The lucky whirlwind spirit was not slapped to death.

A moment later, dense gong sounds sounded on the stage.

It was Granny Nether Mountain summoning them.

On the six tombs near Jiang Li, the stone doors opened one after another, and the other six Demon King-level monsters walked out.

They looked at each other. These monsters who could trample a mountain with a stomp of their feet had solemn expressions. Nothing good would happen at this time.

However, they did not dare to disobey the call of that granny and could only gather in front of the stage again.

"We'll cross the Back Yin Mountain with Granny!"

Although the other six demons, who had long guessed it, were already mentally prepared, their faces were still pale.

They all looked at Jiang Li with anger and helplessness.

If not for this guy being so meddlesome and sending himself to the doorsteps of the Tragic Death City, how could Granny Nether Mountain have nothing to do and pull them over the mountain?

After crossing the Back Yin Mountain, they would be dead. No living being would like to experience the feeling of death.

Moreover, death that crossed the Back Yin Mountain could be reversed by crossing in the opposite direction.

However, it was easy to go from life to death, but difficult to go from death to life. This was the rule of heaven and earth.

It was not so easy to crawl back from the other side of the Back Yin Mountain. There were still conditions to cross the boundary of life and death to revive.

If they died this time, they might not be able to come back alive!

However, they could not reject this.

Granny Nether Mountain was not asking for their opinion.

She shook a bell beside her hand, and the stage in front of her seemed to come alive as it directly rose from the ground.

A figure below broke through the ground and stood up.

The person holding the stage was the Barbarian Stone Demon King, who had been captured by everyone.

At this moment, 18 of the 36 nails on his body had been taken out.

That did not mean freedom.

In its place was a root that covered his entire body like a nerve network.

A dignified Demon King, a monster that was comparable to an Earth Immortal expert, was being controlled like a puppet.

When the remaining seven demons saw this scene, their expressions were ugly.

If they dared to refuse now, they would probably end up like this.

After crossing the Back Yin Mountain, there was still a chance to revive. If they died here, there would really be no chance.

The seven of them, including Jiang Li, jumped onto the Barbarian Stone Demon King's body and rode this rock giant towards the highest point of the Back Yin Mountain Range.

On the Back Yin Mountain Peak, at the boundary of Yin-Yang and life and death.

Today, a rock hand suddenly climbed up.

Immediately after, a huge rock head with a stage above it poked its head out from the mountaintop that was tens of thousands of feet high.

The Barbarian Stone Demon King was very large. It could cross a mountain in two steps.

This Back Yin Mountain was originally occupied by them, so it was naturally impossible for anything to happen along the way.

In less than half a day, they had already arrived at the highest point of the mountain range and saw the boundary between the two worlds.

The Yin-Yang Qi that rose from both sides of the Back Yin Mountain collided with each other in front of him, forming a belt of light that was like an aurora.

On the other side of the belt of light, countless eyes seemed to be staring at them in the darkness.

At this moment, the Barbarian Stone Demon King's half hand had already crossed the line of light, and the half hand that crossed it visibly turned gray.

Even if it was a rock, one could clearly see which side was filled with vitality and which side was deathly silent.

"What are you waiting for? Cross over!"

She was already a ghost, so Granny Nether Mountain was naturally not afraid of this.

He shook the bell in his hand and urged the Rock Giant to continue forward.

The Barbarian Stone Demon King was controlled and could not refuse the order.

The other seven Demon Kings lying on the stone giant also had solemn expressions. They could only helplessly close their eyes and wait for death!

On the other hand, from the tips of Jiang Li's fingers, ten black lines had already spread from his hands to his chest. They were only a hair's breadth away from intersecting at his heart.

What followed was a dense aura of death.

Facing imminent death, his body was involuntarily trembling violently. It was the instinctive fear of death as a living creature.

However, unlike the instinctive fear in his body, a large amount of spiritual qi was surging endlessly in Jiang Li's Qi Sea, and he was extremely excited!

He sat cross-legged in the vine demon's body. The Nine Nether Dao Scripture that was the foundation was circulating crazily.

The Nine Nether Wood was originally a spiritual root of the Netherworld. The Nine Nether Dao Scripture naturally contained the mystery of life and death.

If one cultivated such a cultivation method and did not die once, how could they truly comprehend its profundity?

He took a deep breath and pressed it in his stomach. As the Stone Giant took a step forward, the light belt that was the boundary between life and death.

Jiang Li and the eight demons of the Netherworld shook at the same time.

The ten black lines on Jiang Li's chest completely intersected.

It was like a chain that bound his life, instantly tightening.

The powerful heart stopped beating at that moment.

Jiang Li only felt that the temperature in his entire body was quickly disappearing. In the blink of an eye, it was already cold.

His skin turned gray, and his pupils were dim and turbid. It was difficult to see any signs of a living person.

Even his mental world had withered. It was like the end of the world, without any vitality.

The chains formed by the ten black threads firmly bound Jiang Li's vitality, stripping away everything that his life should have bit by bit.

Then, Jiang Li felt as if a certain part of his body had been cut by a large pair of scissors.

A tearing pain caused all his vitality to completely disappear.

At the same time, he seemed to have lost something very important.

After recalling the terrible experience of death, Jiang Li looked around blankly for a moment.

Soon, he understood what he had lost.

Under the moonlight, there was no longer a shadow under the feet of the Eight Nether Mountain Demons.

Eight shadows were floating away from them.

The shadow of the Purple Vine Demon was formed by the shadows of countless vines. They were not a complete life.

When they were alive, they could still snuggle up and cooperate. Now, they had become shadows and were about to fall apart.

In the gap of the growing long shadow, a shadow that was completely identical to Jiang Li's figure was vaguely revealed.

All of Jiang Li's vitality was hidden in his shadow.

This was what he had to experience when crossing the Back Yin Mountain.

That life and death boundary could cut off the vitality of the living and even tear apart their souls and shadows.

The shadows no longer followed the people. Instead, they parted ways and lingered in this huge mountain range with the original lives of the living.

The things that looked at them on the other side of the line were shadows left behind by the people who had crossed the Back Yin Mountain in the past.

If the travelers who died after crossing the Back Yin Mountain wanted to revive, he had to find his shadow on the Back Yin Mountain and cross back to the Yang World with it to take back his life.

However, the shadow that had left his body would no longer wait for him obediently like before.

The Back Yin Mountain was so huge. If he wanted to find his shadow inside, it was undoubtedly like finding a needle in a haystack.

During this process, if his shadow was killed and swallowed by other shadows, he would really have nowhere to cry.

Moreover, the longer it took, the more independent the shadow that left the main body would be. It was even possible that it would eventually develop into an independent life and permanently separate from the traveler.

At that time, the dead would forever be dead.

Taking such a huge risk, Jiang Li was still willing to cross the Back Yin Mountain. It was not only because of the temptation of benefits.

Most importantly, he still had something to rely on.

On his fingertips, the 3,000 Broken-Wing Black Mosquitoes lying on the ground died the moment they crossed the Back Yin Mountain.

At the instant they died, Jiang Li's last Parallel Mind seized the opportunity to devour the tiny souls of the 3,000 mosquitoes in time, causing them to really die completely.

This most special parallel mind also returned to Jiang Li's consciousness.

The pain of his soul being torn apart was immediately soothed by the rapidly circulating Bodhisattva Heart Sutra.

At this moment, Jiang Li did not have the time to comprehend the memories of the Broken-Wing Black Mosquitoes brought back by his parallel mind.

After randomly intercepting a portion of the memories, he sent out this parallel mind.

It directly entered the shadow that had just been torn apart.