Jiang Li had tried to use his good hearing to investigate, but he was unable to find the edge of this Netherworld fragment. Its size was at least not smaller than the Netherworld fragment where Fengdu City was located.

Under such a large area, if he ran around like a headless fly, it would not be easy to find the mountain that separated Yin and Yang.

However, according to the characteristics of the Netherworld, the world would guide you to where you should go. As long as he walked around casually, he would be able to find it sooner or later.

Following his faint senses, the unique Nine Nether Dao cultivator walked forward.

For three consecutive days, Jiang Li crawled in the pitch-black fog.

He was not in a hurry to use the flying sword to travel. Instead, he walked step by step.

This was because this Netherworld fragment had never been developed by anyone before. It could be said to be a treasure land everywhere.

Jiang Li was only walking around casually. In a moment, he could kick a few pieces of Yin Stone Nether Ore, and in a moment, he could touch a few bones.

There was also the Netherworld Spirit Grass in the cracks of the rocks and the Ghost-Faced Corpse Leeches hiding in the cave. They were all precious materials of excellent quality.

How could Jiang Li bear to fly over on his sword in such a place? It was already a sign of his determination that he did not build a house here.

Three days later, Jiang Li gradually noticed that the black fog around his body began to rise.

After walking for more than a hundred miles, the Mourning Nether Fog was already more than twenty feet above his head, revealing the rocky ground below.

It turned out that this black fog did not completely cover the entire piece of the Netherworld fragment, but hung on it like a bowl.

Although the black fog covered the moonlight, there were still many plants in the Netherworld that did not live by light.

Not far away, Jiang Li saw a cluster of mushrooms that emitted a dim light. Although the light they emitted was weak, it was enough for Jiang Li to see.

In the black fog, only ghosts and demons could survive, but in the range below the black fog, there seemed to be basic conditions that could satisfy ordinary creatures.

He did not know what he could see on this land.

Die~ die~ die~

At this moment, Jiang Li suddenly heard a few unpleasant bird cries above him.

In the black fog above, two crows flew out. After calling a few times, they turned around and darted into the black fog.

"The Death Crow that can lead the dead souls!"

Jiang Li's eyes lit up as he saw another precious Netherworld spiritual beast.

As long as he raised such a nest in Fengdu City, the range of the Gate of Hell would greatly increase.

Without any hesitation, he stepped on the flying sword and chased after the Death Crow.

No matter how fast the Death Crow was, it could not be faster than the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword.

However, just as he grabbed one of the crows, the other crow collided with a huge net in the air.

Once it crashed into the net, it was bound by fine net threads. The more it struggled, the tighter it became. Soon, it could not move at all.

Jiang Li waved his hand and made the flying sword stop before the huge net. He snapped his fingers and relied on the echo and the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra to discover that there were actually two kites floating not far above the black fog.

This huge net relied on the power of the two kites to float in the air.

It was similar to fishing nets, but the fishing net was used to catch fish, while this net was used to catch birds.

"Haha, it's the Death Crow. A single Death Crow can feed us for three months!"

The Death Crow's struggle tugged at the bell hanging below the fishing net.

Below the fog, excited voices immediately sounded.

"Idiot, crows appear in pairs. The bell only rang once. You called so loudly that the other crow was frightened away!"

"Hurry up and pull down the net! Idiot!"

Another voice reprimanded.

It could be heard that it was not the first time the owners of the two voices had caught birds here. They seemed to be very familiar with the place.

Moreover, although the voice was very powerful, it was clearly in the human language.

This surprised Jiang Li greatly.

There were actually humans living in the Netherworld Illusion?

It was said that the tenacity of the human race was the best among the hundred races. No matter what environment it was, as long as there was a trace of possibility, someone would stubbornly survive.

However… they even ate the crow. Which branch of the human race could be so powerful?

The net at the side was pulled down. Jiang Li thought for a moment and did not hide. He stepped on the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword and slowly descended.

The two voices below were blaming each other for the death crow.

At this moment, when they saw Jiang Li's figure descend, the voice paused.

"Brother, two people are coming down from the sky. He's actually not afraid of the black fog."

As the successor of the Human Emperor, Jiang Li understood the other party's dialect.

However, he looked around in confusion and clearly did not see a second person.

Was that guy talking about him?

Moreover, when he was in the black fog, he clearly heard two people's voices, but there was clearly only one person pulling the fishing net below.

Things were a little strange.

"Be careful. He might be here to snatch our bird."

A second voice sounded again. The location of the voice was the same as the person pulling the net.

However, Jiang Li still did not see a second person.

He could only land on the ground with a little vigilance.

"Hello, brother. I'm a traveler passing by. That Death Crow is fated to be with me. Can you let it go?"