"Eh, the two hands below that gentleman are strange. They're even wearing strange things. Can such hands really grab the stalagmites?"

"Sir, be careful. You'll fall!"

The Four Hands did not know what shoes were, nor had they seen feet. These two words were not in their dictionary at all.

They were extremely curious when they saw Jiang Li's feet under his robe.

However, at the same time, they were worried that he would fall and die.

After all, Jiang Li's endless supply of sea beast meat had given them a huge advantage. It would be a pity if he died just like that.

Jiang Li naturally did not listen to their dissuasion. After he stepped into the stalagmite area ahead, the world in his vision suddenly reversed.

It was as if the entire Netherworld fragment had been flipped over.

It was not that he was stepping on the ground, but the entire ground was pressing down on his head. Below him was the churning black clouds and the endless Netherworld Void.

Jiang Li's foot only lightly tapped on the stalagmite, and he was quickly captured by the inverted gravity. His figure floated in the air and was about to ‘fall'.


At this moment, a vine grew out from beneath Jiang Li's feet. It coiled around the stalagmite and hung him in midair.

The four-handed young men in front of him had already crawled further and further away, but Jiang Li still remained on the spot, hanging there. He looked rather sorry and overestimated himself.

However, Jiang Li was still calm and unhurried. His body began to emit a strange fluctuation that outsiders could not see.

It was the Inverted Domain that came from the same source as this place.

This power that could overturn heaven and earth was the natural reversal domain of this place.

This was only the outer area of the Back Yin Mountain and had not really entered the mountain area.

What he came into contact with was only the Inverted Domain. A little bit of the power was reflected, but it still shocked Jiang Li greatly.

Previously, his Inverted Domain had all come from the cultivation of the Nine Nether Dao Scripture in the underwater graveyard.

What he comprehended were only some of the memories of the Nine Nether Main Branch when it lived in the Back Yin Mountain.

It was already extremely lucky that he could barely cultivate the Inverted Domain. How could the memories of the ancient times that had been passed down until now be so clear?

The Inverted Domain fluctuation on Jiang Li's body began to change continuously.

The vine that connected his ankle to the stalagmite slowly relaxed.

In Jiang Li's eyes, the world began to return to normal bit by bit.

He used his Inverted Domain to simulate and counteract the effect of the environment reversal. His figure slowly descended from the sky, and his toes tapped the stalagmite again.

This time, he could already feel his weight on the tip of the stalagmite.

Then, he stepped on the stalagmite and walked forward. As he approached the mountain, the effect of the natural domain continued to increase.

However, Jiang Li, who had already found the trick, only needed to adjust the fluctuations on his body every time his body was thrown up before falling back down.


On his body, there were two thin layers of wooden skin.

The two Nine Nether clones separated a tree heart and attached it to him.

On the one hand, the environment here might be more helpful to the two Nine Nether Wood than Jiang Li. On the other hand, they were also a layer of insurance for Jiang Li.

For example, such a natural Inverted Domain would not be effective on the Nine Nether Wood.

This was true even if they did not master the Inverted Domain.

There were also some sinister demons and ghosts. Even if Jiang Li made a mistake and failed, the two Nine Nether Wood could still save the situation in time.

As a branch of the Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth here, they were more suitable to deal with the danger here than Jiang Li.

Unlike the Four Hands who had to use all their strength to grab the stalagmite to prevent themselves from falling, Jiang Li's movements were simply walking normally and were even more relaxed.

Soon, he caught up to the people in front.

At this moment, a four-handed person suddenly shattered the stalagmite in his hand and fell into the void with a scream.

His mistake seemed to have triggered a chain reaction as several people fell together.

Halfway through the journey, many people had already exhausted their strength. The number of deaths would gradually rise from here.

Every time such a ceremony happened, there would be a large number of casualties.

However, just as they were about to fall into the Mourning Fog Sea, vines quickly darted out and hung them in midair.

It was Jiang Li who had already walked nearby and saved them.

With these vines, as long as they did not fall into the fog, they could climb back along the vines after resting for a moment.

The human race was not prosperous to begin with.

As the successor of the Human Emperor, Jiang Li still wanted to try his best to reproduce the former glory of this Laborer Clan. After all, such hard-working laborers would not be useless no matter where they were.

How could he bear to let these young people die in vain because of such meaningless actions?

It was unknown who that Granny Nether Mountain was and what method she used to bewitch them.

The Four Hands clearly had few people, but they still had to hold a ceremony and use their lives to please her.

They even used such a dangerous event as the symbol of heroes. Every four-handed person who participated or had participated would have a higher status in the village.

No matter what, this place was the Back Yin Mountain. Even the Four Hands who looked to be above and below could only move around the periphery of the mountain.