In this era, because of the spiritual qi of heaven and earth, the growth of plants was much better than the high-quality crops that had been cultivated for hundreds of generations in his previous life.

The production of food was astonishing. Under normal circumstances, it was not easy to starve to death.

However, because the medical standards of the mortal world were low, there were often no effective treatment methods for various illnesses.

Most of the commoners drank untreated water filled with bacteria and parasites, causing the mortality rate to remain high.

Not to mention the frequent natural disasters, all kinds of demon beasts harming people, and some places drowning girls.

As a result, the mortality rate of children and infants remained high.

Coupled with the fact that the lifespan of children had not been exhausted to begin with, some were at least 40 to 50 years old, while others were at least 80 to 90 years old.

However, false life would not grow.

Therefore, after dying prematurely, they would crawl in this city for decades with such young bodies. They were the most miserable souls in Tragic Death City.

Over the years, it was no wonder that so many children gathered in a corner of Tragic Death City.

This scene was indeed quite shocking, but…

"Granny went in… what should we do?"

Not to mention the other Demon Kings, even Jiang Li was a little dumbfounded now.

From his previous interactions, although Granny Nether Mountain was powerful, her style of doing things was actually not radical at all.

She did not have any ambition to fight for hegemony everywhere. She guarded the plot of land in the Back Yin Mountain and usually sang opera and listened to music. Every three to five months, she would hold a banquet and throw the treasures she had collected into the cave abode. Ever since she occupied the Back Yin Mountain 500 years ago, she had lived like this.

In fact, there were basically no records of her attacking in the past 500 years.

If there was anything, especially dangerous, she did not have the intention to take the initiative to take responsibility with her strength. Instead, she would let her subordinates take action every time.

However, they did not expect that she would suddenly become so brave today.

She jumped down towards the sea of resentment that everyone was afraid of.

Was it for the souls of the children below?


A miserable scream sounded from the sea of resentment!

Without a doubt, it was Granny Nether Mountain's cry. It was hard to imagine what kind of pain could make such an expert scream.

More than a hundred arms suddenly appeared from that granny's body and scratched the flesh on her body crazily.

Strands of flesh were torn off by the nails. The outer layer of human skin was quickly torn apart, revealing the true body below.

It was indeed an extremely powerful ghost.

After tearing apart the skin and flesh on the surface, it was not over. The nails that were enough to easily destroy Profound-rank and Earth-rank artifacts scratched his body desperately, not even letting go of his face.

From the looks of it, she even wanted to tear off her ears and dig out her eyes!

It was as if countless maggots were swimming and biting her flesh.

The eight Demon Kings stood on the city wall. The screams made them feel uncomfortable and they could not help but take two steps back.

Even Granny Nether Mountain, who was above them and had an unfathomable cultivation, could not withstand the hatred left behind by countless people over the millions of years.

If it was them, they would probably be even more miserable.

The effect of the resentment was similar to golden feces, but the effect was more than a thousand times stronger.

Anyone who was entangled by the resentment would have their cultivation fall by a few percent.

In their souls, they had to endure the suffering of those who died in vain. It was normal for those with slightly weaker minds to go crazy.

This was not something that could be endured with high cultivation.

Even Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals did not dare to bathe in the feces pool.

Although she would not die, it was really disgusting.

However, soon, Granny Nether Mountain had already passed through the red fog and landed in the city below.

However, that powerful granny did not land on her feet, but smashed her head down.

With Jiang Li and the demons' vision, they could barely see through the thick fog that the granny who had fallen to the ground crawled up shakily after lying down for a while.

Then, she dragged her heavy body and approached the children.

She kept calling out "my child" and picked up the children who were crawling everywhere to identify them carefully.

The eight demons on the city wall shouted from afar, but the granny seemed to have been affected by the resentment. She only turned around and looked in their direction in a daze.

Then, she ignored them and searched for the child until she disappeared from their sight.

However, during that moment when he turned around, Jiang Li noticed that the red mark on the other party's face seemed to have expanded slightly.

When he was at the Back Yin Mountain, Jiang Li was only guessing.

He did not expect that Granny Nether Mountain's obsession with the children in Tragic Death City was really so deep.

If she was not a ghost, anyone would have understood long ago that her child could not be here.

This was because Granny Nether Mountain had reached the peak of her cultivation.

When she came out 500 years ago, she used powerful methods to suppress the Back Yin Mountain.

However, what about the time she had been cultivating? It would have taken at least 500 to 1,000 years.

If she was really looking for a child who had entered Tragic Death City after death, which child could have more than a thousand years of Yang lifespan and wait for her in this Tragic Death City?

Therefore, the hope that she risked her life for was a hundred times slimmer than finding a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, the pitiful person who looked extremely miserable was actually a detestable person who had killed countless people and committed countless sins.