was the residence of billions of souls.

However, unlike living people with brains, most souls were without intelligence and rationality.

How could they find the place they should go?

The answer was to keep walking.

For example, the spider lily and carefree grass would actively guide ghosts to Fengdu City.

Tragic Death City would automatically attract the Tragic Death Soul that took away the death token.

The Yellow Springs Road and the Bridge of Helplessness would bring the dead through all the processes of the Netherworld.

In the Netherworld, the only place that living people could go was the Yang side of the Back Yin Mountain.

Therefore, Daoist Zhai Xing believed that as long as he sank with the "weight of life", he would be able to find the Back Yin Mountain.

Jiang Li thought to himself: It's reasonable and convincing, so I'll provide the rope. You'll go try it first.

He directly removed the Dragon Imprisoning Lock on his waist and wrapped one end around Daoist Zhai Xing.

In theory, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock could be extended indefinitely. Coupled with Jiang Li who theoretically had infinite spiritual qi, there was temporarily no rope that was longer and stronger than it.

The lifeless Dragon Imprisoning Lock was not affected by gravity in the Netherworld Void. Jiang Li did not need to worry that its weight would affect the correct direction.

This time, Daoist Zhai Xing did not choose to leave his Essence Soul. Instead, he jumped off the cliff.

A spiritual light appeared on the pitch-black chain. Amidst the sound of metal colliding, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock extended into the depths of the darkness under Daoist Zhai Xing's guidance.

Ten thousand feet, twenty thousand feet, thirty thousand feet… forty thousand feet, fifty thousand feet, sixty thousand feet…

After that, it was calculated in units of 50 kilometers.

Amidst the endless expenditure of spiritual qi, Jiang Li calmly planted a large tree behind him and tied the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to it.

He lay under the tree and reached out to put his hand on the chain, pouring a large amount of top-grade spiritual qi into it. He had never been stingy with spiritual qi.

However, although Jiang Li looked relaxed, this was definitely a rather time-consuming job.

In the cultivation world, distance had always been shocking.

A mere 50 kilometers was less than a thousandth of the distance between the two pieces of the Netherworld.

After some thought, Jiang Li released another group of ghosts with death tokens.

He threw them into the void ahead.

Sure enough, they were guided by some force and began to fly in a certain direction in the void.

According to Daoist Zhai Xing, there was a high chance that it was the location of the Netherworld fragment where Tragic Death City was located.

Jiang Li had left a spiritual root seed on the group of ghosts in advance.

If these ghosts were fortunate enough to reach the Netherworld fragment, the seed that went over together might be able to provide him with guidance.