This person knew about him and had that mark on the face. However, the Purple Vine Demon looked at the person in front of it and could not recognize them immediately.

Be it voice, size, or appearance, this person was completely different from the Granny Nether Mountain in his impression.

This was because the person who had risen from the well was actually a man!

Could it be that Granny Nether Mountain was actually a crossdresser?

Wait, it was that red spot!

Jiang Li suddenly recalled that during the full moon banquet, after Granny Nether Mountain was attacked, a hint of masculinity seemed to have appeared on her face, and he immediately thought of the key.

The red spot on the other party's face was definitely not purely ugly, but something more important that affected the rationality of this "granny".

Every time the red spots became larger, his obsession would become deeper, and his rationality would become more unclear. His appearance would also become more feminine.

The smaller the red spot, the more masculine he would look.

He was using the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame to remove the red spots on his face!

Jiang Li could not let him succeed so easily!

His main body formed hand seals remotely and immediately controlled the Ghost Lantern to extinguish the flame.

At the same time, the Purple Vine Demon controlled by the dream clone immediately collapsed into a pile of purple vines and fled further away.

"Granny" Nether Mountain discovered that the white flames on his face were quickly shrinking and about to be extinguished. He did not have time to care about the fleeing Purple Vine Demon.

He immediately urged the Nine Nether spiritual qi to pour into the flames in an attempt to stop the Ghost Lantern Cold Flame from extinguishing.


However, the best fuel for this Ghost Lantern Cold Flame lost its effect this time.

It only slowed down slightly, but the pale white flames still firmly disappeared.

As soon as the flames disappeared, the red spot on his face immediately showed signs of expanding.

All her efforts were in vain, causing an extremely angry and resentful expression to immediately appear on the man's face.

At first, he was in a daze. It was not easy for him to temporarily suppress the red spot and maintain his consciousness. His figure immediately disappeared from the spot.

In the next moment, more than a hundred residential houses collapsed at the same time.

In the center of the collapse, the withered palm of "Granny" Nether Mountain pressed the fleeing Purple Vine Demon to the ground.

"Why did my most loyal Purple Vine Demon run away when you saw me?"

The withered vine that was firmly grabbed by the palm twisted and struggled with all its might, but it was useless.

The difference in strength between the two was too great. He could only quieten down. He did not summon the descendants of the vines that spread out everywhere. Instead, the withered vines twisted and turned back into a human form.

"Are you really Granny Nether Mountain?"

"I was blind and did not recognize you in time. Please forgive me!"

Being grabbed by the throat by such a powerful ghost, Jiang Li's main soul naturally did not dare to enter. He could only roughly control it from afar and let the dream clone adapt to the situation.

In this situation, he could only admit defeat.

After all, the other party's gender had changed. It was understandable that he did not recognize him.

However, this Granny Nether Mountain who had changed his gender still had a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"Hmph, most loyal Purple Vine Demon, can you tell me why the white flames were extinguished as soon as you appeared!"

"You did it, right?"

"At the full moon banquet, you were the one who attacked Granny!"

Jiang Li's expression became even gloomier.

In order to prevent Granny Nether Mountain from removing the red spots, he was too anxious.

The other party was not a fool. After contacting him about the banquet, he naturally understood.

Fortunately, Jiang Li only let his dream clone control the Purple Vine Demon to search this time.

If his main body was also in the vines, his life would be in danger.

After being grabbed by the ghost hand, a cold aura invaded the withered vines, causing the Purple Vine Demon's dream to fluctuate violently, as if it was about to break free from the dream and wake up at any moment.

Even when he crossed the Back Yin Mountain and died, this guy did not have any intention of waking up. It could be seen how much pain Shi Pan had suffered this time.

"Tell me, what's the name of that flame?"

"Give me that flame and I'll spare your life! Not only that, I can also help you become a true Demon King!"

With both threats and promises, Granny Nether Mountain's strength continued to increase. She was about to break the withered vine.

Jiang Li was already about to control his dream clone to escape on the other vines.

However, at this moment, the ground below the street suddenly trembled, and a terrifying force suddenly appeared below the ground.

A black palm instantly broke out of the ground and grabbed Granny Nether Mountain and the Purple Vine Demon Rock, pulling them down.

‘Come and accompany us!'

‘I'm so lonely! So cold!'

‘Come with me!'

‘Let me taste your flesh! Just one piece!'

‘Come down and join us!'

Countless faces appeared on the black hand. They crazily bit and dragged Granny Nether Mountain and the Purple Vine Demon towards the ground.

Such a huge commotion could already be observed from afar.

Jiang Li tapped his foot lightly and leaped onto the roof of a wooden building beside him. The surroundings were already filled with other cultivators watching the commotion.

"It's that power!"

Jiang Li recognized it with a single glance. It was the powerful energy he had encountered underground when he was trying to escape earlier.

Fortunately, he did not rashly barge in earlier. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Hmph, another new guy dares to attack in the city. He's really courting death!"

"You're still restless after death. Serves you right. Suffer more!"

Beside Jiang Li, a few cultivators watching the show looked at the huge black hand that stretched out from afar and spoke in disdain.

They were not surprised by such a thing.

It turned out that no one cared about fighting in Tragic Death City.

However, if he attacked too hard and destroyed the buildings and terrain of the city, he would immediately suffer such a lightning strike.

It was hard to say if even an Earth Immortal could keep their life. Moreover, it seemed that the price of death would be even heavier.

Everyone was dead, so no one could really kill each other.

After destroying the environment, they would still guard the severe punishment. It was no wonder that this place looked so harmonious on the surface.

Coupled with the probing with Shanting's ear, he had a guess about the source of the huge force.

The people living in Tragic Death City were all dead people who had yet to run out of Yang lifespan.

In ancient times, after those who died here wasted their lifespan, they would continue to step onto the Yellow Springs Road and enter the Six Paths of Reincarnation through the judgment of the Netherworld.

However, now, the entire Netherworld was already shattered. Where should those souls that had exhausted their lifespan go?

It was very likely that he would sink into the ground and forever stay under the city, becoming a member of that thing.

Ever since the spiritual qi recovery, the number of souls accumulated under Tragic Death City was unimaginable.

On the other side, the black palm suddenly exploded.

"Granny" Netherworld Mountain that was above the Demon King was indeed not so easy to capture.

However, in just a moment of being captured, "he" had paid a considerable price.

Dozens of black souls bit holes in the "Granny"‘s body like carps. They twisted their bodies and were about to enter.

One had to know that the original bodies of these souls were not all ordinary mortals.

There were also many Soul Formation cultivators, Earth Immortals, and even stronger existences.

They had the ability to break through Granny Nether Mountain's defense.

"Granny" hurriedly reached out to pull, but these things broke with a tug. The half that was left in his body immediately burrowed deeper, biting and swimming away.

If these things entered his body, even he would suffer greatly.

On the other hand, the weak Purple Vine Demon that was only equivalent to the Soul Formation realm after ignoring the amplification of the race had no ability to resist.

The withered vines were filled with holes from top to bottom. Hundreds and thousands of insects had already bitten through its body.

In his consciousness, black insects landed on the spiderweb woven from the dream threads. In a short period of time, they had already torn the spiderweb into pieces.

A portion of the insects rushed towards the dream clone that was entrenched in the center of the spider web. More insects actually followed the connected spider silk and began to invade the other dream spiderwebs.

If these insects ate his dream clone, it was even possible to follow the spider silk and find Jiang Li's main body.

Jiang Li suddenly regretted bringing Granny Nether Mountain to Tragic Death City. This uncontrollable fellow was really a stupid teammate!