A golden Nascent Soul muttered scriptures in front of Jiang Li.

In just eight hours, the spiritual qi that was originally entrenched in Qiu Shui's body turned into true cultivation.

It was not until he became a Golden Body Nascent Soul that this exaggerated speed barely slowed down.

However, what Jiang Li gave him was not a peerless secret manual, but only Benevolent Travel Temple's entry-level scripture, the Wisdom Scripture.

At this moment, he still had more than half of his spiritual qi left.

Sure enough, only two days later, Jiang Li helplessly looked at the golden light that shot into the sky in the Northern Profound Hall.

Little Brother Qiu Shui had already reached the Soul Formation realm.

Although this speed relied on the spiritual qi of heaven and earth entrenched in his body, it was still shocking.

After digesting ten years of spiritual qi, Qiu Shui left the Northern Profound Hall and plunged into the Fengdu Prison.

His cultivation would probably advance by leaps and bounds. Perhaps he would directly become an Earth Immortal at any time.

"If I don't go to hell, who will? Only that Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha can turn suffering into strength."

Jiang Li withdrew his gaze and sighed with emotion.

Although he had the first ten years as a foundation, in just two days, he had transformed from a sickly prisoner to a powerful Soul Formation cultivator.

If it was in the outside world, it would scare people to death.

As the Hall Master became stronger, the power provided to him by the Northern Profound Hall also rose.

The status of the [Immovable Earth Treasury] had been updated several times. Apart from the fact that his resistance to all attributes had already reached 500, there was also an additional line. When his status was less than 10%, the Five-Colored Buddha Light Protection would appear.

If Jiang Li faced the Poison Domain again, he would probably not die even if he stood there without moving.

"The power of the Northern Profound Hall Master is extremely compatible with the Palm Meditation Technique. If there's a chance, I can send him to the Benevolent Travel Temple and comprehend the Palm Meditation Technique."

Jiang Li turned around and looked at the Treasure Hunting Rat in front of him.

At this moment, the original rat had already transformed into a hunched old man who respectfully handed a box to Jiang Li.

The Treasure Hunting Rat that had once eaten a One-Patterned Nine Nether Fruit was even stronger than before. It could easily bite through most sect array formations and silently hide among the experts.

As long as there was no Earth Immortal, even Jiang Li's Bodhisattva Heart Sutra could not find any traces of it.

Previously, after Jiang Li discovered what the Eight Paths Temple had done in that country, he suspected that some key things had already been taken by those monks.

However, as a member of the Divine Judgment Hall, he could not directly snatch it.

He changed to a gentle method and released the Treasure Hunting Rat.

After spending a few days, it successfully brought back this box.

After removing the seal on the box, what was inside was a pair of white dog ears that had already been refined into artifacts.

Just by looking at them, Jiang Li understood that these were the ears cut off from the puppy, Shanting.

They emitted a dense ominous aura, but their grade had clearly reached the Earth-rank!

The ears of this puppy could refine artifacts that reached the Earth-rank.

If Qiu Shui was the reincarnation of Ksitigarbha, then could the white dog that reincarnated with him be his former pet, the legendary divine beast, Diting?

That was a terrifying existence that could hear the entire Three Realms and Six Paths.

If it was really the reincarnation of that divine beast, it was reasonable for its ears to reach the level of an Earth-rank artifact.

He just did not know how this pair of ears would benefit his Bodhisattva Heart Sutra's "Sound World" technique.

He placed a pair of dog ears on his ears. Immediately, thousands of noises sounded.