The few of them had lost their lives to come here because of Granny Nether Mountain's coercion.

No one was stupid enough to sympathize with her.

The eight demons looked at the granny's departing figure and suddenly fell silent, their expressions different.

They quietly pulled away. Without the suppression of the strongest person, this group of Demon Kings, who were not very close to begin with, immediately started to be wary of each other.

"Everyone, since Granny is no longer around, I won't keep you company."

One of the Demon Kings turned into a gust of cold wind and fled in the direction he came from. He was extremely fast and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The others looked at each other and left warily.

Although they belonged to the same mountain range, the people of the Back Yin Mountain were simple and honest. It was basically impossible for the creatures born there to understand what unity and love were.

Even with Granny Nether Mountain above, they had been fighting for territory and benefits all year round.

It was actually not rare to have a bad relationship like the Barbarian Stone Demon King and the Purple Vine Demon.

Therefore, it was impossible to continue cooperating.

They had already restrained themselves by not fighting directly.

This was because the transformation from life to death was not so easy to adapt to. The strength of the eight Demon Kings had fallen to different degrees.

Before adapting to their current strength, they did not have the confidence to fight.

Moreover, the power of this Netherworld fragment was still threatening their freedom and life at any time.


Consuming too much strength here was not a rational choice.

Therefore, their only choice was to part ways.

Of the eight Demon Kings, some chose to return the same way, trying to find a way to cross the void again. Some continued to circle around, wanting to find a solution in Tragic Death City.

Only Jiang Li and the Barbarian Stone Demon King that still had 18 nails stuck in its body were left.

The Barbarian Stone Demon King could not run fast, but Jiang Li approached it step by step with ill intentions.

Realizing that the Purple Vine Demon had not left, the Barbarian Stone Demon King immediately felt that something was amiss. A dense malice had already enveloped him.

"Shi Pan! You're a vine demon. I saw you attack just now. The living vine turning into a withered vine must have affected your strength greatly!"

"I'm a stone demon. That kind of change won't affect me at all! We should retreat separately here. We'll talk about all our grudges when we return to the Back Yin Mountain!"

On the city wall, the huge Barbarian Stone Demon King retreated step by step like a little wife who had been taken a fancy to by a pervert.

On the other hand, Jiang Li, who was covered in withered vines, walked towards him step by step.

"Damn it! Shi Pan, what do you want!"

"The six of them must still be nearby. If you attack me and reveal a flaw, they won't let you off!"

"You won't have an easy time even if you kill me!"

Seeing that his mortal enemy was unmoved, the Barbarian Stone Demon King had a bad feeling.

The rock man, who did not look very smart at the moment of life and death, also knew how to think on his feet. He hurriedly used the other Demon Kings to restrain him.

He was indeed right. Jiang Li could sense that the six Demon Kings had not really gone far and were only hiding in the distance to spy on them.

Due to the fact that the Purple Vine Demon had not really reached the Demon King realm in essence, it had only relied on the power of trickery to stand on the same level as them. Among the Eight Nether Mountain Demons, it was originally at the bottom.

If they revealed any flaws or weaknesses in the battle, the other six fellows would definitely not mind reaping the benefits.

However, only a fool would not take advantage of such a situation. With such a Barbarian Stone Demon King with most of its strength sealed in front of him, it was simply more tempting than a spirit stone mountain.

How could Jiang Li bear to let it go?

"Barbarian Stone Demon King, you can't even use your escape technique anymore!"

After being exposed by Jiang Li, the Barbarian Stone Demon King's body trembled, and a large number of rocks rolled down its body.

If he still had the ability to escape with his escape technique, he would not have stayed here and said so much.

Eighteen of the 36 nails were removed, but it did not mean that he had recovered 50% of his strength.

In fact, Granny Nether Mountain only left him with the ability to change size and basic movement to a certain extent.

With the Barbarian Stone Demon King's current combat strength, other than its relatively sturdy body, it was no different from a small moving mountain. It could only smash people with its weight.

