"The spirit refinement cultivation method I cultivate is quite good, but there are no techniques to speak of. So this is what was taught in that academy."

"Let me see what else you know."

Jiang Li did not care what the other party said at all. He took a few steps closer and grabbed the other party's head.

The group of ghosts that had been captured by the Nine Nether Dao Scripture surged into the other party's consciousness through his palm. The attacker quickly bled from his seven orifices and trembled before losing his breath.

A moment later, the ghost sent the sorted memories to Jiang Li. He roughly understood why the Grace House was special as a royal farm.

That was to increase the quality of the food as much as possible to satisfy the requirements of the Armored Troll Royal Court and the other nobles.

The Grace House was not like an ordinary farm that raised food like livestock.

Not only would they teach words, knowledge, and etiquette, but they would also teach all children of suitable age precious spirit refinement cultivation methods.

After all, that was the best way to strengthen the brain.

However, without spiritual qi and without teaching any techniques to use mental strength, all the children could not fight.

Then, Jiang Li's expression became strange.

Earlier, he was still wondering why this attacker said that he had snatched his wife.

After probing his memories, he discovered that it seemed to be true.

This was because the outstanding aptitude of Jiang Li's clone was not limited to using him as material to create and nurture his body.

The farm also hoped that the clone would leave as many children as possible so that this high-quality bloodline could be passed down.

Therefore, the farm decided to assign 30 outstanding women of suitable age to him.

One of them was the wife of the attacker.

This was the main reason why he attacked Jiang Li.

From the looks of it, this was just anger caused by the hatred of snatching his wife.

However, Jiang Li was no longer a fledgling Qi Refinement disciple. This matter might not be so simple.

These few Fire Mushrooms were not something that ordinary people could obtain.

With this attacker's strength and identity, he should not be able to obtain such a dangerous weapon.

There were others who wanted to use this guy to kill the sword cultivator clone.

Their goal was naturally not to target a Nourishment.

It was more likely that someone was afraid that Gallonfran's farm modification plan would succeed, and that might affect the interests of some Armored Troll nobles.

Therefore, they could not wait to cause trouble.

"Interesting. Could it be the dean of the Grace House, Sheppard Bowlie?"

Jiang Li had long known that doing things on the enemy's home ground would not be smooth sailing. He did not expect that trouble would come looking for him so quickly.

The commotion of the explosion quickly attracted some attention. From the direction of the Grace House, several horses galloped over.

Those people were the human patrol team of the Grace House.

After all, this was a human gathering area with tens of thousands of people. It was impossible to not manage it.

Looking at the few people approaching from afar, Jiang Li's eyes narrowed slightly. These guys… actually cultivated spiritual qi!

If one was not completely at ease, the manager of the Grace House would definitely not let them master spiritual qi.

It seemed that the Armored Trolls would not personally come in because they were afraid of polluting the environment inside the farm.

However, this farm was still firmly controlled by them. These people who cultivated spiritual qi had already abandoned the human race and joined the Trolls!