The next day, a large ball of black qi wrapped in a cold wind rushed down the mountain.

In the black qi, there were mayflies on the shore, mountain demons at the bottom of the mountain, ghosts in the cave, and evil souls at the bottom of the stream.

The monsters hiding on the Yin Mountain surged out at this moment when they were summoned by that granny.

In fact, the ghosts and monsters that lived on the Yin Mountain all year round had adapted to the reversal of everything on the Yin Mountain.

Instead, they could not adapt to the normal rules of heaven and earth.

Most of the natives of the Back Yin Mountain would be unable to move normally like ordinary people after leaving the region.

Moreover, this phenomenon was even more inexplicable, because the rules of heaven and earth were not ordinary human domains. It was impossible to break.

This was also the main reason why those Four Hands lived near the Back Yin Mountain all year round and were not eaten by the greedy demons.

However, this time, the situation was clearly different.

Before they set off, Granny Nether Mountain scattered a green light at them, temporarily maintaining the effect of the Back Yin Mountain's Inverted Domain on them.

As long as they did not leave the Back Yin Mountain too far, the reversal power would not disappear. They could move freely in the outside world like they were on the mountain.

After rushing out of the Back Yin Mountain, all the ghosts and monsters rushed excitedly to the Four Hands Village. This time, they had to work, and the benefits were huge!

Although they were tasked to capture those Four Hands alive and could not kill, the vitality of the Four Hands was tenacious. As long as they stopped the bleeding properly and ate the hands, or even one of the heads, they would not die.

In the previous full moon banquet, they were already craving for it, but they did not even get a mouthful of soup. They were already about to go crazy.

Now that there was a chance, it was naturally a chaotic situation.

If they really rushed into the village, after a storm of blood, what was left would only be a pile of people begging to die!

"Delicious Four Hands, quickly contribute your flesh and blood!"

"I want to eat your fingers one by one!"

"Eyes! I love the smell of your eyes exploding in my mouth!"

The black clouds formed by demons and ghosts covered the sky and pressed down on the first village.

Before they arrived, the cold wind that was stirred up had already blown away the roof like a hurricane, blowing down the house.

The ghosts and demons rushed in excitedly, but after searching left and right, they did not find even a single person.

This was simply an empty village.

"I smell people. They're walking that way!"

The other demons looked in the direction of the sound. Sure enough, there were panicked hand seals outside the village that spread in a distant direction.

Wherever his footsteps passed, there were many miscellaneous items of the Four Hands. Clearly, everyone in this village had fled not long ago.

"Hehehe, they fled!"

"Interesting, interesting! This is the feeling of hunting prey!"

"How can a group of mortals escape from us?"

"Little ones, do you know that the flesh that shakes in panic is the most delicious! If they are afraid to the extreme, the flesh will even twitch when it is swallowed!"

Seeing the Four Hands escape, the demons and ghosts did not panic at all. Instead, they laughed wildly.

With the strength of mortals, where could they run to?

Their noses could clearly smell the lingering human smell in the air.

Under their pursuit, those humans could not escape no matter what.

Following the smell of humans, the evil spirits transformed into a dark cloud and chased after the handprint. In just a moment, they arrived at the next village.

They stirred up a cold wind and destroyed the village made of rocks again, leaving only the statue of Granny Nether Mountain built by the Four Hands. They did not dare to destroy that.

"They ran away too! What a group of stupid guys."

"If you don't eat more in the last few days and grow some fat, you'll lose the meat we want to eat if you run around outside!"

All the monsters did not suspect anything and continued to ride the surging black clouds towards the direction where the people were getting stronger and stronger.

There were less than 10,000 people left, and there were only a dozen villages.

After destroying all the villages, they could already hear the chaotic voices of the Four Hands fleeing.

It was right ahead!

The stench of sweat made these monsters drool.

However, when they flew over, they did not see anyone.

They saw a ghost door standing alone in an empty space.

Around the door, there was a large number of footprints. Clearly, those Four Hands were still here. However, they did not see a single one, as if they had disappeared into thin air.

At this moment, this door looked very suspicious.

"What is this?"

"Those Four Hands are gone. If we can't bring them back, Granny Nether Mountain won't let us off!"

"Someone must have captured them in advance. Should we go in and take a look?"

"Look, someone's coming out. They're indeed inside!"

While a group of ghosts and demons were discussing in a disorderly manner around the Gate of Hell, a human suddenly appeared from the gate as if he had walked in the wrong direction.

Seeing the black mass of demons and ghosts in the sky, his face turned pale and he crawled back.

"Haha, you still want to run! Those Four Hands are hiding inside! Let's rush in and eat them."

After being seduced by the figure that ran out, how could these monsters with little brains remain calm?