It was not until the plot was exposed that the stone finally understood that this strange human had long discovered it.

Cracks appeared on the rock. The long irregular rock cracked open and stretched out into eight thick limbs.

A huge rock turned into an ugly and sinister spider on the spot.

This stone was alive and was disguised by a dangerous biological mimicry.

It was a demon that had disappeared from the continent of the Nine Provinces for an unknown period of time, a nightmare demon!

This was a special spider-type demon. However, they were not weaving a spider web, but a dream!

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock's chains that had long wrapped around the stone emitted a light and began to suppress this monster that wanted to escape.

However, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock was too long at this moment. It was more than 44,000 kilometers long. The small chain binding the nightmare demon was insignificant compared to the overall situation.

As a result, the suppression effect of this small section of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock was better than nothing. It could only use pure physical methods to tie up a few of the other party's limbs.

Then, the wooden dragons that had already formed swarmed forward and bound the nightmare demon.


A fluctuation that ordinary people's ears could not capture came from the nightmare demon's mouth, sweeping through everything from the mental level.

All the creatures within the range of the fluctuation immediately heard an incomprehensible murmur in their minds, as if a strange children's song was coaxing them to sleep.

Innate ability, Nightmare Whisper!

The fluctuation was invisible and intangible. Even a piece of paper could not be destroyed.

However, under such methods, even someone with strong resistance like Jiang Li was forced to take three steps back.

He was in a daze. He gritted his teeth and punched himself a few times before barely managing to not fall asleep.

At this moment, hundreds of illusory bubbles appeared in his mental world and floated wantonly.

Every bubble here was a nightmare. Every additional one would add pressure to the mind.

Once the minds relaxed, he would be pulled into a deep sleep.

However, these nightmares were formed from the memories of the victim. Unless one wanted to lose these memories, it was best not to forcefully destroy them.

If he wanted to break through them one by one, he had to enter them and experience these dreams that were formed from his experiences and the hardships of the world.

However, the most terrifying thing was that in a dream, humans were often unable to distinguish between dream and reality. They would also lose their usual rationality and decisiveness.

It was extremely easy to sink into it. Their minds would be repeatedly tortured, and their condition would worsen.

In this world, who could have a flawless mind?

Even a person with great determination and wisdom would be easily confused by the heart-wrenching pain as long as they did not achieve great enlightenment.

Jiang Li seriously suspected that there were definitely various dreams about his previous life in these bubbles.

Once he fell into it, he would probably die.

However, Jiang Li still did not seem to panic when faced with such a situation.

This was because there were shortcuts to dealing with such torturous monsters.

The ground in his mental world split open. Countless human-shaped tumors hung on the Nine Nether roots that were buried deep underground.

With a thought from Jiang Li, a large number of ghosts crawled out and took the initiative to enter those illusions.

The Nine Nether Dao Scripture had the ability to capture ghosts to increase the strength and total amount of spiritual qi in his body. The effect was far greater than the Ghost Wood Art he had once cultivated.

From the beginning of his cultivation until now, Jiang Li had never lacked all kinds of ghosts.

When he was cultivating, he had naturally refined countless ghost soldiers and ghost generals.

Those ghosts crawled into the nightmare bubble and fell asleep. Without intelligence, they would only watch the dream from the perspective of a bystander and would not know what it meant to sink.

Jiang Li only needed to curl the tree roots and refine them again.

The illusions floating in his mental world were easily resolved by him.

The Nine Nether Wood was the overlord of this Back Yin Mountain. Most of these strange demons and ghosts were countered by the methods of the Nine Nether Dao Scripture.

The Nine Nether Wood, which had once been countered by the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame Heaven, had the advantage of having everything under control here.

It was the same for the 18 Demon Wood Dragons that were entangled with the nightmare demons. A large number of ghost soldiers were stuffed into them by Jiang Li.

At this moment, the unconscious ghost soldiers fell from the wooden dragon and piled up on the ground.

However, soon, as if it had used up all its strength, the strange muttering disappeared. The nightmare demon directly weakened and no longer had the strength to struggle.

Jiang Li had placed a total of 18,000 ghost soldiers in the 18 wooden dragons. He still had the Yin Burial Coffin in his hand, and he was prepared to send out a large number of ghost soldiers to consume the nightmare bubbles at any time.

However, this nightmare demon had only killed more than 2,000 of them before it no longer had the strength to weave more dreams.

Nightmare demons created nightmares and devoured nightmares. If they were placed in the outside world, they could easily toy with a city or even a country.

Even an Earth Immortal expert would fall for this monster if they were not careful.

However, in the current isolated Back Yin Mountain, it was rare for nightmare demons to encounter one or two wandering souls. They were not as carefree as in ancient times.

There was not much stock in its stomach.