If it was anyone else, they would easily sink into that environment and live a drunken life.

However, Jiang Li, who understood the truth, only felt sad and tormented.

On the one hand, it was the humiliation of being reared.

Even if it was a delicacy, when you knew that it was food, it would become tasteless in your mouth.

On the other hand, there was responsibility.

The more Human Emperor's inheritance he obtained, the heavier his sense of responsibility towards the human race slowly became.

They watched as their fellow humans were raised and treated like this in the last seclusion place of the Human Emperor's ancestors.

As a descendant, he was furious.

There had never been any lack of tribulations for humans since ancient times, but this was not a reason for them to swallow their anger.

Before long, he, Jiang Li, would definitely overturn that damned continent.

"I won't wait long!"

Jiang Li exhaled and temporarily suppressed some of his thoughts before turning to look down.

He had already sensed that the spirit stones in his Qi Sea were churning endlessly, as if they were excited.

After a long fall, he finally saw another Netherworld fragment.

He slid down the chain and gently stepped on the rock that secured the cage.

First, he grabbed the Soul Capturing Bell. Spiritual qi surged in Jiang Li's hand, and the strange energy that corroded bit by bit was eliminated.

Then, he rang the bell twice, and the Essence Soul hiding in the spring finally woke up.

After half a month, Daoist Zhai Xing's Essence Soul was much weaker than before. It was as if something was constantly consuming his strength.

Daoist Zhai Xing did not even know what he had encountered.

After thanking Jiang Li with lingering fear, he returned along the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, leaving Jiang Li alone.

The first test he had to face was a strange mental corrosion.

With just a few actions, he felt exhausted and slow-witted like Daoist Zhai Xing. His mind and will were drowsy.

He acutely sensed that the boundary of his mental world suddenly fluctuated slightly.

It was as if something had run through the boundary. However, no matter how he checked, he could not see any abnormalities.

It was clearly in a person's core mental sea, but there were no traces of other forces invading. This situation was very abnormal.


However, before Jiang Li could do anything else, another sharp cry sounded.

The black charcoal ghost hiding under the rock still did not leave after half a month. It suddenly spat out a dense black fog at Jiang Li.

Jiang Li could have easily dodged this black fog with such speed, but at this moment, he seemed to be stunned as he stood on the spot without moving at all.

A strange black fog approached him. The dignified successor of the Great Mountain Alliance's master, the Human Emperor, was spat out by the black fog and fell from the rock. His head landed on the ground and he did not move at all.

Only then did the coal-like ghost slowly crawl out from under the rock.

Apart from the large charcoal ghost, there were also dozens of small charcoal ghosts behind him.

There were so many things hidden under a rock. They were so close just now, but Jiang Li actually did not notice them at all.

They crawled to Jiang Li's side, and their completely empty eyes captured the dense vitality in Jiang Li's body.

The smell of vitality made the ghost tremble in excitement. Black powder and ink fell from its body.

The large ghost crawled onto Jiang Li's body and used its charcoal-like hands to open his eyelids, wanting to lock his eyes and place them in his own hole.

This was the unique hollow ghost of the Back Yin Mountain. It was silent and invisible. Apart from looking straight at it, it was almost impossible to detect any other probing methods.

They were greedy, sinister, and vicious. They often snatched the organs of travelers when they slept and stuffed them into their bodies.

It was said that Marshal Tianpeng, who had been banished to the mortal world, had his nose and pig ears stolen. It took a lot of effort to find him again.

However, under the opened eyelids, the eyes were not dim. Instead, they were filled with excitement.

"What a terrifying ghost."

A ball of spiritual qi in Jiang Li's palm transformed into the roots of the Nine Nether, and it instantly coiled around the huge charcoal ghost.

Then, it enveloped the other small black charcoal ghosts like a tide.

However, even with his casting speed, he only captured a few of them. The other small charcoal ghosts immediately turned into black fog and dissipated, fusing into the surrounding environment and could no longer be found.

