Jiang Li approached the huge rock spider and looked at its ugly appearance with a very satisfied expression.

With a flip of his hand, a hollow and sharp mouthpiece spear appeared.

"There should be some blood in such a huge spider's body."

He stabbed the spear into the body of the nightmare demon.

Black blood was forcefully extracted from it.

It was refined and purified along the thin hole in the spear. When it dripped out of the small hole at the end of the spear, it had already turned an acceptable dark red.

The Broken-Wing Black Mosquito's mouth spear innately had the ability to refine blood. After all, it was a professional Earth-rank artifact, and the effect was much better than Jiang Li's complicated actions back then.

This blood was gathered into a cold jade gourd.

It was not until the Cold Jade Gourd was completely filled that he pulled out his spear and stopped.

At this moment, the nightmare demon had already lost its breath. Its soul had been crushed into pieces and fused into the blood essence, dying beyond death.

However, this corpse was also an excellent refinement material.

Compared to subduing such an ugly spider as a beast pet, Jiang Li felt that the talent of the nightmare demon was more compatible with him.

Since Jiang Li could master the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame of the Ghost Lantern Fish, why not the nightmare talent of the nightmare demon?

Previously, in order to prepare a certain plan, Jiang Li had been using the blood of madness of the Asura World creatures for a long time.

Relying on the blood tattoo status one after another, Jiang Li forcefully allowed himself to possess the Asura bloodline that was close to the Lord-level without changing the essence of his human race, and his affinity with the power of chaos was extremely high.

It was not until now that he suddenly saw such a terrifying demon with the ability to control nightmares.

Jiang Li had a feeling that the power of the nightmare demon was very useful to him. He could make an exception and cut the queue for this blood essence.

After enlarging the coffin, two masked Hidden Rock cultivators walked out carrying a huge cauldron.

This was the Earth Fire Cauldron left behind by the previous Sect Master of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, Situ Wuchang, on the night of the Tragic Death City's attack.

At that time, Situ Wuchang had left it to an alchemy elder of the Situ family.

Later on, it naturally ended up in Jiang Li's hands. It had always been placed in the coffin and used by two of the best alchemists in the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

It was just right to use it now.

Jiang Li raised his hand and beckoned, activating his Dragon Race talent. He condensed fog into water and filled the cauldron with black water.

There was no clean water source in this Back Yin Mountain, but he could purify it again in the future.

Jiang Li's palm turned into a tree root and stabbed into the black water. Soon, the black color in the water slowly faded and returned to being clear and translucent.

He dipped it into his mouth and tasted it. Yes, this water was very pure.

The two Hidden Rock cultivators immediately urged the Earth Fire to open the furnace, quickly boiling the water in the cauldron.

Then, he threw the medicinal herbs he had been carrying into it in order. Under the operation of the two alchemy masters, it was impossible for any accidents to happen when brewing a cauldron of medicinal soup.

Jiang Li took out the gourd of blood essence and threw it all into the cauldron.

The cauldron of medicinal liquid turned red as it boiled. In it, an ugly nightmare spider phantom could be vaguely seen.

Jiang Li was not afraid of it. He took off his clothes and pressed on the edge of the cauldron before flipping in.

It was like the revenge of the dead soul. A vat of beast blood surged crazily towards Jiang Li and entered his body from his limbs and bones.

Then, the ferocious qi in the beast blood carried the soul fragments of the nightmare demon and surged towards Jiang Li's consciousness with a ferocious aura.

Nightmare demons were mental monsters to begin with. In order to obtain as much power as possible, Jiang Li had specially extracted its soul and rubbed it into his blood.

This made its blood fiend abnormally powerful.

A dense blood color rushed into the mental world, carrying the nightmare soul and turning into a huge spider.

Logically speaking, Jiang Li's actions were extremely dangerous.

When his fellow disciples condensed the blood tattoo, they were always careful and cautious.

If there was a Ghost Lantern Cold Flame, they would want to use it to burn away all the mental will in their blood.

How could he take the initiative to increase the difficulty?

However, the taboo principles regarding cultivating the Beast Blood Diagram might not be applicable to Jiang Li.

