It was as if a thousand bells and drums were ringing in his ears at the same time.

Around him, the chaotic voices from an unknown distance overlapped, causing his eardrums to hurt and his head to hurt.

This was only in the relatively empty and lonely Netherworld Illusion.

If it was the continent of the Nine Provinces, the sound that was everywhere could really pierce through one's brain with just sound.

Even if Jiang Li used the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, the situation was only slightly better. He could barely recognize some of the thousands of voices, but he was still unable to eliminate the chaotic and terrible influence.

Jiang Li was not in a hurry to remove the dog ears. While enduring the noise that was enough to make people go crazy, he pondered why such a situation had happened.

This artifact was tainted with an ominous aura because of the material. If he forcefully used it, it would cause damage to his hearing and subtly affect his mind.

In the Eight Paths Temple, the original owner of this ear had been affected for a long time. When he did not use the dog ears, his own ears were almost useless. Moreover, his Essence Soul was injured and weak.

This was why he did not discover that the Treasure Hunting Rat had easily stolen the wooden box from his arms.

However, without considering the side effects, the effect of this pair of dog ears should not be much reduced.

If even his Bodhisattva Heart Sutra could not accept the voice coming from the ears, then it was even more impossible for others.

A useless item, even if it reached the Earth-rank, was useless. It would not be treasured by the Eight Paths Temple.

In that case, perhaps he had used it wrongly.

He touched the furry dog ears and pondered.

In the scientific explanation of his previous life, sound was a form of vibration.

The transmission of vibrations could roughly be divided into three methods: solid, liquid, and gas.

Although it could travel through the three mediums, the exact situation was completely different.

Jiang Li's Bodhisattva Heart Sutra was not afraid of this, but this pair of ears might not be so smart.

Perhaps this was the problem.

If it was not through gas transmission, then perhaps he could try another medium.

In his guess, Shanting was very likely the reincarnation of Diting.

The divine beast, Diting, could also be called "Earth Listener".

When it used its ability, it had to stick its ear to the ground and rely on the transmission of the ground to hear the Three Realms.

He raised his hand and formed two seals. Two rock pillars immediately surged out from the ground. They were large at the bottom and small at the top, and they stretched to the sides of Jiang Li's head and tightly fitted his ears.

Jiang Li did not have an earth attribute spiritual root or an earth attribute spell technique.

However, he possessed the power of the Earth Vein Spirit. With this high-level earth power, it was not a problem to purely activate the rock soil.

Sure enough, when the rock pillar touched his ear, the chaotic sound instantly disappeared.

Then, Jiang Li's eyes immediately became confused. As waves of sound waves were sent back along the rock pillar, clear images immediately appeared before his eyes.

Outside the hall, two teams of Chang Le Guards were doing their job. One of the guards scratched his butt in boredom.

In the dungeon, the warden was still drinking his Soul Dissolution Liquor. He looked helplessly at the youth meditating peacefully on the scorching blade.

In the main city of Fengdu City, a few vendors were fighting over the ownership of a beautiful pair of Yin-Yang eyes.

In the Drunken Dream Death Hall, Qin Shuman was acting as a chaste lady who had been tricked into a brothel. She was fighting with Tu Mountain's Wu Ya.

The scene expanded outside the city. The endless ground spread into the distance like undulating waves.

The information sent back was so huge that even with Jiang Li's current soul level, he was actually unable to endure it.

He hurriedly called his parallel minds to maintain the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra together before receiving this information.

This pair of Shanting's ears indeed greatly strengthened his hearing.

The range of coverage was expanded to ten times the original limit, and the hearing limit extended to a hundred times the original.

One had to know that with Jiang Li's original Bodhisattva Technique, it was enough to monitor a distance of 50 to 500 kilometers.

Now that he had obtained the enhancement of this Earth-rank artifact, he could even expand his hearing to 50,000 miles.

It was a distance that he would need a long time to reach even if he flew at his fastest speed.

Now, he could directly hear the movement of the grass and turn it into a three-dimensional scene.

Apart from that, with the help of this ear, he seemed to be able to vaguely sense the origins of certain special individuals.

It was just like how the Divine Beast Diting could use the listening technique to identify Sun Wukong and the Six-eared Macaque.

Although it was not as powerful as Diting, it was already a very magical and powerful ability.

Unfortunately, it needed to stick its ear to the ground to take effect, limiting its usual use.

Moreover, Shanting's ears could only detect things on the ground. If the target was not standing on the ground, these ears would lose their effect.

There were many restrictions, but no matter what, such a practical increase was enough for Jiang Li to happily take it.

"Try this."

Jiang Li separated the stone pillar, removed the dog ear on one ear, and then pulled the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to his ear.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock was also solid, so it should not be a problem.