"In that case, this matter really has something to do with me." Jiang Li sneered.

Although he said that, he would not really take the responsibility like a fool.

Why would he take on the blame of harming those children?

These villagers wanted to blame him previously because they were afraid of the strong and wanted to bully the "weak".

The Four Hands were also humans. Humans always had the instinct to seek benefits and avoid harm. They could not deal with the strong, and they did not even have the courage to blame that Granny Nether Mountain.

As for blaming an outsider who looked easy to deal with, they would not lose anything. They could even vent the hatred in their hearts, so why not?

Unfortunately, the weakling they targeted this time was tougher than they had imagined.

After their actions earlier, with Jiang Li's temper, if not for the fact that they were still useful and were rare ancient remnant people, he would have slapped them to death long ago.

However, that Granny Nether Mountain kidnapping children in front of the Human Emperor's successor was really detestable.

In this short moment, it made Jiang Li abnormally vexed, and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became.


Fortunately, he stopped the four-handed villagers in time. Otherwise, they would not be lying here for a few days.

"I can go up the mountain and save those children."

"However, you guys…"

Before Jiang Li could finish speaking, he glanced at the Four Hands lying on the ground.

The village leaders immediately understood and kowtowed to Jiang Li.

"Lord! Thank you for your kindness! You helped us despite the past!"

"If Lord Jiang Li can save the children in our village, the Four Hands will obey your orders!"

"We'll build a temple and a statue for you, Lord! We'll kowtow every day and light lamps and incense sticks. We won't make any mistakes! Lord!"

As expected of the village leaders, they were very sensible and directly said what Jiang Li wanted.

Jiang Li's ability to defeat all of them without even moving his hand had already convinced them.

They could not compare who was stronger between Granny Nether Mountain and this powerful traveler.

However, to have such an expert stand up for them, this was already their last hope.

If those hundreds of children were all eaten, the hopes of these thousands of people would be broken.

After hundreds of years of bitter struggle, it was still a meaningless tragedy in the end. It was better to fall into the abyss together.

"Lord, that Granny Nether Mountain likes to use our clansmen to invite the ghosts and demons on this Ten Thousand Mile Back Yin Mountain to eat. It's a banquet of living people."

"It's only been three days since the full moon rose."

"However, Lord, without Empress Nether Mountain's approval, no one can go up that mountain."

The ghosts liked to eat living people, so they would not kill them so quickly. There was still a possibility of saving those children.

However, on this mountain, Yin and Yang were reversed, and the laws of the world were reversed. Once he stepped in, he would step out.

It was not that there had not been warriors who wanted to go up the mountain to eliminate demons.

Ignoring the fact that they were overestimating themselves, for hundreds of years, no one had been able to take a step further at the foot of the mountain.

To creatures outside the Back Yin Mountain, the natural Inverted Domain was indeed an almost insurmountable gap.

However, Jiang Li did not care about that.

His figure flickered in the air, and in a moment, he had already crossed the stalagmite area and stepped onto the ground of the Back Yin Mountain.

The scene of his joints twisting and breaking himself before falling into the void did not happen.

Jiang Li only paused for a moment before walking towards the mountain.

It was as if the terrifying rules of heaven and earth did not exist on him.

Standing in the distance and watching Jiang Li easily step onto the Back Yin Mountain, besides being surprised, a trace of hope arose in the hearts of the few awake villagers.

Perhaps this lord could really succeed.

Their decisive choice actually had the consideration of seeking Jiang Li's protection.

If Jiang Li could stop Granny Nether Mountain, their future would definitely be a thousand times better than now.

After all, that traveler did not eat people and had a large amount of delicious meat.

"How noisy."

"However, there seems to be a place ahead that I can ask for directions."

At the foot of the mountain, Jiang Li took out an Earth-rank artifact, Shanting's Ear.

Coupled with the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, he wanted to try to find the location of the so-called Empress Nether Mountain.

However, this Back Yin Mountain was a huge divine landscape that spanned the entire Netherworld fragment.

The range it crossed was so large that even if his straight line detection range was 50,000 miles, he could not hear the boundary no matter how hard he listened.

On the other hand, he felt a chill in his brain from the cries of ghosts and demons everywhere on the mountain.

However, not far ahead of the mountain path, he heard something different.

After going up for a while, the terrain gradually became flatter.

The path ahead sank into a deep darkness.

Under the moonlight, the mountain path could barely be seen.

In front of him, it was as if it was swallowed by something, covered in ink-like black.

A cold wind blew on the mountain, and the black shadow swayed slightly. If one listened carefully, they could still hear tempting sounds coming from it.

There was something familiar to Jiang Li in the place that was enveloped by darkness. However, he could not identify the other party.