The monsters with terrifying and twisted faces began to roll around with their heads in their hands when they heard the Buddhist chants. Those voices brought them immense pain.

A large number of monsters wanted to rush up and kill this culprit, but every time they approached, a Buddhist light would sweep past and turn them into ashes.

The monsters' thoughts were very simple. ‘If I can't beat you, I'll run, alright?'

However, as the words "Void, Formless" sounded, all the demons suddenly discovered that they could no longer control their bodies.

If they wanted to advance, they would retreat. If they wanted to fly, they would fall. Their bodies were completely different from their thoughts!

After passing through the Gate of Hell, they were already too far away from the Back Yin Mountain. The reversal power in their bodies was quickly exhausted and could not be maintained for long.

Now, with the stimulation of the targeted Buddhist voice, it completely dissipated.

This was going to be fatal.

The group of monsters from the Back Yin Mountain were trapped on the spot by the normal rules of heaven and earth. They could only roll around randomly.

The Buddhist chanting of Qiu Shui continued.

"All the different types of sentient beings, whether they be born from eggs, born from a womb, born from moisture or born spontaneously; whether or not they have form; whether they abide in perceptions or no perceptions; or without either perceptions or non-perceptions, I save them by causing them to enter nirvana without remainder."

"When these immeasurable, countless, infinite number of sentient beings have been liberated, in actuality, no sentient being has attained liberation."

As he did so, a large amount of black qi emerged from these demons and ghosts, dispersed by the Buddhist light that filled the sky.

The monsters that came this time were not at the Demon King level. Although there were many of them, with the power of Fengdu City, it was not a problem to eat them.

However, even Jiang Li did not expect that this new Hall Master of the Northern Profound Hall would actually have such strength in a short period of time.

In the distance, Jiang Li was watching all of this through the Divine Statue clone with a helpless expression.

In order to eat this batch of monsters, he had gathered the thirteen Ghost Kings, the Chang Le Guards, and dozens of demons from the Ten Directions Region. A large number of combat strength was waiting solemnly.

However, they did not expect that the vanguard, Qiu Shui, had already stopped them all.

Why else would he be called the reincarnation of an Immortal or Buddha? Golden scales were not something that could be found in a pond. He could transform into a dragon when faced with a storm.

The trials and difficulties faced by mortals could not stop him.

If Jiang Li had not discovered the Qiu Shui by chance, according to the original trajectory, he should have stayed in the sewer forever, or even turned into a skeleton.

However, even so, that kind of death was not the end.

In the future, when the spiritual qi of heaven and earth recovered enough to support the existence of immortals and gods, there was a high chance that the dry bones of Qiu Shui could directly reconstruct his golden body, or even step over the threshold of immortality and surpass the mortal world.

Perhaps it was not only him. In the continent of the Nine Provinces, there might be other reincarnations of Immortals and Buddhas quietly waiting for the opportunity to come.

To these existences, the cultivation path generally recognized by the cultivation world might be dispensable.

Those big shots liked to play. Generally, they would undergo tribulation and ascend. After becoming an Immortal or Buddha, their cultivation would begin.

The more Jiang Li knew about those ancient Immortals and Buddhas, the more pressure he felt.

Who knew how those Immortals and Buddhas would treat the current cultivators when they revived?

The spiritual qi of heaven and earth was recovering faster and faster. He had to obtain enough power to speak to those existences before that.

What he did not know was that after the Four Hands group entered Fengdu City to settle down, another mysterious thread was pulled to him.