As long as they crossed the boundary, they would still be in danger if they approached. Moreover, the mortality rate was quite high.

Jiang Li felt that they were extremely stupid. How could their population grow after holding such dangerous sacrifices all year round?

Fortunately, they met him today.

Previously, many of the Four Hands had stopped because of fear and the loss of their strength. Some of them had even begun to prepare to return the way they came.

However, they were already halfway through their journey, so it was not easy to return. Most of the young people were already in a dilemma.

At this moment, Jiang Li took action and saved more than ten people who should have died.

That magical method immediately reduced the sense of danger in their hearts greatly. Their originally sore arms seemed to have recovered their strength.

Many people mustered their courage and moved forward again.

After resting, the ones who had already fallen pulled the vines back to the hanging stalagmites and continued to climb forward.

It was the same for the remaining half of the journey. As long as one of them lost strength and fell, Jiang Li would use the vines to grab them. There was no exception.

The continuous successful rescues gave them greater confidence.

Without the pressure of death, the four-handed young people better displayed the strength they had trained all year round. In the last section, the number of people who fell decreased.

As a result, their results in this ceremony were far better than usual. There was not a single death.

The strong Four Hands quickly threw the oil cloth wrapped around their waists into a copper basin hanging at the foot of the mountain.

In the copper basin, there was originally still a faint flame. After obtaining new fuel, a raging fire immediately burned. This oil had been specially processed and could burn for a long time.

All the young Four Hands grabbed the stalagmites and cheered in front of the flames.

As for the champion, it was not a man, but a pair of slender four-armed sisters.

In this kind of competition that tested stamina even more, nimble bodies often had the advantage.

This time, they invested far more fuel than before.

The tribe that these sisters belonged to could probably live a long life.

However, when they looked back at the elders of their tribe, they discovered that there was no smile on their faces. Instead, their faces were filled with worry and anxiety.

"We can't do this! Doing this is fooling Granny Nether Mountain! Something bad will happen!"

Jiang Li heard their voices from afar.

Clearly, there were some things about that Granny Nether Mountain that these young people did not know.

At this moment, a cold wind swept over, causing the flames on the copper basin to shake violently.

"Four Hands, you've broken the rules!"

A ghost face formed by countless skeletons appeared in the black clouds above and looked cruelly at the Four Hands below.

"Granny, spare us! Granny, please spare our life!"

"If necessary, we old folks offer ourselves, take our lives instead!"

The originally decorated ceremony venue was filled with cries.

The young people at the end of the mountain were still confused.

A large number of demons and ghosts had already flown out of the sky towards the Four Hands Village.

A moment later, the cold wind and black fog carried the wailing children back.

"What kind of demon dares to leave the mountain to snatch people?"

Jiang Li had always hated those human-eating demons, especially those that ate children.

He stepped on the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword and was about to stop them.

However, another gust of cold wind swept past from below, causing the four-handed youths to immediately faint.

The Four Hands who were not tied to vines loosened their grip and fell. Jiang Li could only turn around and weave a vine net to catch them first.

However, with this delay, he could only watch as the group of black fog ghosts flew away with hundreds of children.

He could use powerful spell techniques to intercept them from afar, but that would definitely injure the fragile four-handed children.

"It's all because of us that our children were harmed! I want to see the Empress Nether Mountain! I want the children back!"

At this moment, Jiang Li noticed that there was actually one person among this group of young men who had not fainted, and he held the stalagmite tightly.

It was the conjoined sisters who had won the championship.

The younger sister was already unconscious, but the elder sister was still holding on.

This was because two of the children who had been snatched away were their children.

Not only that, but she also wanted to cross the line and truly enter the mountainous area of the Back Yin Mountain. She wanted to climb all the way up the mountain to meet the Empress Nether Mountain that they had worshiped for many years.

She wanted to find her child.

However, how could the true Back Yin Mountain be as simple as before?

As soon as she crossed the boundary at the foot of the mountain, she sensed that something was wrong.

The Inverted Domain here was no longer just as simple as swapping up and down.

She wanted to squeeze the stalagmite tightly, but her palm opened wider and wider, as if she wanted to break her fingers.

The actions of her body were completely opposite to what she wanted to do.

Under such circumstances, she naturally could not persist any longer and directly fell down. She was grabbed by Jiang Li with the vine net and dragged back together.

Outside the safe area of the stalagmite, all the Four Hands were already crying.

"It's all your fault. Why did you save them?!"