In the physics theory of his previous life, shadows were an optical phenomenon where light was blocked by objects and projected onto the surface, forming the outline of a bright and dark boundary.

In theory, the shadows of ordinary objects were no different from the shadows of humans.

It was not corporeal and could not be used as a parallel mind carrier.

However, this was the cultivation world. There was spiritual qi circulating in everything. No matter what they encountered, they could not be too "superstitious in materialism".

In this world, the appearance of humans was originally created by Nüwa to imitate the images of the gods in the world, secretly conforming to the Dao here.

Although the shadow only had an outline, it was still in human form.

Jiang Li's shadow had followed him for many years as he cultivated and meditated. It was nourished by the dense spiritual qi of heaven and earth in his surroundings.

In fact, it had long become a little strange. If one walked on the road and carefully compared it, they would discover that Jiang Li's shadow would be slightly darker than the shadow of an ordinary mortal.

At this moment, after being torn apart by the Life and Death Division of the Back Yin Mountain, his shadow could be considered to have ascended to the heavens in a single step. He possessed a small portion of the soul that had been torn off from his main body and Jiang Li's enormous vitality.

It could already be completely satisfied and transform into a new life condition.

If he still possessed Jiang Li's cultivation method, it was not impossible for him to cultivate a shadow Earth Immortal in the future.

Such a shadow was naturally enough to carry a parallel mind.

What was in the shadow was his own soul fragment. He entered it side by side and no longer needed to engage in a mental war like before to forcefully possess it.

There was no resistance at all. The sixth Parallel Mind directly fused with the soul fragment that tore down.

The shadow that had just been torn out immediately emitted two divine lights.

When Jiang Li's main body looked at the shadow through the vine shell, they were already mentally connected.

He did not have the time to feel the wonderful feeling of observing the world from the shadow perspective.

With a thought from Jiang Li, the shadow Jiang Li attacked from the inside. He pulled the countless vine shadows on his body and did not let them scatter, continuing to maintain the shape of the vine man.

On the stage, Granny Nether Mountain seemed to have sensed something and looked over.

However, the overlapping shadows could not be seen with the naked eye.

On the other hand, Jiang Li, who was hidden inside the withered Purple Vine Demon and had already "died", had his aura become even thinner. Under the envelopment of the unknown flames, even she was unable to discover it before, let alone now.

Granny Nether Mountain only took a glance at the twisted vine phantom.

When she turned around, the twisted vine shadow had already floated into the distance.

No, it was not that they did not want to capture the shadows and keep them by their side.

Instead, grabbing the shadow was like picking up the moon in the water. It was not that no one in the world could do it, but at the very least, they did not have such methods.

They could only watch as the shadow floated into the distance.

Among the eight demons, the most unlucky one was this Purple Vine Demon Shi Pan.

Everyone else had one shadow each, but he had tens of thousands of shadows. Once they dispersed, it would be extremely difficult to survive.

The demons watched as their shadows floated further and further away. They could only sigh helplessly and walk down the mountain under the urging of Granny Nether Mountain.

Black shadows flickered on the surrounding ground, like sharks that had smelled blood, quickly gathering a large number of other shadows.

The new shadows were still in a daze and usually had no ability to resist.

The monsters that were transformed from shadows liked to bully these new fat sheep.

Jiang Li's shadow had just floated out when hundreds of pitch-black shadow monsters that were stuck to the ground followed!

They could sense that this shadow contained an extremely terrifying vitality, making the shadow monsters extremely greedy.

It was the plan of all the demons to eat this shadow before it awakened.

However, when the twisting shadow floated far enough into the shadows, the countless vine shadows outside the shadow's outline suddenly began to shrink.

Hundreds of twisting vine shadows disappeared, gradually revealing the human figure inside.

At this moment, the shadow Jiang Li was tightly hugging the thickest vine shadow and biting it.

Then, as if it was sucking noodles, it swallowed the shadows that belonged to the Purple Vine Demon.

Those were tens of thousands of shadows that contained all the vitality of an entire group of Purple Vine Demons. In just a moment, they were sucked dry by this shadow.

After eating so much, the shadow Jiang Li's abdomen swelled up like a ball. Clearly, he had eaten a lot.

Fortunately, this shadow seemed to have a good appetite. It patted its stomach, and the circular outline of the ancient city quickly recovered to its original state.

After absorbing tens of thousands of vine shadows, Jiang Li's shadow seemed to have become even denser. Even if he was in the shadows, his outline could already be vaguely seen.

At this moment, he noticed the other shadows that surrounded him with ill intentions.

"How do you know I'm not full? I have to thank you for your hospitality!"

Not only did the shadow Jiang Li have intelligence, he could actually speak.