This Granny Nether Mountain was actually not formed from the root of the Nine Nether Wood. Her main body was most likely an old ghost.

The sudden discovery disrupted Jiang Li's original plan.

Originally, the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame that he had high hopes for only caused a small commotion at this moment. It did not even hurt a single hair on the other party.

However, this situation was actually not difficult to understand. In fact, it should be said that this was much more reasonable.

If the broken root that the Back Yin Earth Spirit mentioned was really from the Nine Nether Wood Source Branch, it was actually even more impossible for it to develop intelligence.

This was because the will of the spiritual root, the Nine Nether Wood, had been erased by an ancient mighty figure. After so many years, even the main body could not develop intelligence again and could only survive on instinct.

Moreover, it was the last root in the Back Yin Mountain.

At the same time, it was not only the Nine Nether Wood that could control the Nine Nether spiritual qi.

Jiang Li himself was a living example.

When he did not use the Nine Nether spiritual qi, the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame was also useless.

He even relied on the blood tattoo of the Ghost Lantern Fish to control this talent spiritual fire.

It could be seen that the other party had probably obtained a portion of the power of the Nine Nether Wood by chance.

He shook his head helplessly. Since he could not rely on his fatal weakness to directly deal with Granny Nether Mountain, Jiang Li could no longer attack openly. That was no different from courting death.

At this moment, he recalled the scene when Granny Nether Mountain appeared.

One had to know that this granny's hobby was not listening to opera, but singing!

At that time, this Granny Nether Mountain was not watching from the side.

Instead, she acted as a flower and personally acted as the tragic female ghost who had been sentenced to the path of reincarnation.

The redness on her face that could not even cover the stage colors made it easy for her to be recognized.

Coupled with her performance towards the Four Hands child at the beginning,

Jiang Li felt that this Granny Nether Mountain, who was most likely a powerful ghost, might have an obsession with children.

Unlike humans who could let go of their desires, ghosts were condensed from their obsessions. If they completely saw through all their obsessions, this ghost would probably dissipate.

Therefore, regardless of whether they were powerful or not, ghosts were basically paranoid.

After asking around in private, Jiang Li discovered that the probability of that scene of throwing a child into the cycle of reincarnation was very high on Granny Nether Mountain's stage.

That scene should have happened in ancient times, when the reincarnation cycle still existed. None of the characters inside had a chance of surviving until now.

However, similar stories were indeed possible again.

Moreover, Granny Nether Mountain seemed to have been using her strength to find the whereabouts of Tragic Death City.

However, because the Netherworld was still in a fragmented state, it was impossible for her subordinates to find it no matter how they searched.

However, while others could not find it, Jiang Li, who held the key clues, might really be able to find it.

It was only a death token of the Tragic Death City.

Now, Jiang Li's Fengdu City had the reincarnation of Ksitigarbha, Qiu Shui.

He had tried it before. He could already create a large number of death tokens himself. After casually cutting a piece of wood and writing down the key information, he could be guided by Tragic Death City.

Jiang Li still had a custom-made token in his hand.

Even if he gave away this death token that he had seized from Tragic Death City, he would not lose anything.

Soon, because the Barbarian Stone Demon King suddenly attacked, the commotion returned to normal.

Apart from the unlucky guy lying on the ground after being pierced by the mourning nails, this was just a small episode for the others.

The flames without any temperature did not even cause any damage to the stage.

After casually cleaning up the battlefield, it was the Purple Vine Demon Shi Pan's turn to give his gift.

A long white wooden board was squeezed out from the gap between the vines.

He held it in a pair of vine hands and handed it to the white ghost that had already extinguished the cold flames on its body.

"Lord Shi Pan, this is?"

The white ghost shadow was stunned and asked for the first time.

The knowledgeable white ghost did not recognize the wooden board.

In his eyes, although this wooden board had a slight Yin qi fluctuation, its strength was not even comparable to casually breaking a branch on this Back Yin Mountain.

There were no runes carved on the surface. However, there seemed to be some words written on it before it was erased.

However, he did not believe that anyone would dare to patronize Granny Nether Mountain like this. He only thought that he was blind and asked Jiang Li.

He did not hide it and explained.

"This thing is called the death token. It's used by the souls of the dead in the Netherworld."

"As long as you write your name on the wooden tablet, you can guide the ghosts who have yet to die and head to Tragic Death City!"

Jiang Li had just finished speaking when he saw a cold wind sweep past. Granny Nether Mountain, who had been sitting on the rocking chair since she appeared, suddenly appeared before him.

"What you said! Is it true?"

This powerful ruler of the Back Yin Mountain was so fast that even the current Jiang Li could not react.

She grabbed the wooden sign and asked Jiang Li excitedly.

This granny was not good-looking and her voice was very unpleasant.

When the hoarse throat spoke, it was as if it was using two millstones to grind an iron nail.

There were also hundreds of different voices mixed in.

It was as messy as the thousand faces of the Divine Statue clone.