Jiang Li looked at the group of guards from the Grace House that had rushed over and thought for a moment before not going up to them.

Instead, he released a ghost soldier from his hand and possessed the attacker on the ground.

The attacker immediately twisted a few times and stood up. He grabbed the fiery round mushroom arrow that Jiang Li had just put away and ran towards the group of cavalry while drawing his bow and shooting.

On the other hand, Jiang Li controlled his clone to slowly walk back to the pile of flames. He smeared some black ash on his body and pretended to be at a loss.

On the other side, the mushroom exploded in front of the Grace House's patrol team, but it only messed up a few warhorses and did not injure anyone.

Then, one of them abandoned his mount and rushed towards the attacker. His speed was even faster than his original mount.

Another series of arrows landed, but before they could land, they were blocked by the sword lights that the person brandished.

In the continent of the Nine Provinces, the power of the fiery round mushrooms that only low-level rogue cultivators used was indeed limited.

Soon, the patrolling guard arrived. He raised his sword high, and a layer of spiritual qi light attached to it directly cut the attacker into two from head to toe.

Jiang Li, who was hiding behind the flames, shook his head with a helpless expression. The situation of the humans on this continent was truly terrible.

The spiritual qi cultivation of the patrol team from the Grace House was probably only at the Foundation Establishment realm.

The mount they had just ridden was only a mortal animal, and the weapon in their hands was a mortal weapon. Even the sword technique that the patrolling guard had just used was only a mortal martial arts technique.

It seemed that even if he had already submitted to the Armored Troll and became a traitor, Nourishment would still be Nourishment and would not be able to truly master any strength.

These guards could rely on spiritual qi to maintain their combat strength at the ruling level in the Grace House, but in front of the Armored Trolls, they were still as powerless as infants.

From the looks of it, the humans on this continent did not have a reliable source of strength.

If he wanted to rely on the humans on this continent to awaken and save himself, there was no chance.

What made Jiang Li more concerned was that before the patrol team attacked, they said, "He's a useless fellow who can't do anything right."

It was as if he had long known what the attacker wanted to do.

At this moment, the other patrols had already arrived by Jiang Li's side.

"You must be the new teacher, Tang Yan. Please get on the horse. We'll bring you to a safe place."

Just as Jiang Li was prepared to fight them, the guard leading the group brought Jiang Li a horse. The performance was quite respectful.

It seemed that the other party was not bold enough to kill him.

Without saying anything, Jiang Li rode his horse and followed them towards the buildings at the end of their vision.

Grace House was a well-planned large farm community.

What he saw here were rows and rows of nurseries. The architectural style was identical, and it looked like a replica.

Even people who had lived here their entire lives could not find their way home without looking at the door.

The existence of a large number of children caused this community to be in a noisy environment all year round, causing the pressure on Jiang Li's Bodhisattva Heart Sutra to be slightly high.

Jiang Li narrowed his eyes and carefully sensed. The ratio of adults and children here was exaggerated to about 1:30.

Apart from a few special professions like the patrol guards, most of the adults here were engaged in educating and raising children.

Most of the adults were women. Almost all the women had just given birth or were pregnant.

Being pregnant and having to raise a large number of children was a heavy job.

Once the women here lost their ability to reproduce, they would immediately be chosen to be served at the dining table.

No matter how well they hid it, most of the humans inside did not even know the existence of the Armored Trolls. However, the farm was still a farm after all. Everything was prioritized for quality and production.

After passing through one courtyard after another, Jiang Li was finally sent to the newly opened academy.

Inside were female teachers and students, making him feel as if he had entered a strange film set.

All he had to do was play games with them.

After a day of boring teaching, Jiang Li also obtained a spirit refinement cultivation method that everyone in this farm knew.

Jiang Li casually threw the castrated cultivation method to the side and looked out the window in deep thought.

In this farm community, there were all kinds of facilities, except for the graveyard.

After all, no farm would raise livestock until they died of old age. There was naturally no reason for the graveyard to exist.

However, this made the situation slightly awkward for Jiang Li.

One had to know that before the sword cultivator clone left the Azure Cloud Continent for the expedition, Jiang Li had yet to break through Fengdu City and control the Gate of Hell.

Therefore, he did not have the token to summon the Gate of Hell.

Regarding the experiments in the Asura World, they had always been communicating remotely through two parallel minds.

It was a little troublesome to directly connect to Fengdu City's headquarters.

Without a dense Yin qi environment, it was impossible to even open the Netherworld Illusion.

Could it be that he had to build a graveyard himself?

Half a month later, Jiang Li's main body opened his eyes.

His will had already retreated from the clone.

In the past half a month, his life in the farm in Prosperous Ox Continent could be said to be carefree. As long as he was willing, different women would take the initiative to come to his bed every day.