Qiu Shui was the first to step out. Behind him was a group of Chang Le Guards in heavy armor.

However, as soon as the two guards at the front took a step forward, the solid ground beneath their feet seemed to have turned into an illusion.

The two of them hurriedly flew into the air, but it was as if they had fallen into the Netherworld Void. Their flying methods completely failed.

Their figures directly passed through the ground and fell. Once they completely sank into the ground, it was unknown where they would fall in the end.

Without crossing the Back Yin Mountain, living people could not step into this kind of Netherworld fragment.

Even a Soul Formation cultivator, or Jiang Li who had yet to cultivate the Nine Nether Dao Scripture to a certain level, was unable to do it.

At this moment, it was clearly unrealistic to use the Gate of Hell.

Unless he upgraded the Gate of Hell to the point where he could take away their lives.

Of course, the Northern Profound Hall Master, Qiu Shui, was clearly an exception.

This Tragic Death City seemed to have been the place where this person cultivated in his previous life. How could it reject him?

Therefore, the two Chang Le Guards were very unlucky.

Above, Jiang Li was still maintaining the Gate of Hell and could not free himself for the time being.

Just as the two Chang Le Guards were about to sink into the ground and disappear, two hands grabbed them.

It was Qiu Shui who stretched out his hands and grabbed two Chang Le guards on each side before throwing them back into the Gate of Hell.

After doing this, he slowly closed his hands.

This scene stunned Jiang Li.

"Brother Qiu Shui, aren't you cultivating the Palm Meditation Technique?"

He was clearly cultivating the Palm Meditation Technique, so how could he so decisively and easily separate his hands? Then, hadn't his previous cultivation been useless?

However, Qiu Shui was calm and composed. There was no pity on his face.

When he heard Jiang Li's question, a layer of light immediately appeared on his body. It was the Palm Meditation Technique that Jiang Li had seen when he was young.

This guy actually did not lose the meditation effect!?

"Amitabha. Thank you for your concern, City Lord Jiang Li. The Buddhist heart that I guard with my palms together is the true Buddhist way, not my physical hands."

"Although my hands are separated, my Buddhist heart is tightly guarded. The Palm Meditation Technique naturally can't be broken."

It was as if he was telling Jiang Li that cultivating the Palm Meditation Technique without his palms together was very normal?

Hearing this, Jiang Li raised his eyebrows. Ever since he started cultivating, he had always been the one to shock others.

He did not expect that he would be defeated by a youth who had only cultivated for a month or two.

This reincarnation of an Immortal or Buddha was really so impressive!

However, on second thought, he felt relieved.

Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha was a famous mighty figure in ancient times.

Such an existence was definitely an extraordinary figure if there were any traces left behind.

Instead of saying that he was cultivating again, it was more appropriate to say that he was recovering his strength.

Even if he could not recover his full strength, even if he could finally recover one percent, one thousandth, or even one ten-thousandth of his strength, it would still be a terrifying force that the current cultivation world could not imagine.

Wasn't it normal to reveal some incredible divine power?

In the continent of the Nine Provinces, there might be other ancient beings that had already developed, but he did not know about them.

In addition, with Jiang Li's accumulation along the way and the cheat that could even forcefully retain the "Merit Blessing of Heaven and Earth", he might not be able to compare to these ancient survivors.

Putting aside his chaotic thoughts, Jiang Li released his grip and put away the Gate of Hell.

When the dead arrived here, they might be affected by the power of Tragic Death City, and living people could not step foot in this Netherworld.

This time, Jiang Li could only bring Qiu Shui along. This was quite simple.

The two of them transformed into two streaks of light and quickly saw the seemingly endless Tragic Death City Wall again.

Below the city wall, there was still a long stream of people slowly trekking.

"Brother Qiu Shui, how do you think we should enter?"

It was obviously impossible to fly in from above. Jiang Li had tried to escape into the ground earlier, but he discovered that there was a powerful force entrenched under this city. If he approached slightly, he would receive a thunderous strike.

That force was so powerful that it caused Jiang Li to tremble in fear. Even he might not be able to withstand a single strike. Obviously, that was not a good path.

Now, it was time to see this Northern Profound Hall Master's ability.

When Qiu Shui saw this Tragic Death City, his calm expression finally changed again. His reaction looked even more intense than when he saw Fengdu City.

After countless years, if Ksitigarbha wanted to reincarnate, it was impossible for his memories to be passed down. However, he still felt an indescribable familiarity.


After approaching, Qiu Shui chanted.

Then, a puff of smoke floated over from somewhere and enveloped a section of the city wall in front of him. After the smoke dissipated, a vermilion door appeared on the city wall.

The vermilion door slowly opened, revealing the interior of Tragic Death City.

This was the importance of having a background.

The Ghost Kings had occupied Fengdu City for many years, but they could only use the buildings and Yin qi on the surface. They could not even enter the underground palace on the next level.

However, as the successor of the Human Emperor, Jiang Li could make that city acknowledge him as its master and unleash its true strength.

In this Tragic Death City, outsiders had to spend a lot of effort just to step foot on this Netherworld fragment. It was not easy to find this city, but they still could not enter.

However, this Tragic Death City would take the initiative to open the door for the reincarnation of Ksitigarbha.