After the monsters of the Back Yin Mountain, who were not used to the rules of the outside world, had the reversal power in their bodies removed, their remaining combat strength was less than 1%.

They became lambs waiting to be slaughtered outside Fengdu City.

With the Northern Profound Hall Master Qiu Shui holding down the fort and a large number of experts from Fengdu City coming out together, they took down all these monsters without any bloodshed.

When the dust settled, all the demons and ghosts were put into the Fengdu dungeon.

Jiang Li's main body, who was still on the Back Yin Mountain, opened his eyes.

He heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, nothing happened.

If not for the fact that he was staying in the enemy's headquarters to gather information, he would not have dared to open the Gate of Hell.

If this Granny Nether Mountain passed through the Gate of Hell and directly arrived at Fengdu City, Jiang Li's Human Emperor's inheritance might gain a different owner.

Not long ago, after Granny Nether Mountain canceled the full moon banquet, she immediately issued an order to send out most of the ghosts controlled by her to capture those Four Hands.

Needless to say, her goal was to hunt the Four Hands and store more Yang Lifespan Copper Coins.

She definitely wanted to bring her subordinates to attack Tragic Death City.

However, now, her plan was probably going to fail.

Forget about capturing all the Four Hands.

The monsters of the Back Yin Mountain that she had sent out had all been captured on the other side of the gate.

Unless Granny Nether Mountain could directly cross the Netherworld Void and find the Netherworld fragment of Fengdu City 44,444 kilometers away.

Otherwise, it would take a long time for the Back Yin Mountain to recover to its original state.

Long ago, when those ghosts crossed the Gate of Hell, Granny Nether Mountain should have already sensed it. He did not know how angry that person would be now.

Jiang Li was still wearing the purple vine shell. He pushed open the stone door in front of him and walked to the outside world.

The place he was in just now was a tomb. After all, this was a graveyard. It was already quite good to have a clean and tidy tomb to rest in.

When they saw Lord Purple Vine come out, the two ghosts standing at the entrance of the tomb immediately bowed to him.

However, Jiang Li felt that it would be even better if they had a little more respect on their faces.

For some reason, Granny Nether Mountain did not allow the remaining seven demons to leave the Back Yin Mountain or even this graveyard.

They even specially sent out ghosts to monitor them.

If not for that, how could Fengdu City deal with the power of the Back Yin Mountain so easily?

This was because they, who had reached the Demon King realm, had the ability to escape the Back Yin Mountain and move freely.

If he really faced these guys head-on, even a high-grade Divine Judgment faction might not be able to withstand it.

It seemed that Granny Nether Mountain did not really trust the seven of them.

After the Barbarian Stone Demon King attacked her, this suspicion became much deeper.

Even Jiang Li was very careful when he sent away the Four Hands children. He separated a trace of the flames from them and was not discovered.

Jiang Li walked out of the tomb. On the stage in the distance, the sounds of the opera had long stopped.

What replaced it was an ugly and angry voice.

"You're saying that 30,000 ghosts and demons are gone?! They only went to capture a mere 8,000 Four Hands! Not only did they not succeed, they even disappeared under our noses!"

Under her anger, Granny Nether Mountain's voice overlapped like waves, making it harder and harder to tell if she was male or female.

However, the different voices mixed in the voices were all furious.

"Grandma! I'll go look for them again. I'll definitely find them this time!"

In front of the stage, a black robe floated in the air. It was like the sound of a wind blowing through the canyon, and it could not help but tremble in fear.

However, what answered it was only a black light.

The black light pierced through the chest and back, and a huge hole immediately appeared in the middle of the black robe.

Inside, a black wind spread out, leaving only the tattered black robe on the spot. It was no different from a piece of trash.

On the side, there were already several black robes lying there.

A whirlwind surged, and black fog covered the surroundings.

These black-robed figures were the monsters formed from the whirlwind on the Back Yin Mountain, known as Rush Feet.

This kind of demon was very fast and was the best messenger scout.

However, these Rush Feet followed the human qi and yin qi in the wind and had already run through all the places where the Four Hands and the Yin Mountain ghosts might appear, but they found nothing.

The aura that disappeared into thin air made it impossible for them to find it.

However, their master, Granny Nether Mountain, would not understand their helplessness.

After hearing this information, Rush Feet were sent out one after another and were killed in anger after failure.

Coupled with the one who had just died, seven of the rare Rush Feet had already died in front of the stage.

Jiang Li, who was watching this scene from afar, felt a little heartache.

If she killed more of these rare spirit monsters, they would go extinct.

After a total of seven times, Granny Nether Mountain finally accepted reality and no longer sent scouts to investigate.

At this moment, another black robe that was filled with whirlwinds flew down from the mountain.

This Rush Feet was not sent down the mountain to search, but to scout the way up.

The Rush Feet landed in front of the stage and quickly muttered something. Granny Nether Mountain's expression finally eased a little.