As soon as the blood-colored spider formed, before it could bare its fangs and roar twice, it suddenly stood on the spot in a daze.

At this moment, there was a large group of monsters formed from blood qi surrounding it.

In front of it, the first to bear the brunt was a terrifying Demon God more than a thousand feet tall, with eight hundred left hands and eight hundred right hands.

Behind the Demon God were the Evil Eye Priest, the Crimson Blood Flood Dragon, the Fallen Blood Yaksha, the Flying Head Blood Barbarian, and more than ten top-notch demons of the Asura World.

On both sides of it were the Demon Ape, Dragon Tortoise, Vine Leopard, and hundreds of other powerful demon beasts. They bared their teeth and revealed ferocious gazes, ready to devour at any time.

Behind the nightmare demon, nine ugly blood-colored Ghost Lantern Fish swam freely. These nine ugly fish looked the weakest, but they were the existences that could not be provoked among all the blood fiend shadows.

The ghost lamp hanging on their heads was enough to let them run amok in the mental world.

Unlike before, there was a strange blood-colored talisman hanging on the heads of these blood specter shadows, completely covering their faces.

It was precisely because of these talismans that the blood specter shadows that were originally wandering around Jiang Li's mental world became useful to him.

This was the power of the complementary body cultivation method, Blood Fiend Divine Art.

After using the Blood Fiend Divine Art to control these blood fiends, Jiang Li could still temporarily fuse them into his body and switch them at any time.

In this way, he could perfectly replicate the combat instincts of the blood fiend phantom, allowing him to unleash the combat ability of various demon beasts and demons.

It was a powerful cultivation method that was not limited to moves.

Jiang Li was used to suppressing others and did not use this technique much.

However, after accumulating a large number of blood fiend shadows, every time Jiang Li condensed new blood tattoos, he practically did not need to do it himself.

He would let these seniors teach the junior how to be a proper beast.

The Asura Lord Demon Statue was the first to attack. A slap descended from the sky and turned the nightmare demon into a bloody mist on the spot.

When the blood fog condensed again, it was suppressed and beaten up by the surrounding blood fiends.

After being scattered countless times, it was finally completely absorbed by the mental world and turned into an obedient spider with a talisman on its head.

On Jiang Li's chest, a blood-colored nightmare demon gradually formed.

The eight compound eyes on it occasionally emitted a soul-stirring dream-like light, as if as long as one looked into those eyes, they would be entangled by nightmares for the rest of their lives.

[Beast Blood Diagram has successfully absorbed beast blood. Added Status: Nightmare Blood Tattoo.]

[Nightmare Blood Tattoo: Mind attribute+920, Dream Affinity+300, Temporary Skill "Dream Weaving", Temporary Skill "Dream Absorption", Cultivated Innate Physique "Dream Child", Duration: 30 days] (− +)

Because Jiang Li had specially fused his complete soul into the blood essence, he had inherited the talent and ability of the nightmare demon to a large extent.

The power to control dreams was hidden and powerful. It was very practical. With his mental attribute and soul strength, he could display extraordinary strength with a little familiarity. Even when facing an Earth Immortal expert, he could play a considerable role.

However, this was not what Jiang Li cared about the most.

After condensing the blood tattoo, he did not immediately get up. Instead, he focused on circulating the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra.

The Great Carefree Bodhisattva Heart Sutra was Jiang Li's core spirit refinement cultivation method.

At that time, the Scripture Imparting Hall had passed this cultivation method to him, which probably meant that he was quite compatible with this cultivation method.

However, they were only compatible.

Cultivating such an ancient cultivation method needed much more than just suitability.

If one was not a genius, they could forget about achieving anything.

For example, when Jiang Li first cultivated it, his advancement was very fast. Although he relied on cheating, it did not take long for him to have two parallel minds.

However, now, his strength was getting stronger and stronger, and his soul was becoming stronger. It was becoming harder and harder for a new parallel mind to appear.

That was because he was missing a talent in his mind and soul.

After obtaining the talent called "Dream Child", his Bodhisattva Heart Sutra finally changed.