"I think the method to break through to the Nascent Soul realm of the Golden Core realm can be divided into five major categories…"

"According to the principle of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth complementing each other, cultivators with five elements spiritual roots should not only consume Nascent Soul Pills of their own attribute."

"When breaking through, you need to stimulate your Qi Sea with a small amount of opposing attribute spiritual qi to stimulate the power of your Golden Core. Coupled with the activation of the symbiosis attribute array formation, you can increase your chances of breaking through by 30%!"

"This is something I developed when I was alive. As long as you match it with different natural treasures, it will be suitable for most Golden Core cultivators. Everyone, please give it a try."

On a Dao Platform, an old cultivator who had reached the Nascent Soul realm when he was alive was explaining the array formation he was proud of when he was alive. It could increase the success rate of Golden Core cultivators when breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm by 30%.

He drew the complete map of the array formation in the air and explained the other details bit by bit, as if he was afraid that they would not understand.

The other cultivators below praised the array diagram and expressed their opinions.

"This array formation has all five forms. Yin-Yang can harmonize. When it's activated, the spiritual qi is just right and powerful, but it also has a trace of gentleness. Amazing! Amazing!"

"When drawing the array disc, can you add some Purple Star Sand? Perhaps it can increase its power."

No less than 50 array talisman masters surrounded the array diagram and conversed very enthusiastically. Jiang Li had never seen such a dense academic atmosphere of cultivation when he was in his own sect.

However, looking at their clothes, they were completely different. Clearly, they did not belong to the same sect.

Moreover, with such an open lecture, there was an endless stream of pedestrians around. Weren't they afraid of being heard by outsiders?

Jiang Li, who had just walked to the inner city from the outer city, saw this scene.

Compared to the mortal souls fighting for power in the outer city, the environment in the inner layer was more than a hundred times better.

This kind of array formation that greatly increased the success rate of breaking through a large realm was something that could effectively strengthen the foundation of the sect.

Although it was only at the Golden Core realm and was already useless to the current Jiang Li, in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region, such a formation diagram was enough to establish many small sects.

If it got out, countless Golden Core rogue cultivators would fight over it.

However, at this moment, this Nascent Soul elder did not have the slightest intention of hiding anything. He taught them his greatest masterpiece when he was alive without holding back. He did not even hide it from the two outsiders who had just arrived.

"This array formation is quite ingenious. The runes have been arranged thousands of times. It's indeed a rare good array formation."

As an array formation master, Jiang Li naturally saw the value of this array formation at a glance. After memorizing it, he could return to the Great Mountain Alliance and allow the people below to grow faster.

After the old man finished explaining the array formation, he discussed with the surrounding people and made some modifications to the array formation. After receiving a lot of praise, he left the stage in satisfaction.

Then, another burly cultivator went up and began to explain the wonderful method of using the conflicting power of water and fire spiritual qi to cultivate body refinement.

"Although this is a body refinement technique, not only is it not bitter, it can even cultivate qi at the same time. It's twice the effect."

"The key to my cultivation method is to dual cultivate… A man and woman will sit cross-legged on the meditation mat, taking the posture of the Nine Stars Sitting Lotus. Water spiritual qi falls from the Heavenly Gate, and fire spiritual qi rises from the Earthly Gate. Yin and Yang intersect endlessly…"

"The water and fire spiritual qi must intersect every 81 times to form one cycle. It needs 49 cycles to form one loop. Only then can the Heavenly Yang Qi leak out!"

The burly body cultivator above pointed at a two-person acupuncture point diagram in proportion and was talking excitedly.

Although he had a burly figure and did not seem to have much intelligence, when he spoke about cultivation methods, he was clear and concise. He immediately attracted the interest of most of the cultivators below the stage.

Below, Jiang Li found the Nascent Soul cultivator who had just finished explaining the array formation.

"Senior is so righteous. You're willing to teach us everything about this array formation. I've benefited greatly."

Jiang Li had always been very polite. Even if his cultivation and strength far surpassed the other party, he was still willing to call him senior when he saw that the other party was older and had obtained some benefits from him.

"Benefits greatly? Haha, little brother, you're new, right?"

However, this Nascent Soul sized up Jiang Li and Qiu Shui and saw through their identity as outsiders.

"Senior, why do you say that?"

Jiang Li also looked at his current appearance.

He had already taken off the Purple Vine Demon Vine Armor and revealed his main body.

Although he did not accept the resurrection of the power of Tragic Death City and still looked like a dead person, he had already carefully disguised himself.

He believed that his methods were not enough to let any Nascent Soul cultivator see through him.

"Little brother, in this Tragic Death City, no matter how hard you cultivate or how monstrous your talent is, your cultivation will not increase at all."

"Everyone is already dead. There's no way out here. We can't pass on our things to our descendants. It's fine if you listen to my array formation, but how can you benefit much from it?"

"To be able to say such words, it can be seen that you haven't thrown away the treasures you treasured when you were alive. You're naturally new here."

He did not expect that it was because of his words.

The cultivation of the dead was extremely difficult to increase, let alone being controlled by this Tragic Death City. It was naturally even harder to become stronger.