In this era, there were no bird cages or tall buildings like in his previous life.

They basically lived in single-story houses. It was impressive to have a small building with two or three floors. The per capita area was relatively large.

It could be seen that Fengdu City was indeed vast.

Therefore, Jiang Li always wanted to stuff some people into the city.

However, he did not expect that there was actually another city. The city walls were so long that even an Earth Immortal could not see the end.

This city was a little ridiculous.

If this Netherworld fragment was similar in size to the one in Fengdu City,

Jiang Li estimated that this city wall surrounded at least one-tenth of the land.

This was already an astonishing number.

From afar, there was a long black dot moving along the wall.

They were all the souls of the dead that had gathered from all directions.

They could only follow the towering city walls and slowly find the entrance to the huge city. Some unlucky ones would even exhaust their lifespan in this process.

The few people from the Back Yin Mountain naturally did not need to go through so much trouble, although this place also had some air restriction effects.

However, in a large-scale situation, it could only have an effect on cultivators below the Soul Formation realm.

Soul Formation cultivators would only be affected a little. At most, they would not be able to fly high.

On the spot, the weakest Purple Vine Demon had fused with the power of an entire race. Its combat strength had reached the Demon King realm, so it was naturally not a problem for it to resist that power and fly.

Under the lead of Granny Nether Mountain, this force that could directly destroy the high-grade Divine Judgment faction flew up to the top of the city wall that was more than a thousand feet tall, wanting to fly past and enter the city.

However, he had just stepped onto the city wall.

The demons stopped in their tracks.

In front of them, a blood-colored resentment aura enveloped the sky above the city like an ocean.

It was the condensed resentment of the countless innocent people in the entire Tragic Death City for millions of years.

It gathered all the negative emotions of the world, such as sorrow, decay, pain, hatred, and separation…

Once they approached, a wave of resentment would hit them. If they were not careful, they would be swept into it and die a clean death.

Although they came from the Back Yin Mountain, they were considered top-notch demons and ghosts in the world!

However, even they were unwilling to touch these things.

These completely negative trash were even more disgusting than hundred-year-old rotten feces.

Even Jiang Li's Bodhisattva Heart Sutra could not withstand this resentment.

Although he could jump into Fengdu City if he took a few steps forward, there was a sea of resentment.

The demons felt that it was necessary to show some respect to this city wall. At most, they would spend some time circling around and find the city gate.

"Granny, looks like we still have to take a detour…"

A Demon King stopped mid-sentence. His eyes widened and he was dumbfounded.

It was not that Granny Nether Mountain wanted to stab him in the back.

Instead, that granny actually plunged into the sea of resentment that was even more terrifying than feces as if she had gone crazy.

There was only a sound in the air.

"My child!"

Through the resentment, the demons could vaguely see that on the other side of the city wall, there were countless children crawling on the ground.

Some cried loudly, waiting to be fed.

Some were flustered and their eyes were dull.

Some of them had not even lost their umbilical cord and were curled up helplessly on the ground.

Inside this city wall were all children below the age of three!