Chapter 578: Heaven-Rank Artifact? (3)

The few seniors were extremely satisfied with Jiang Li earlier, but now, they felt extremely regretful.

They surrounded Jiang Li and sighed.

When the other dead people living around heard the commotion, they also poked their heads out to check.

After discovering that it was the white-haired person who made people sigh the most, they tactfully did not disturb him.

There were also some cultivators from the Great Mountain Region. However, they had never seen Jiang Li before, so they did not know him.

“Valley Master, Seniors, my situation is a little complicated. There are too many people outside. Let’s go in and talk.”

Jiang Li waved his hand to reassure them.

Everyone walked into the small building.

After activating the array formation and sealing the house to prevent outsiders from spying, Jiang Li removed his disguise.

Immediately, the vivid disguise disappeared, revealing a deathly pale body.

However, this body did not have any injuries from top to bottom.

The four previous leaders of the Great Mountain Region were all people with extraordinary knowledge. They quickly saw the abnormality in him.

At the very least, Jiang Li was not controlled by the false resurrection of Tragic Death City.

“I did not die at the hands of others. I took the initiative to come here!”

“I’m not completely dead. There’s still a way to revive.”

“This matter concerns a mountain of the Netherworld…”

He picked up the important ones and told the four of them about the Back Yin Mountain and his trip.

Only then did they barely believe that this disciple could still be revived.

“There’s actually such a strange mountain in this world that separates Yin-Yang from life and death. Forget it, it’s good that I can still live. It’s good that I can still live.”

“You took such a risk to come here. What do you need us old fellows to do?”

“Tell us if there’s anything. We can’t stay here for long.”

The few of them were still worried about Jiang Li’s safety and wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

“I indeed have something to discuss.”

“Firstly, I would like to invite the four seniors to come out again.”

Jiang Li patted Qiu Shui on the shoulder.

He had already tried a few times. Although he could not penetrate the walls of Tragic Death City on a large scale, Buddhism was good at “saving” people. Occasionally, there would be ten or twenty fated people they could save, so Qiu Shui still had this authority.

“Secondly, do you know what the Blood King did in Tragic Death City?”

He had to cultivate the Nine Nether Dao Scripture and search for traces of the Nine Nether Wood Source Branch.

Indeed, there were also these two projects.

He could bring these seniors away and let them oversee the Great Mountain Alliance. Then, he asked about the Blood King.

One had to know that he still had the corpse of the last Nine Kings in his hand. Perhaps he could also obtain a share of the gains in this situation?

When Jiang Li asked about the Blood King, the expressions of the four seniors became solemn again.

Recently, the things that the Blood King had done in Tragic Death City were not inferior to the cultivation world of the Eastern Region.

Just the fact that the Blood King could bring people out of Tragic Death City was enough to make people crazy.

With this method, that former prince had won over a large number of experts who had died in vain.

He had even invited them to join several times.

Therefore, they had a certain understanding of the Blood King.

“Jiang Li, do you know about the Netherworld’s City God?”

“Back then, the cultivation dynasty was said to have once obtained a precious treasure of the Netherworld. That was why they could establish the system of the Netherworld and capture the cultivators of the Eastern Region.”

“Legend has it that it was once a divine artifact. It’s naturally a Heaven-rank artifact!”

“However, after the collapse of the cultivation dynasty, that thing was not found by anyone.”

“Because of that treasure, the cultivation world of the Eastern Region was suspicious of each other at that time. It was not until the Divine Judgment Hall was established that it became much better.”

“However, I only found out a few hundred years ago that that treasure did not fall into the hands of anyone from the Divine Judgment Hall. Instead, it was brought to the Netherworld by the Blood King!”

“He relied on that treasure to master a little of the power of this Tragic Death City!”

So he was borrowing the power of the Netherworld.

It was no wonder that Tragic Death City could collect Tragic Death Souls from all over the Eastern Region. The Blood King’s power could also attack the various large factions mysteriously.

They relied on the ruins of the City God that covered the world!