It looked shocking, but it was actually unable to withstand a single blow.

Not to mention Jiang Li, even a few Soul Formation cultivators could torture him to death.

"As for me, don't worry."

"Have you forgotten what my ability is?"

The face formed by vines seemed to reveal a strange smile.

Then, most of the vines on his body began to recover. Only the most important vine in the middle remained withered.

The aura that had fallen because of death was quickly rising back.

"You have to know that my strength comes from my cute descendants!"

"Isn't it enough as long as they revive?"

"In addition, at the full moon banquet, you looked like you wanted to kill me, right?"

Because the shadows of these vines had actually been eaten by Jiang Li's shadows long ago, they were actually unable to revive through the Back Yin Mountain.

There was no need to think too much about letting the tens of thousands of vine demons on him take the initiative to accept the power of Tragic Death City to revive.

If not for the fact that he was afraid that this useful vine armor would be controlled by Tragic Death City, Jiang Li would have let Shi Pan, who was the main body, accept the false resurrection.

In that case, the Purple Vine Demon's strength would not decrease at all.

At the same time, after he displayed this strength, Jiang Li could clearly sense that the malice of the six cultivators spying on him in the distance had clearly weakened greatly.

The six Demon Kings' strength had all decreased to varying degrees, so they naturally did not want to fight the Purple Vine Demon whose strength was close to perfect.

Coupled with Jiang Li who was hidden inside the vine armor, if the others dared to run over and launch a sneak attack, they would definitely receive a huge surprise.

Seeing this scene, the Barbarian Stone Demon King opposite him completely despaired.

"You! You win!"

"Don't kill me! I'm willing to cut off 50% of my essence energy for you to absorb! After returning to the Back Yin Mountain, every ten years… no, every five years, I can give you 10% of my essence energy!"

With his strength sealed by the Death Gate Nail, the Barbarian Stone Demon King, who knew that he had no chance of winning, showed his greatest sincerity in order to survive.

However, Jiang Li still did not have the intention to be satisfied!

"You forced me!"

The Barbarian Stone Demon King was forced into a corner. It gritted its teeth and stomped its feet, about to jump into Tragic Death City to escape.

He would rather endure the sea of resentment than fall into Jiang Li's hands.

However, at this moment, the stone demon that was sealed by the mourning nails became even slower. Before he could take two steps, countless vines attacked from behind and forcefully dragged him back.

"Why bother? Perhaps I'll be a very benevolent master?"

Being entangled by the innately restrained purple vines, the Barbarian Stone Demon King was forced to become smaller and smaller, while the vine giant controlled by Jiang Li became larger and larger. In the end, it slowly swallowed the entire stone statue.

After putting it into the Yin Burial Coffin, the dignified Demon King of the Back Yin Mountain could no longer cause any trouble.

After receiving a Barbarian Stone Demon King that was sufficient to crush mountains and rivers at its peak, Jiang Li was in a rather good mood. His eyes then turned to the other six who were spying on him.

He chose one and shot it over as quickly as possible. He still wanted to take this opportunity to capture another one.

Unfortunately, the few Demon Kings noticed Jiang Li's intentions and vanished completely in the blink of an eye.

After all, they were all Demon Kings. Although their current condition was not good, it was too difficult to capture them if they wanted to escape.

Jiang Li could only give up. His vine body burrowed into the ground. After moving for more than 500 kilometers, he casually chose a quiet place and popped his head out.

After confirming that there was no one around, he pressed his hands on the ground and erupted with powerful energy.

The ground beneath him split open, and a Gate of Hell slowly rose from the ground.

Summoning the Gate of Hell here seemed to be much harder than usual. The expenditure of spiritual qi was more than ten times.

A moment later, the Gate of Hell opened. A young monk with a crippled leg walked out with his palms pressed together. It was Fengdu City's Northern Profound Hall Master, Qiu Shui.

How could Jiang Li not bring this super tool along to explore Tragic Death City?