Jiang Li looked at the ones who fled regretfully.

Then, he held the few ghosts in his hand and placed them in front of his eyes. It was as if he had seen a peerless delicacy. He could not help but swallow twice.

Jiang Li licked his lips, and then he grabbed a ghost and stuffed it into his mouth before swallowing it.

"Oh, what an exciting smell!"

Jiang Li's entire body shook. Immediately, the Nine Nether spiritual qi surged in his entire body, and his cultivation immediately rose explosively.

In the inherited memories of the Nine Nether Wood, the characteristics of this kind of hollow ghost were that it was very delicious, but it was very difficult to capture.

The best way to capture them was to use bait.

The effect of living bait was the best. If he did not have that condition, he could barely use corpses and other ordinary ghosts.

Jiang Li did not expect to see such a good thing as soon as he arrived at this Netherworld fragment.

This was the reason why he was knocked down just now.

He smacked his lips. As expected, to someone who cultivated the Nine Nether Dao Scripture, this kind of hollow ghost tasted very good.

Jiang Li had originally guessed this, and now that he was here, he was even more certain.

In ancient times, even in the so-called forbidden area of living beings, the Nine Nether Wood was an overlord-level existence.

There were many evil demons on the mountain. They were basically all on the recipe of the Nine Nether Wood and had their own uses.

To him, who cultivated the Nine Nether Dao Scripture, although this Back Yin Mountain was dangerous, there were clearly more benefits.

For example, hollow ghosts, which were terrifying ghosts that could kill ordinary people if they were not careful, were rare delicacies to him.

Moreover, the benefits were not as simple as increasing his cultivation and strengthening his spiritual qi. Jiang Li sensed for a moment before opening his palm and releasing a ball of Nine Nether spiritual qi.

At this moment, the color of the Nine Nether spiritual qi became even deeper and more condensed. With a thought, the Nine Nether spiritual qi immediately transformed into a small ball of black fog that spun in his palm.

This fog was called the Mourning Nether Fog, and it was identical to the black fog that enveloped the Back Yin Mountain.

It could corrode a person's heart, destroy their will, and make the most determined person fall.

It was one of the derivative abilities of the Nine Nether spiritual qi in the Nine Nether Dao Scripture.

However, because they lacked the necessary cultivation conditions, neither he nor the two Nine Nether clones had the chance to master it.

Now, by chance, he finally succeeded in cultivating it.

However, now, only a small portion of the spiritual qi could be transformed into the Mourning Nether Fog. Compared to the huge amount of spiritual qi in his body, it was really insignificant.

After stuffing the remaining hollow ghosts into his mouth, Jiang Li was still not satisfied.

If he could capture a few hundred and eat them, he could stir up a terrifying Mourning Nether Fog by himself.

However, this kind of ghost was just as he remembered. Due to the fact that it was empty and silent, it was too difficult to find and capture. Whether he could encounter it depended on luck.

After dealing with these hollow ghosts, Jiang Li looked at the stone pillar bound by chains. A smile appeared on his face again.

This place that had never been explored was great.

With just two steps, there were treasures everywhere.

In Jiang Li's consciousness, the statue clone that had been temporarily pulled over was sleeping soundly.

In the parallel mind, countless dreams appeared and disappeared. The images were filled with sorrow, pain, and fear. Life was filled with suffering, and one could not extricate themselves.

Under the influence of a special force, he was having all kinds of nightmares. Previously, Daoist Zhai Xing had been affected by this and had almost fallen forever.

With the Divine Statue clone blocking the calamity, Jiang Li's main body's consciousness was awakened. At this moment, he was carefully stuffing seeds into the ground.

As if discovering that his actions were a little strange, the tied stone inexplicably trembled slightly.

Jiang Li chuckled and executed a spell technique. Eighteen wooden dragons immediately crawled out from the ground and surrounded the stone in the middle.

"It's too late to run now!"